Politeness has never seemed more badass.

Damn Inasa

I like these fast, simple introductions to quirks and characters that won’t be very important. You have to explain the boomerang power for the scene, but it won’t be important for much longer. It’s a good use of exposition.

Inasa is over the top. I’m loving it. He is obviously one of powerhouses of the Shiketsu Class.

Same for Shindou from Ketsubutsu. Most of them seem to be elementals for some reason. Wondering if this Quake Quirk can be used directly on opponents as well. Might be a bit much to literally hit someone with an 8.0 earthquake, but then again this is the same series that had Todoroki starting a new ice age against a guy who could create tape, so I’m not discounting anything just yet.

The jury segment literally made me cry because I was so happy for Z sticking up for herself and Bridgette standing up for women’s rights and DBZ just supporting and loving each other. I’ve said it before I’ll say it again, I DETEST Paulie, the way he acts, talks, holds himself is just so ignorant and pretentious. He’s trash, and I hope he gets what he deserves when this is all over. 😒👋🏻