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This fic was great fun to write and I had a blast picking a song that would work. The description of the dancing was difficult so I am grateful for that challenge. Other than that, I’m really happy with how this turned out. Plus now I have a little headcanon that the Avengers hold dance battles and dance offs. Thanks to nerd-kat–hell-yes for the request.

The song that goes with this fic can be found here.

Perhaps a fanfic about a dance with the Cap? Maybe some of the avengers are talking about good and bad dancing and reader tries to show them what good dancing looks like while trying to teach Steve…

“The Soldier’s Plan” (Part 1)

A gentle knock distracted you from the task at hand. Turning around you saw that the infamous Captain America was sticking his head around the door to your sleeping quarters.
“Steve?” You said, wondering what reason the man could have for visiting you of all people. Placing the knife that you were polishing down on your bedside cabinet, you went to unhook the chain so that Steve could get more of than his head through the door.

Whilst on an exchange trip in Italy, you were taken captive by HYDRA agents and experimented on. They transformed the genetic makeup of your bone structure so that it was incredibly light but also very strong – an excruciating process that devastated your memory. However, HYDRA succeeded and you were able to take hard hits without breaking bones, and break through walls using your bare hands. They didn’t count on you using your ‘gift’ to escape. Clint had been on a mission which required him to take a high vantage point. Due to your light bone structure, you were able to leap to incredibly heights and he clocked you hopping from street level to the roof of a house with ease. As a result of the testing, your appearance was drastically altered leaving you unable to locate your family. The Avengers took you in afterwards at Clint’s request.

“What’s up?” You asked after allowing Cap into your room.
“I hate to ask but I need a favour.” You smiled. You relished any opportunity to be able to repay the Avengers for the kindness that they showed you.
“Sure. How can I help?”
Steve shifted uncomfortably.
“Well, it’s a little unorthodox but… I need a dance partner.” He said. Why he was coming to you, you didn’t know. ‘I’m easy to lift, I suppose, but that can’t be the only reason.’ You thought.
“Um… okay.” You mumbled. As much as you wanted to help, you weren’t sure that you were the best choice. You could definitely dance but it tended to be when there was no-one else there to watch.

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