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42. "Stop being so cute." :)

42. “Stop being so cute.”

“No, no, no!” you shake your head and place your hand on Harry’s bicep. “’t’s not the number of cards you have that’s the issue. ‘t’s the fact that you have absolutely no idea how to play the game.”

“Well then tell me!” he bursts out, throwing his hands in the air. 

“Been tryin’ to! For the past half hour!” you laugh and bury your face in the side of the sofa, little snorts escaping through your giggles.

Harry grunts in frustration and snatches the cards out of your hands, beginning to shove all of the cards back in the box. He mumbles about how if capitalism weren’t so rampant in the world today, it would be much easier to learn how to play a simple card game while intoxicated. You choose not to mention that he just dropped at least  €6000 on new Gucci items within the past day and a half and has absolutely no place to be grumbling about capitalism, but you feared he might actually become mad and not speak to you for the rest of the evening.

You hiccup with laughter and make an attempt to stand up from your seated position on the floor, against the coffee table in Harry’s living room. “Gotta pee,” you say as you grab onto the side of the table in an attempt to stabilize yourself. You place your palm on your mate’s head as you walk by, climbing over his spider-like limbs. He takes a swig from the bottle of Fireball with one hand and shoos you off with the other.

In the silence of the bathroom, you begin to realize how intoxicated you really are. You will yourself to sober up, pinching the skin on your cheeks, knowing that you have to work in the morning. But it’s been so long since you’ve gotten to hang out with just Harry, and you missed your best friend. Looking down at the chipped nail polish on your fingernails, you swallow harshly, trying to physically push familiar feelings back down into your gut. 

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Can we have a scenario where the chocobros finally admit to their crush their feelings, only after the crush gets injured trying to protect the bois?

You sure can friendo!

When you hit the ground hard and feel something crack, you can’t help but scream. Fire burns its way up your arm, your vision blurring. Over the roar of blood in your ears you hear Noct scream your name, feel the earth shake beneath you. 
You took a risk and it failed. You tried covering Noct’s back and ended up in the dirt. Cheeks burning, your roll onto your back. You’ve got to move, get away. The sound of steel on horn was far too loud for you to be safe, lying in the dirt.

But then it falls silent and footsteps rush your way. You squint at the bright blue sky as a shadow falls across you.

“What were you thinking?” Noct drops to his knees beside you a potion already in hand. 

You try answering, try telling him you wanted to keep him safe but you can’t manage much more than a pained mumble. It hurts when he and Ignis help you to sit up, but you end against Noct’s chest, one hand lifting the potion to your mouth. It takes most of the pain away while Ignis checks you over but even his gentle hands hurt on your arm. 

“It doesn’t look too bad, A break possibly.” He leans away and his words muffle with the distance.  Noct sighs against your ear.

“You’re lucky I like you, you know that?”

Through the pain you smile. “I am”

Prompto is at your side as soon as you hit the ground, pistol in hand.

“You okay?” He asks before firing at an on coming beastie. You can’t quite reply, your head a foggy daze from hitting the ground. “Oh man, come on,” You taste a potion on your lips and drink it down greedily. It clears up the daze but you know there’s more damage. Your ankle and left wrist throbs as you struggle up. 

“That was… stupid.” You mutter. The other three seem to have everything in hand. Lucky because Prompto wasn’t going anywhere. 

“More than a little.” He says, crouching at your side. His gloved hand cups your cheek. “Please don’t do that again. I don’t think I could handle it.” You blink at him and Prompto gives you a grin. “I like you, you know that right?”

“The hell you doin’?”
You know you’ve made a mistake before you hit the ground.It isn’t Gladio’s voice but the pain. You can’t breathe and it’s worse when the impact knocks what little breath out of you. You gasp, clawing at the ground but can’t seem to get any air into your lungs. Panic hits you harder than the dualcorn and it isn’t till Gladio shoves an elixir into your mouth that you calm down. You cough, spluttering, your feet dragging against the ground as Gladio hauls you out of danger.

“Stupid freaking,,,” He Leans over your and shoves his mouth against yours. “Don’t do that again!”

He leaves you like that, charging back into the fray.

You wake up in the tent, bandaged and in pain. The soft groan that escapes your mouth gets Ignis’ attention. He puts down your shirt, needle glinting in the lamp light and kneels down beside you.

“You’ve had a rough tumble. I imagine you’re in some discomfort.”

“That’s one way to say it.” Your voice comes out in a rough rasp. That hurts. A lo of things hurt. The metal rim of a mug touches against your lips and you lift your head and drink. 

“Don’t push yourself. Everything’s still taking effect.” Ignis says before pulling the mug away. You feel his face sweep over you and even though you’re covered in a spare shirt, you blush. You meet his gaze and the stern expression on his face softens. Ignis’ bare fingers stroke over your cheek. “I care for you too deeply to enjoy seeing you in pain.”

Dean groaned, burying his face in your neck as your phone rand for the third time, interrupting the two of you.

“I’m sorry,” you sighed, pushing back on his bare chest and kissing him softly. “I’ll be quick.”

You scrambled around for your phone, sitting up and answering without checking the caller I.D.

“Go for Y/N,” you murmured, the voice on the other end had your heart racing.

You looked across at Dean, shooting him a worried look, and he took the hint, pulling his tee back on.

“Sam?” you clarified, shaking your head. “Babe, I thought you’d left?”

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What do you think the characters would do if they found out MC had athsma?

They’re gonna catch MC mid asthma attack


  • It had been late one night and the whole house was incredibly dry
  • Yoosung had awoken to hear wheezing and harsh shallow breaths from the bathroom
  • He followed the sounds to find you shaking as you held your arms over your head to do your best to open your airways
  • He thought you were dying
  • Because he was freaking out you started freaking out and that only made things worse
  • You couldn’t speak as you were wheezing so you were frantically trying to pantomime you using an inhaler
  • It took him a moment to understand but when he did he started searching for your inhaler, which he didn’t even know you owned until that moment
  • He found it stuffed in your top drawer in the bedroom and came sprinting back throwing it into your hands
  • It took a while for you to regain the ability to talk without getting winded but when you did you simply told him it was asthma and to not worry too much
  • “Not worry too much? You were dying!”
  • Even though you continued to laugh it off Yoosung was still freaking out about it
  • He has you get him an inhaler to carry around in case anything like this happens and he doesn’t have the time to find yours


  • The two of you had gone on a hike, and little did you know Zen was taking you to the peak to propose to you
  • But of course with your luck you couldn’t make it all the way without having an asthma attack
  • Zen lifted you up and brought you to the shadiest part of the trail he could see
  • He started helping you drink some water and held your arms up above your head to help open your airways
  • He’d worked with actors that have had asthma so he knows exactly what he’s doing and both of you are a lot calmer because of it
  • He’d found your inhaler in your bag and handed it to you, letting you take the medicine
  • The two of you never made it further than where you were then, you stayed sat under the tree just talking for hours.
  • Thankfully neither of you had anywhere to go later that day or early in the morning so you had no problem with this
  • He proposed to you under the tree that night and it was just as perfect, if not more so than what he’d imagined the proposal on top of the mountain would be


  • She didn’t know why you had been like this when she got home, but when she opened the door to your guys’ home she saw you on the floor with rushed and shallow breaths trying to get any oxygen into your body
  • She dropped her things and rushed over to you, having you sit up and trying to get you to calm down because you freaking out was not going to help anything
  • If anything it would make your airways close up even more
  • She started having you list things off to her, five things you could see, four you could touch, three you could hear, two you could smell, and one you could taste
  • By the end your breathing was better but you still needed your inhaler which took her a bit to find, but you took your two puffs and rested your head on her shoulder
  • She held your hand and hummed to you, letting you catch your breath as you calmed
  • The rest of the night was kept tranquil enough, she’d gotten you a large glass of water and ate when you wanted but if was slow and quiet and peaceful as to not rouse you further


  • The amount of fur that managed to be in Jumin’s house was overwhelming to say the least
  • You were in sneezing and coughing fits every time you went there and it hadn’t been cleaned recently
  • There were times as well when your asthma wasn’t going to have it and you’d have an attack right there in the middle of the pent house
  • For some reason Jumin always knew exactly what to do, he knew if it was a simple or severe attack, he knew how to calm you down almost immediately
  • You never knew why he knew everything, until he’d had an asthma attack of his own.
  • The child has asthma too which explains everything
  • Fun fact: he’s also allergic to peanuts
  • Honestly whenever you had an asthma attack you hardly worried because even though you always forgot your inhaler at home Jumin always had his on him


  • Of course Seven knew you had asthma before you’d had an asthma attack around him, he’d seen your doctor’s reports when he’d been doing a background check on you
  • He was not ready to deal with one in real life though
  • You just started dying and even though he knew to just get your inhaler he didn’t know to get your inhaler
  • He couldn’t seem to move, not out of shock or fear but because it was kind of, entertaining to watch you like this?
  • He knew you wouldn’t actually die but you were playing up the attack, or at least it looked like it
  • He later found out you were not playing up the attack
  • In the end Saeran came and saved you with an inhaler and water
  • Seven then begins to take care of you during your attacks but this piece of shit, after he’s calmed you down
  • “MC, I knew I took your breath away but I didn’t know it was that bad.”
  • The two of you turned to Saeran who was fuming, “Barney Stinson does not deserve this kind of treatment.” And he walked away leaving you with Seven who continued to take the piss out of you

~Love Peony

Solar Jar 🌞

A glitter jar meant to represent Solar energies - in this case, it can be used as a source for illuminating and warming energy, and to promote these qualities in one’s life. (thanks to @nightkunoichi for the awesome idea 😘)


  • Clear mason jar
  • Gold, yellow, orange, and/or red glitter
  • Yellow food coloring or dye
  • Clear glue
  • Water (use solar water, or water charged in the sunlight, for an added boost)


  1. Boil your water to remove impurities - allow to cool
  2. Fill the container with water
  3. Add a good amount of clear glue to the water - the more glue, the more viscous the solution
  4. Add your glitter and food coloring
  5. Seal, shake to mix, and place in the sunlight around noon when the sun is at its highest peak to charge with the intention of promoting illuminating and warming energies in your life
  6. Keep this jar close by and give it a good shake when you feel necessary

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Putting on skimpy lingerie and your collar that you and Harry sometimes play with, maybe it's been a rough day and you need some kind of escape from reality, and when Harry gets home he sees you waiting by the couch on your knees ready for him...

Wide-eyed and docile, your finger sliding around underneath the pretty collar – you’d picked it out with him and waggled your eyebrows at him and told him, “For when we want a little playtime,” when you’d gotten it – but there’s something about you that clues him in. You need him to take care of you – you need him to make you feel like you can do something right, to tell you how good you are when you do exactly what he says, and to hold you close afterwards and let you ride out all your shakes and shivers. 

“You ready to be a good girl for me?” 

'Carcharodons: Red Tithe' a review by Marc Collins

What can be said about Red Tithe? A masterful full length debut from an author who imbues it with a violent and intense passion, running the gamut between genuine malice and amoral extremism. MacNiven brings the Carcharodons to a brutal life, in a way that only adds to their power and mystery, rather than detracting from it.

Full disclosure; I’ve always been amazed that the Carcharodons work as well as they do. At first glance the concept reeks of gimmick even in a universe of gimmick, and their low gothic name puts me in mind of the old Street Sharks cartoon. Luckily the Chapter is better developed than to fall into the age old trap of relentless Wolf or Blood titles- though this didn’t stop the fact that the dreadnoughts are called the “Whites” from breaking my immersion. Some things in this setting really do make you shake your head.

Lucky for us, MacNiven injects the Chapter with a Polynesian flavour of tattoos and markings, rich coral and savage intensity- including a beautifully realised spear weapon at one point. They are shaped by the predators they ape and the deep black of the galactic void that they inhabit. They feel alien and otherworldly even by Astartes standards, their origins a mystery but their intent clear.

(I counted at least three hints as to their origins; one mechanical, one literary and one from relentless comparison.)

Ranged against them are some beautifully realised Night Lords. There’s a lot of mirror imagery to play with here; the potentially unsuited leader, the psyker with an agenda, the older and experienced doubter…The warband manages to feel alive and vital, rife with internal schisms and politics. They feel very much in media res, with ages of history unseen. What we see of them paints them as somewhat relatable monsters, vastly different from us and yet not as different from our protagonists as they would like.

We get multiple viewpoints from each side and a view from one of the Arbitrators caught in the middle- rounding out the narrative and ensuring it always has the best vantage from which to survey the action. Sharr, our primary protagonist is relatable in his uncertainty and the newness of his position. We also have a useful framing device in the form of an ongoing inquisitorial investigation into the matter. Their interest, coupled with the fate of the warband, provides ample opportunities for sequels.

The writing is slick and engaging, especially when it comes to the application of violence. It is also self-aware enough to draw back and add a bit of context and background to events, an almost knowing, almost historical overview of situations. One criticism I would level is that the text seems to focus overly on the exact how’s and whys of equipment, often breaking the immersion through the full and proper model of the weapon in question. This being tie-in fiction it can be somewhat understood, but it comes across as occasionally slavish.

I highly recommend this novel to anyone who hungers to know more about the Carcharodons or who just want a good and vicious romp with Space Marine on Space Marine action. Like the void and the sea, however, this novel has depths that might surprise.

– Marc Collins

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Angst! Angst! Angst! ANGST!! Since he's such a sweetheart and wouod never ever do it in any universe, makoto cheating on his s.o (who is also his best friend) getting caught big time. Oh and can you include an aftermath in Makoto's POV? Thank you!!


It was not supposed to end like this.

“It was a mistake…” Makoto whispered in a broken voice, watching as you were haphazardly throwing your clothes into a suitcase. “It was a mistake, please!”

“A mistake?” you repeated. “A mistake?

You were shaking all over, unable to erase the picture from an hour ago from your mind. Makoto and some person you didn’t know, in your shared flat, in your shared bedroom, in your shared bed, half-naked, flush against each other-

“You know what a mistake is, Tachibana?” you snarled. “A mistake is something you do unintentionally. UNINTENTIONALLY!” You left your suitcase on the floor and hurried over to the bathroom to collect your cosmetics. He followed after and you glared over your shoulder at him. “How was any of it unintentional?! You know how many steps it takes to do such a thing? You had to meet her, you had to talk to her, you had to get an idea to do it, you had to invite her over, you had to drive her here, you had to take her to the bedroom, you had to take off your clothes, do I even have to continue? How is that unintentional?! HOW?!“

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“Bittersweet 4″ Simon x Reader x Negan

summary: you and Negan decide to break up, and you find out about your illness 

part 3:

Simon rushes over to you and pats your back, “(y/n)!” he says, he moves your hair out the way as you continue to vomit. You soon start to cough and turn on the sink, washing your vomit away and cleaning your mouth.

It was odd, you are feeling fine a minute ago but now it feels like something punched your gut and you feel ill. Simon strokes your hair, “w-what happened?” he asked, “It wasn’t the cookies was it?” You shake your head; you go to the table and sit down, holding your stomach.

“Need a doctor?” Simon asks, you make a sigh and rub your eyes, “I’ll go later” you say, “I’m tired.” Simon nods, he picks you up bridal style and starts to carry you to your room. Negan was walking in the hallway and sees this; he slowly narrows his eyes as he begins to get jealous of Simon, but very concern what happened to you.

You open your eyes slowly and see your room is dark, as it was night time, you then see a figure lighting up a candle, “S-Simon?” you ask. The figure turns around, it’s Negan.

Negan strokes your hair and sits down besides you, “feeling better?” he asks, you nod and look at him, he seemed calm. Negan brings over a small tea cup, “Sit up” he says softly, you get up and have your back rest on your pillows, Negan serves you the drink and helps you at first, you then grab the cup and drink by yourself.

Negan looks out to the candle and back at you, “So… you’re in love with Simon?” he asks. You stop and look at him, you can’t lie now. He knows.

You frown and nod, “I do” you say. Negan licks his lips and continues to look out, “well…” he says, “if that’s who you want then… Okay.”

“Really?” you almost choked a bit on your word, “you’re fine with it?” you ask, Negan looks at you, “I’ve been fine with it (y/n)!” he replies, “I told you… I just love you and I respect your decisions.” You make a small smile, “thank you Negan” you place a hand on his, Negan smiles and kisses your hand, “I trust Simon he’ll take care of you,” he says. You take another sip from the tea, “he will.” Negan smiles and looks up and down at your body, “So… did you go to the doctor?” he asks. You shake your head, you start to get up and put on your shoes, your stomach feels a bit sore so it was hard to bend down a bit, Negan helps you put on your shoes. “I’ll go now” you say. Negan nods, “tell me about your sickness alright” he says. You nod and head out to see the doctor of the Sanctuary.

At the doctor’s room, it started as a normal check up. He checks your pulse, heartbeats, inside of your mouth. Once you tell him about the feelings in your stomach, your craving of cookies, and your vomit earlier. The doctor writes things down and then goes to a cabinet, he hands you pregnancy test.

You look at this, surprised, and a bit embarrassed. You can’t be pregnant! This must be a joke! You thought, but you swallow and take it. The doctor clears his throat, “the bathroom is right outside,” he says. You walk outside and turn to the other room, which was the bathroom and walks in. You close the door and take off your pants and underwear as you sit down on the toilet. You didn’t want to check, what if you were pregnant? You start to panic a bit; you pant and close your eyes to calm yourself down. When you did you take the test. You set it down by the sink besides you and bite your bottom lip, rubbing your arms waiting a bit. After a while you grab the test and it says positive.

You meet Mark again after a long time pt.2

I hope you like this part two. I’m glad people liked part one enough to request the second part so I hope this doesnt dissapoint. Looking up the english translation their song Angel might help with this if you havnt already or dont speak korean. Have a nice day - Em x

Originally posted by nakamotens

You looked down at the piece of paper Mark had scribbled an address down on. The address was only a short walk and then few subway stops from your apartment.

“See you later,” you said to y/b/f. As you put on some shoes and shut the door behind you. You kept checking your phone to see if Mark had sent you any messages But of course he hadn’t.

You were nervous. Shaking your head, you tried to push any negative thoughts out of your head. You were going to see Mark so he could make it up to you. It was him trying to impress you, not the other way around. You had nothing to lose.

It was starting to rain as you got off the subway and you had forgotten the umbrella. You quickly typed the address into google maps and worked out where you had to go. You pulled the hood of your jumper over your head and began to walk quickly.

The rain was getting harder quickly, so you began to jog slightly. You looked up to see where you were, noticing that you had no idea. You hadn’t been looking where you were running.

You thought about calling Mark but you couldn’t be sure if he would pick up. Despite the pouring rain you pulled your hood down so you could see and looked at your phone.

You ran the last few streets towards the NCT dorm praying you wouldn’t catch hypothermia. You caught sight of yourself in a shop window. So much for making an impression with your looks.

Eventually you found the right building. The note had said building number so you rang the buzzer.

“Who is it?” A voice called out, through the com system. Of course, they were a band they wouldn’t be allowed to let random people in.

“Um my, my name is y/n,” You stuttered, your lips were too cold to talk properly. “Um, I’m here to s…see Mark,” The door buzzed and the lock released. You hurried into the building shutting the door behind you.

The main dorm was upstairs, downstairs was just a hallway, so you walked up. You were walking a lot slower now. You were nervous, particularly because you looked like you had been swimming.

When you got upstairs you peeked around the corner. Two boys were sitting on the sofa watching TV. You didn’t know a lot about NCT it had always saddened you because of Mark. But you had done some research to see what Mark left you for of course.

From your limited knowledge, you knew that one of the boys on the sofa was Taeyong and that the other was Haechan. The leader and the maknae sitting together was quite a cute scene. You walked into the room.

Taeyong immediately looked around and smiled.

“You must be Mark’s friend from Canada.” He said getting up to greet you. He seemed to notice your situation post being attacked by the weather.

“Usually I would give such a great friend a hug, but today I think you would prefer a towel. I’ll get Mark!” He said darting off to find a towel and Mark. you wondered why he had gone so quickly but then you noticed a grinning Haechan.

“You know when he first came Mark never shut up about you. He must like you y/n. Honestly he never shut up it was annoying but its good you make him so happy. Also, he should have texted you. I always told him so…” Haechan was cut off by Mark who had gone really red.

Taeyong came back holding a towel. He handed it to you and pulled Haechan away from Mark.

“We are going to practise some dance stages” Taeyong said to you smiling. He turned to Haechan whispering as they went away.

“Mark told you Haechan, I told you not to say it.”

You looked back to Mark. He was wearing much more casual clothes than the day you had met him but he seemed much less relaxed.

“Are you okay?” he asked taking the towel and wrapping it around you. “Wait here I will make us hot chocolate.” He motioned for you to sit down. As he got the coffee you looked around the NCT dorm. It was very nice, much nicer than your apartment but then it would be.

Mark came back with two cups of coco and sat down next to you. You took the cup shivering slightly. Because of how quickly everything had just happened you had forgotten how cold you are. Mark moved closer to you and put his arm around you, hugging you.

You laughed, “If you get too close to me you will get wet,”

“Better that than you die of hypothermia y/n. Anyway, I need to make things right and if it involves hugging a victim of a rainstorm I don’t mind.” He said hugging you closer.

“I know you think I left you y/n. That I left and didn’t care about you but I did. I always did. I said I did it so it was easier for you, but I was lying. It was easier for me. The worst part about leaving by far was leaving you. I was leaving you with your boyfriend who I always hated because you were dating him, and not me. I didn’t text you because I couldn’t bear to hear how you were happy without me, because I was awful mean and selfish. But I didn’t forget you.” He said.

You looked up at him and he smiled sadly.

“Have you heard our song Angel?” You nodded. It was a pretty song.

“When I wrote that with Taeyong, I was writing about you.” He said. You put down your mug laughing.

“Great joke Mark real funny…” You were cut off by him placing his lips on yours. Only for a second or two but it was enough to shut you up. He brought his hand too your face.

“I don’t make jokes about that kind of thing y/n. Too me you are an angel and I’m so, so sorry. Can I make it up to you?” You put your finger over his pink lips. 

“You already have Mark, you already have.” He gave you another kiss for slightly longer this time, his lips lingering on yours as if they never wanted to leave. When you finally pulled away. You could hear Taeyong and Haechan arguing from the door.

“Damn, I owe you 10,000 won now,” Taeyong whispered to Haechan.

“I knew they would end up together, I always knew.” He replied.


Tony didn’t say anything; he just stared, then twisted into a squat to pick the ring up off the ground. He turned the gold band in his fingers, looking at it, then his breath caught.

Agh burzum-ishi krimpatul,” Tony said, reading the inscription on the inside of the ring. And in the darkness, bind them. He turned, very slowly, hands shaking. “You didn’t buy this for Steve Rogers.”

From Happily Never After of @tisfan

10 of 16

“Sweetie you don’t have to be scared,” Marzia said taking the girl’s hand “I’m not going to hurt you.”

Shaking her head Divia glanced at Marzia “it’s not that its…” she bit her lip afraid she’d somehow say the wrong thing and this lovely vision would fade away.

Marzia gave her another smile “I’m a good listener. I may not have all the answers but I’ll try.” She shrugged looking up at the building “did you have a fight with your boyfriend?”

Divia shook her head “no” her voice quivered.

A light of understanding shown in Marzia’s eyes. “The girlfriend then. Did she break up with you?” There was a sadness in her eyes and voice “did she tell you she met someone else?” A tear trickled down her cheek unheeded.


You lifted your hand hesitantly, deciding whether you wanted to knock on the door in front of you. They were awfully loud and you were trying to study for your final’s next week, although it was unsuccessful. You moved in over a week ago and were already regretting moving to a different building closer to school. Shaking your head you knocked loudly, dropping your hand as you waited for someone to answer the door. 5… 4… 3… 2… 1… Nothing. You raised you hand to knock again when the door started unlocking before it opened. A man stood in front of you, his black hair hanging low on his forehead. He stood a few inches taller than you, but his eyes are what caught you off guard; he looked tired but a certain shine was glistening and you wanted to know why.

“May I help you?” he asked, scratching his head lazily.

“Um, yes. I recently moved in upstairs and I was wondering if you and your um… Roommates could keep it a little bit quieter. I’m trying to study.” you avoided eye contact with the man in front of you and focused on the guy walking up to the door behind him. A smile widely present on his face.

“Yoongi, You didn’t tell me we had a new friend, please Come in!” he grabbed your hand and pulled you inside the house. The first man, Yoongi closed the door and followed behind you as you were pulled inside of the house. The man was a few shades darker than Yoongi, whose skin was as bright as the moon. His blonde hair mixed well with his darker skin, you almost applauded him for choosing that color.

“So I’m Hoseok and this is; Jimin, Jungkook, Namjoon, Seokjin, and Taehyung” he pointed everyone out and turned back to you.

“I’m Y/N, nice to meet you.” you bowed to everyone.

“So what brings you here?”

“We’re too loud” Yoongi interrupted before you could speak.

“I’m really sorry to ask.” you paused and glared back at Yoongi “But do you think you guys could tone it down for this week, I have finals next week and i really wish to study.” you asked in a timid manner, all eyes were flicking around the room as they silently agreed and disagreed with each other. Namjoon spoke up first. “Well Y/N, we certainly can try, but no promises. What are you studying?”

“Well I want to be a producer so i’m studying music theory and the history of music right now.” they all nodded along before looking over to Yoongi who had moved from his wall to sitting on the couch next to Namjoon and Seokjin.

“Yoongi and I could help you. Mainly Yoongi though, he knows more about music history” Namjoon looked over at yoongi who was looking at you intensely before noticing you had looked at him and turned back around.

“I think i’m ok for now, I understand everything, I just want to get an A or a B on this.”

“I don’t blame you, I can help, if you need it Just come knock on the door” Yoongi spoke up, still looking forward, his head rolled back as you stood there stunned.

“Thank you, Yoongi. I think i’ll be going now, Thank you everyone.” You waved back at them as you left the house, quietly shutting the door.

BigBang reacts to hurting you while arguing with you (request)

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Bigbang gif reaction: When they hurt their gf out of fury (lose control) while they argue/fight. Pushing them/pressing their wrist or arm…Why they fight is up to you;)

Hey anon and sorry for not getting your request done for so long. It was hard to find fitting gifs. Mostly I think they’d all be sorry and mad at themselves. But I tried to make a little variation. I hope you enjoy anyways.

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The reason you two began to fight was ridiculous. You just had worn a jacket from him and not put it back so he had to search it. But he was stressed, so he got from zero to 100 in no time. And then it happened. In the heat of the moment he grabbed both of your arms hard and started to shake you like a ragdoll. When he heard your pained wimpers, he’d stop immediately and let go of your arms. What had he done?

He’d never thought that he’d ever physically harm you, no matter when and why. So he might need some moments to fight the tears of anger towards himself, until he’d apologize endlessly. From then on he’d make sure that this kind of situation never happenes again.


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He didn’t ever mean to yell at you in first place. You just had been meeting a friend of yours, who unfortunately was male and you came back some minutes later than planed. The truth was, he knew that it wasn’t on purpose and that you weren’t cheating on him. But the monster called ‘jealousy’ made him do and say bad things. Your fight reached it’s peak, when he took your wrist in a tight grip until you thought it would break.

As soon as he saw the pained expression on your face, he came back to his senses. What had he done? He might let your wrist go from his grip immediately and then turning around to go somewhere he could sort the feelings out he’d have at this moment. Where you still save around him? What if he’d really hurt you the next time? He’d need some time to relax towards you, due to is fright to lose his self-control again.


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There had been so many dating rumors and he had gotten more and more sick of it. At first you and him had made fun of it, but to him it had stopped to be fun a long time ago. When you pointed out the latest dating rumor, he finally snapped, turned around to you and pushed you so hard you fell on the ground.

He wanted to yell at you, when he realized what happened. It took a moment and then he turned around again, running outside. He’d be so shocked that he actually did that. Your hurt and feared expression would be on his mind and he’d start to cry while walking around aimlessly. After some time he’d come back to you, full of fear that you’d leave him now.


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It takes some time to make him really angry. But even the biggest angel has his breaking point and unfortunately you were the reason this one time. He’d felt like he gained some weight and put himself on a diet and now he sat in front of this big, meaty and unhealthy burger plate you made him. You didn’t even do it on purpose, you just knew he liked it. In his anger, he pushed the table hard while asking you if you found this funny.

When he saw that he’d pushed the table right into you, he stopped for a moment. Unable to react, he just stared at you tearing up while holding your belly. After he realized what he had done, he’d start to tear up as well. While stumbling to you he’d apologize endlessly, wanting to call an ambulance and hold you and cry at the same timt. He’d feel like he wasn’t worth it to be your boyfriend anymore.


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How many times had he told you not to show up when he was working? He always was afraid of some sasaengs or other dangerous people would find out who you were. All he wanted was protecting you and you just didn’t freaking listen! So he took you in the next room there was and closed the door. He immediately started to yell his fear and anger out, getting even more angry. When he was out of words, his anger searched another way out and he pushed you against the next wall.

You couldn’t help but yelp and slide down the wall in pain and that’s what let him snap out of his rage. Speechless at first, he helped you up. But he’d soon get his voice back, asking you if everything was allright. He’d be so shocked that he did that to you, that he’d look like a sad puppy. So you couldn’t be as mad at him as you should be. But this wasn’t a problem, since he’d be mad at himself more than enough.

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if you're still doing the prompt thing, 68 with seguin??? i love love loved the others you wrote!

thank you so much :’)) you’re v nice

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“Are you thinking about me?”

“Tyler, I’m… I’m talking to you right now, hon.”

“Right, right,” Tyler mumbled into the phone. “It’s late here okay?”

“It’s like, not even that late.” You replied, checking the clock on the wall. 

“What time is it there?”

“We’re in the same time-zone.”

“Right, right,”

“Oh my, you are tired.” You giggled, shaking your head at your boyfriend. 

“I am, okay? I hate shootouts.”

“I know, but at least you got the win.”

“Right,” Tyler said. “Hey, will you tell Marshall and Cash I love them?”

“Tyler,” You facepalmed. “You’re home with them.”

“Right, right.”

Never Fear (Lucifer x Reader)

Request:  I was hoping for a Lucifer x reader where they are soulmates and it is super fluffy and cute (not sure how specific you’d like these to be, extension ideas could be like reader gets hurt and he relents to his feelings or something… I sorry, is a terrible request, lol Pretty much anything at has to do with cuddling at the end, or luci just holding reader)

Authors Note: This was fun to write :D It’s mostly fluff, but also contains slight injuries.

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#6 with connor mcdavid pls!!!!

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“Jeez, is your heater out or something?” You asked, rubbing your hands together. 

“No, are you cold?” Connor asked. 

“No,” You said.

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, I’m fine.” 

“You look cold.”


“Here, take my blanket.” 

“I told you, I’m not cold.”

“Okay, whatever you say.” 

Moments passed and then Connor turned to you. “You’re shaking the couch.”

“What do you mean?”

“You’re shivering.”


“Come here,” Connor opened up his blanket and scooted closer. “Why didn’t you just tell me?”

“I said I’m not cold.”

“Right,” Connor laughed.

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I know she's hasn't really made an "official" appearance yet but can you do Ray Akaba and 42?

Ray - Loss

Ray doesn’t know about loss.

She knows about it, but she had personally never experience it, sure she has lost things, inconsequential stuff and opportunities at times, but once you shake off the regret you can always start anew, she supposes she’s lucky for that.

Maybe that’s why when she is faced with the possiblity of lossing her father, Ray doesn’t doubt, she doesn’t think about it, she jsut surges forwars to her demise.

Anything to save him.