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This life, part 2

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Pairing: Reader x Eventually Loki

Word Count: 2362

Warnings: None

Part 1

The stars looked down upon you as night drew further along.  You had returned to that field as you had many times in your life.  It was the place you had trained, as a child, with Loki and Thor to fight.  The large tree had been your refuge when your father had told you; his daughter would never battle alongside his Defenders.  That you would be queen, to rule and bring forth the next heir of Asgard, as of you were nothing more than the vessel to bear a child.  It was Loki who comforted you when your cried, believing that your father thought you weak.  He had promised he would train beside you, so that one day you would show your father how strong you truly were.  All the memories long forgotten were slowly returning to torment you once more.  Since the time Loki disappeared and thought dead, everything in your life had changed. Some of it for the better and some for the very worst.  All of those troubles and discord had lead you to the place in life you now were.

Your skills as a fighter were so much more than they ever had been.  Utilizing dual swords with a confident style few had ever seen.  Those skills were not the only thing that had developed in the past years.  You also had other abilities that had manifested in a violent display, which if Frigga had not aided you in gaining control, would undoubtedly have killed yourself and those around you.  All of these thoughts were haunting you now as the days had come and gone, without the return of Thor.  Tomorrow would make the seventh day.  Seven days he had sent not a word as to whether he had succeeded or if Loki had made good upon his plans.  Today had been a day of preparation.  Your armor was ready as were your weapons, laid out waiting for your departure.  

It should not feel any different from the journeys you had since joining with Thor, Sif, and the Warriors in the protection of Asgard.  Nevertheless, something felt off.  A feeling that something was going to bring about change to your world, whether you were ready for it or not.  With a long released breath, you stood from the grass walking back to your grazing horse. He butted you with his nose, resting his head on your shoulder.  You smiled leaning your head against his neck, petting him gently.  “I know my friend.  Something is coming.  I know you feel it as I do.  We better prepare.”

Lifting yourself onto the saddle, you encouraged him forward towards the palace.  The King and Queen requested you leave from the palace in the morn, so that they may see you off and bless your journey.  Though you believed, it was more the Queen who made the request. Odin had spoken few words to you since your last meeting.  However, he allowed you to share chambers with Sif so you would be well rested before parting.  Sif was sharpening her sword when you entered late that night.  She looked troubled as you pulled off your boots setting them with the rest of your gear.  “What is it, dearest Sif?”

It took a moment for her to answer.  Setting the sword and stone beside her on the bed, she walked towards you.  “You may not return from Midgard.  I know you are strong and fearless.  But tell me you will come home.”  Her words sounded like those you had said to Thor the week prior. Sif’s concern made you smile.  You moved across the room embracing her.

“I will return as will Thor. I refuse anything less.”  There was so much more she wanted to say, you could see it in her eyes, but Sif nodded quickly, turning back to her bed. No more words were said between you before laying down to rest.  You stared at the ceiling for hours before sleep finally took hold.  Even then, you were still up before the dawn.  Watching the sunrise over the city, felt as though the Gods were infusing you with their strength.  The golden light touching and blessing ever point on the horizon before waking for the day.  Your eyes closed, as the light finally reached the window where you stood, warming your face.  It was time.

Sif woke as you were pulling your hair back.  Half up off your face, tied into a waterfall down your back.  She watched you silently from the edge of her bed as you prepared. Darkening around your eyes and blood red color applied to your lips.  Your leather coverings slipped on first followed by the metal armor, which left your right shoulder and armor bare.  The last piece was your helm.  It fit around your face and looked similar to those the Valkyries wore as they brought warriors to Valhalla.  Their wings on either side to protect you.  Once in battle you would slip the faceplate into place leaving only your eyes visible.

Your friend did not follow you to the Bifrost, but you were met by the King and Queen.  Odin watched you closely as the Queen held you tight. “Bring them both home, my dear.  I need all of you safe.  Remember what you were taught and you will prevail.”  

“Yes, my Queen.  My Lord.”  Bowing towards the King before you stepped towards Heimdall.

“Lady [Y/N], you look as though you are prepared to conquer all the realms.”  Heimdall smiled from behind his golden helm.

“Good.  I may need to do just that.  Send me to the Prince, Heimdall.  Seems I need to save his ass once more.”  You could hear a laugh from the Queen behind you.

“Of course, my Lady.” As you stepped into position, you slipped the faceplate on.  Your heart, felt like it would be pulled from your chest as you were sent towards Midgard. The colors and light were almost blinding, but before there was the moment to get used to the travel, you had already landed.  The city before you was in panic.  Screams and sirens heard from every direction.  Buildings were badly damaged, there were large vehicles traveling through the crowded streets extinguishing fires.  Chitauri vehicles were flying through the sky terrorizing where they could.

You found yourself on the top of a building looking over much of the fighting and destruction, not far from a device that opened the portal allowing more Chitauri to enter the realm.  You could see someone, a woman close to the device.  If she was aiding Loki then she had to be stopped.  One of the Chitauri vehicles was flying close to the roof where you stood.  Vaulting yourself over the edge pulling one of your swords free, you landed behind the being with your sword slicing through his body.  Kicking him off, you sped over towards the device and the woman. The vehicle crashed close to your targeted area as you jumped out of the way.  The red hair woman stood there with Loki’s scepter pointed towards the device.

“Don’t even try it.  I am destroying this thing.  You and the rest of Loki’s army aren’t stopping me. Come on Stark.”  The woman edged closer to the device though seemed hesitant to cause it damage, looking up to the sky.

“I am not part of Loki’s army.  I am here to assist Thor in stopping this madness.  Destroy this machine.  Stop the Chitauri from invading the realm further.”  Stepping closer to the woman, you sheathed your sword. It was then the Chitauri started falling from the skies. You heard a voice come from the piece in the woman’s ear.  Close it.  She pushed the staff through the field surrounding the device, destroying the beam that opened the portal.  Just before it closed completely a body passed through, falling at an incredible speed. The woman smiled beside you, looking relieved to see it.  “It is far better that you have closed the portal but we must get Loki.  Where is he?”  The woman held a finger up to you as she pressed the piece in her ear.

“Hey Cap, seems we have a new friend here.  Says she knows Thor.”  There was a moments delay before an answer was heard.

He knows who it is.  Both of you meet us in the tower.  We have to get Loki.

“Will do.  Follow me; it’s time to get the bad guy.  I’m Natasha.”  She rested Loki’s scepter on her shoulder extending a hand out to you.  Looking at her hand a moment you offered yours in return, shaking firmly.

“[Y/N] of Asgard.  By ‘bad guy’ you mean Loki?”  Your words muffled by the faceplate.  She nodded as she walked towards the interior of the tower.

“Yeah he is definitely the ‘bad guy’.”  

The pair of you met up with the rest of the group minutes later.  Thor grinned seeing you with Natasha.  “It is good to see you my friend.  You missed the battle.”  He rested his hands on your shoulders.

“The battle perhaps, but Loki is still not caught.”  The others in the group watched the exchange.  A man looked to be made partially of metal took a step towards you.

“We have him; Big Green here left him broken upstairs.”  

“Lead us, then Metal Man.” Upstairs you found Loki trying to crawl away, obviously in pain from whatever the large green being had done to him. You stayed towards the back of the group not wanting him to see you right away.  Though he would probably only recognize you as Asgardian since you still wore the helm and face plate.  Never would he think you would be here to return him home.  He had a look of defeat on his face and spoke little as the group escorted him to a cell at the compound of the group Thor called S.H.I.E.L.D.  Since he considered everyone below his station, Loki paid little heed to the extra person who joined along with the group.  At least until he saw you speaking with his brother.  He was locked in one of the clear cells with her arms still bound in front of him.  The exchange between you and Thor had him curious.

“Tell me brother; is this your new pet?  Does she follow behind, pining for you as you are oblivious to her wants?”  Thor stepped forward with a growl, but you placed a hand on his chest stopping him.  Shaking your head, you looked up to him whispering.

“No, he wants to antagonize you further.  As he always has.”  You turned back to face Loki narrowing your eyes.  The others in the room quieting as you took a slow step towards the cell.  In one swift motion, you pulled off your helm and mask, staring into Loki’s eyes.  Your chin raised in defiance, as you had his father.  “You know nothing of my wants, Loki.”  

His face paled and his mouth hung open. “[Y/N]…”

The Man of Iron stepped forward laughing.  “Oh look Reindeer Games is speechless.  We need to keep her around.”  The insult brought Loki back to reality.  The former sour look appearing as he recovered.

“So brother, you brought your wife.  Is she here to ensure you take no other to your bed?  We would not want any heirs to Asgard diluted with Midgardian blood.” Loki sneered knowing he would hit a chord with the both of you.  You could feel the anger rolling off Thor behind you as you clenched your fists.  Those gathered around stared wide-eyed at Thor.  He had never told them of a wife.  The energy gathered inside your chest spreading throughout your body until it glowed over your skin. Your boots echoed over the grating of the floor as you stomped towards the enclosure.  Loki’s eyes wide as your glowing form moved towards him.  With the exception of Thor, who knew you best, everyone thought you would stop at the clear wall of the cell.  However, you simply walked through it, melting it completely around your form as you stalked up to him.  Sending as much energy as you could through your hand you punched Loki in the face as hard as you could.  He flew back against the wall causing quite the dent, and then crumbled to the floor.

“You know nothing of which you speak.  I would caution you against speaking again.  For I would enjoy doing that once more.”  Turning without another word you left the enclosure and the room, releasing the pulsing energy from within you.  

“If she isn’t your wife, Thor, does that mean she is single?”  Clint asked from the back of the group, receiving an elbow to the gut from Natasha.

It was another day before the Tesseract was contained safely in a casing, ready for the return to Asgard.  During that time, you had gotten to know some of Thor’s Midgardian friends and found that you enjoyed their company immensely.  Captain Rogers, was very handsome and found yourself talking to him often.  It was endearing that he blushed frequently when you spoke. Loki had been muzzled earlier in the day, though it was more for his protection than anything else. While Thor enjoyed watching you send Loki across the room, he thought it best not to test your patience further.  The group of Avengers gathered once last time in the center of the city to say goodbye. You had promised Captain Rogers you would return sometime in the future with Thor to visit.

While Loki could not speak, he watched you intently whenever you were near.  You could feel it even when you were not looking.  When you would turn to look at him, you would not back down.  Staring at him until he finally turned away.  Never would you let him make you feel less again.  You were no longer the same girl he turned away from all those years ago.  Thor and Loki grabbed either side of the Tesseract and you laid a hand on the casing itself.  With a nod in parting to all gathered, the three of you were transported back to Asgard.

Part 3

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30 Day OTP Challenge Day Eighteen: Doing something together (This can be anything)

Note: Angst, Character Death, Fluff

Words: 1125

“I… I’m sorry, but I can’t do this anymore.” Loki whispered before looking at you as you looked to him in confusion. “Can’t do what anymore?” You asked when he gestured between you. “This. Us.” He said as his voice grew dark when your eyes widened. “W-What do you mean?” You stuttered softly. “You.. You are so needy, and so ungrateful. I am a God what are you? Nothing, you are mortal. You will die long before I do.” He spat as you felt the blade of his words sink deep into your heart when you felt tears burning your waterlines.

“B-But you said you loved me.” You whispered brokenly. “Oh darling, I am the God of lies.. I can make anything sound enticing. And did you honestly think for a moment I’d love someone like you? You are pathetic.” He said stepping closer to you as his form shifted into his Frost Giant form when his crimson eyes glared. “You are nothing to me. I am a god you little insignificant waste of space.” He spat angrily as you stepped back letting out a sob when you covered your mouth. “Oh yes, here we go. Sobbing like the little child that you are.” He rolled his eyes.

You were about to run out of the bedroom you shared together when suddenly the glass from the windows shattered. You cried out before looking to Loki who had been impaled by what looked like a spear as you gasped. “No!” You exclaimed before running over to him as he gasped for breath. “L-Loki!” You said removing the spear before pressing on the wound as he grunted. “This is your fault (Y/N)… All your fault.” He gritted out as his face returned to normal. “I hate you (Y/N).” He said before his eyes dulled as his grip on your arms loosed. “Please!” You sob.

“(Y/N)!” A voice cried as you looked around the room seeing no one before looking down to Loki who was no longer there. “(Y/N), my darling wake up!” It was Loki’s voice, but you couldn’t wake up as you covered your ears. “L-Leave me alone!” You sobbed harder before everything around you started to shake. “For the love of Asgard awaken this instant!” His voice sounded panicked when your eyes finally snapped open as you shot up to a sitting position almost colliding heads with a figure. You looked over immediately seeing a shocked Loki sitting beside you as you trembled.

“L… Loki..?” You asked like you couldn’t believe he was there as he nods placing a hand onto your face. “You’re burning up.” He whispered worriedly as you pushed him back. “I-I..” You stuttered on words unsure if you were truly in reality or not. “My darling, you had a night terror. You were screaming my name. I got so worried, you looked pale so I tried to awaken you, but you refused.” He explained as you covered your mouth feeling fresh tears pour down your face. “S-So you love me?” You asked softly. “I-I’m not a pathetic waste of space?” Your voice cracked.

“W-What? Of course I love you, and how could you think that!” Loki asked cupping your face in shock before suddenly wrapping yourself into his arms. You sobbed into his chest as his expression softens before he gently ran his fingers down your hair when he rubbed your back. “Oh my darling, whatever you may have dreamed know that this is real.” He whispered kissing your forehead as you sniffled before biting your lip digging your nails into his back, not wanting to let go of him for any reason.

“(Y/N), look at me please.” He whispered tilting your head up as you looked at him with teary eyes. “I love you with every part of my being, you are my everything and I desire no other. You are everything I need and more, I don’t deserve you, and I am so glad that I have you.” He smiles as he wipes away the tears that glittered down your face. “I want to have children with you, and grow old with and marry you.” He said cupping your face as your eyes widened.

“Y-You want to do all that?” You asked when he smiles softly nodding. “I guess now is a good time as anything.” He whispered before opening the nightstand drawer as you frowned when he got off the bed. “Loki–” You started before getting cut off as he gently got down on one knee when you felt your heart stop. “(Y/N), by the gods I’ve been preparing all of this for weeks yet being in the moment I am tongue tied.” He laughs looking at you as you covered your mouth.

“Loki…” You whispered when he held up a hand. “(Y/N), you are the greatest gift I have ever received, you are my reason I get up in the morning. The reason I smile.You are the reason I laugh, and love, and it grows each and every day being with you. My light in the darkness and my other half. Without you I am nothing, with you I feel I can take on anything. I need you… way more than you need me. And with this ring I want to make sure that you are mine forever.” He said opening up the velvet box as the diamond ring glittered inside it. “(Y/F/N), will you do me the honor of becoming my Queen and marry me?” He asked biting his lip.

“Y-Yes!” You cried before jumping out of the bed as you tackle him making you both tumble to the floor with a loud thump. You both laugh happily before you suddenly kissed him as he slid the engagment ring onto your finger. You deepened the kiss moaning softly feeling his fingers graze up the sides of your body. “Miss (L/N), are you both alright?” Jarvis’ voice made you both jerk apart. “W-We’re fine.” You said immediately. “Alright.” Jarvis said when you blushed before he started to laugh. “You are adorable my little fiancee.” He whispered softly.

He helped you up off the floor. “You’ll get a cold.” He said before helping you back into the bed when you snuggled against his chest as he smiles. “I love you so much.” You whispered softly. “And I love you so much.” He whispered back as you cuddled against him closer before smiling. Your eyes fluttered closed, but you felt safe in the arms of your now future husband when he fell asleep himself. You started to drift off as you felt the ring nuzzled perfectly on your finger and the nightmare was now but a forgotten memory.

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Tom. Loki. Tom pretending to be Loki. Loki pretending to be Tom pretending to be Loki.

Whoever you are.

I just have to say this: asgardian prison gear is in-fucking-credible. I mean, just look at it! It’s glorious! I want to wear the shit out of that thing everywhere!

In this scene (in which reading has never been sexier), we can fully appreciate the awesomeness of asgardian prison couture (this year’s fall-winter collection at least), as well as Mr. Hiddleston’s extremely vast talents as an actor: he’s obviously in character, since he’s managing (no doubt with herculean effort) to keep his legs closed. How many takes were necessary? In any case, well done Tom! Oscars are coming your way.

Also, did anyone wonder where prisoners pee and shower in those cells? Do they have an en suite bathroom or something?

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What are devotional activities I can do for Freyja and Thor?

I am not a Thor’s person, so I can’t really help you there. The most Thor I’ve done is running around in a thunderstorm trying to assist 2 other Thor’s people in getting messages to and from him in short order. So—dancing in thunderstorms? Beyond that, I’m out of my league. The basics are making art or poetry or craft or music or prayer or research. Pet a goat? Goats are nice. Goats in little sweaters are even nicer. Take a nap under an oak tree. Protect the common man—whatever that means for you.

Freyja—hrm. I could make lists and lists of Freyja devotional activities. I think anything that brings out your most confident, strongest self is a devotional act. 

I started by incorporating her into my getting-ready spaces—her altar in my home is actually a makeup table, so it has makeup on it and inside of it, and a huge mirror for glamour, and all kinds of Freyja offerings (amber, feathers, honey calcite, rutilated quartz, goldenrod, honey, etc etc). Taking pride in my appearance also gave me confidence. Over the year I worked with Freyja, I literally have come to feel more beautiful. I look at old photos of myself I’d hated and think I’m pretty now. Nothing’s really changed—I don’t even wear makeup as much as I had. But the change was internal.

“Stare at yourself in a mirror after a long nap and admire how glowing and beautiful and dreamy your face looks. Naps work wonders. In fact, stare at yourself on a mirror daily. Each time compliment on something. Maybe today you like your hair but don’t enjoy the shape of your lips, but that’s ok because tomorrow you’ll be delighted at how cute your smile is even tho your hair might be a mess. Learn to love you.” —This was in a tumblr post and I copied it down because I think it’s super relevant and also an excellent devotional act. Loving yourself is one of the most subversive things we can do in this world.

“So plant your own gardens and decorate your own soul, instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers.” That became a mantra. One of these exercises was whenever I saw a single flower, I bought it. For me, that cost around $2 flat, so it was an expense I could spare, and it got me used to the idea that I deserve beautiful things in my life and that I can afford them, and that sometimes a thing doesn’t need a use to be appreciated beyond making me feel good. It was nice to see the rose next to my bedstand. It reminded me that beauty is fleeting, but better when cared for. It reminded me I’m worthy of surrounding myself with beautiful things. That I am a beautiful thing, too, and equally worthy. I also allowed (allowed being a key word, I struggle with money) myself to purchase things—when I could—that made me feel like a goddess. 

For me, that was lingerie, but it might be Lush products for you, or if you can’t afford that, you can do a lot to make yourself feel divine. I loved taking white baths—a bath run and then just put a can of coconut milk in it. Your skin becomes so silky smooth. I also incorporate my self-care actions as devotions—both in the curl up with a blanket and recharge sense, but also in the taking care of myself, take my meds, pay my bills sense. The getting shit done for myself sense. The not slacking off on the bigger picture sense. Realizing that I can do for myself, however limited ‘I can do for myself’ might mean. Realizing that if somebody doesn’t see my virtues, it doesn’t mean I don’t have them.

Self-respect is the other huge piece, for me, of Freyja’s lessons. Sometimes hand-in-hand with confidence, sometimes not: you can fake confidence till you make it, but self-respect is harder. I think of her shaking the walls of Asgard when they tried to marry her off to Thrymr without her consent, how her necklace almost filled to bursting with her anger. She knew her worth and she knew what was worthy of her and what was beneath her. I think having a strong sense of self-respect—of what you will and will not accept into your life—is a core part of the fight. Because being a warrior means different things to different people, we still accept what we put our energy into fighting for and over. Your energy is precious. Don’t give it away too easily. 

And if any of this gets too hard—remember she of seidr, of witchcraft and magic: where you leave off, the greater energies take over. She will take your hand and lead you through. You will find your own magic—this whole journey is an act of magic and if you ask and offer, I think she may travel it with you.

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Do you ever stop and think about how weird it is that the gods live someplace so flimsy? Freyja can shake Asgard and Thor would break the Bifrost if he carried Mjolnir over it. Just how heavy can one magic divine hammer be? I'd say they should ask for a refund but they kind of got it for free and killed the contractor so I guess the real lesson is you get what you pay for and if you kill your own contractor he can't fix all his fuckups.

Well, technically he did ask for payment but the deities weren’t just going to hand over the sun, moon, and Freyja. They only got it for free because Loki fixed everything.

One thing I’ve never understood is why Loki asks to borrow Freyja’s cloak that one time. Apparently he can become a flea and a horse, but birds are too hard? I guess because symbolism? To be fair, maybe feathers are hard?

Loki Laufeyson- Unexpected

The day had started out fairly normal. You woke up, had breakfast, went through your daily routine, and decided to head to Central Park for some light reading.

When you spotted an empty bench and opened your book, you became aware of the sound of an animal panting in the bushes behind you.

Cautiously, you inch towards the sound. The animals breath hitches when you reach for the bush.

“It’s okay,” You murmur softly. “I’m not going to hurt you. I promise-”

A hand shoots out and grabs your wrist, then tugs you forward. You let out a startled yelp as you break through the leaves and crash into a man wearing a green and black costume.

“You are from Asgard?” He asks quickly, his eyes scanning your clothes in a way that makes your skin crawl. “Your attire is most dreadful, midgaurdian,” He snarls, displeased.

Unable to move, you give him a crazed look. “W-What?”

He scoffs. “It is most irritating to be gawked at like some sort of prize, girl.”

Snapping out of your daze, you scoot away and shake your head. “Asgard? Midguardian?”

Now that you really get a good look at him, your heart seems to stop. His shoulder length black hair, the green and black costume, his sharp eyes, and the way he carries himself all points to one person.

“You’re Loki. Thor’s brother?” You ask, gulping audibly when he gives you a murderous glance.

“You have been in my presence less than thirty seconds and you are already comparing me to that oaf?”

“Oh I’m not comparing,” You say, spotting your book laying near Loki’s feet. “i-if you don’t mind, I’ll be leave now-”

He grabs the book faster than you can, and raises an eyebrow at the cover in surprise. “I was not aware of midguardians similar interests in poetry,”

You almost smile. “You’ve heard of Shakespeare?”

He gives you an accusing look. “It is apparent that you are of the ignorant side of the human race,”

Rolling your eyes, Loki opens the book and begins scanning the pages.

“It’s apparent that you’re part of the arrogant side of the Asgardian race,” You grumble, shrinking back when Loki’s eyes shoot up.

“I believe you have something you wish to tell me, do you not?”

“Um,” Tapping your fingers on something to say, you mutter “keep the book, I’ve got more at my apartment anyways.”

He arches a thin eyebrow. “Are you inviting me to your living quarters?”

“W-What? N-No!”

He stands, ignoring your protests when he reaches down and pulls you up. “Well? Take me to this ‘apartment’ where you keep your other reading materials.”

“I’m going to trip,”

“You are not,”

“Yes, I am, Loki. I know it-”

“I am your eyes, (Y/n). Trust me to lead you when you cannot see,”


Gripping Loki’s wrists, his fingers are placed over your eyes as he slowly pushes you forward.

Ever since that day in Central Park when he demanded you take him to your apartment, you’ve bonded over your love for poetry. Over the short time of six weeks, he’s opened up to you more than he had to his own mother.

You eventually learned about his life in Asaguard and how he was living in his brothers shadow and never felt like he belonged. He showed the limited powers he posses, and you-

You tripped.

Loki’s hand shoots out and grabs your forearm, saving you from face planting into the floor.

“I told you,” You mutter once he’s set you up straight.

He smiles. “That you did,”

Now realizing that you’re in the living room, your eyes scan the space and spot the TV on, random snacks placed on the coffee table, and the couch made up with blankets and extra pillows.

“What’s this?”

“I want to express my thanks to you,” He says, taking your hand and directs you to the couch. “while I was out of the apartment, I remember that you said you wanted a film called (favorite movie), and searched until I was successful in finding it.”

You grin as he grabs the remote, smiles sheepishly, then hands it to you.

“I am not familiar with this… blueray feature,”

You smirk teasingly. “It is apparent that you are of the ignorant side of the Asgardian race,”

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