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Am I Wrong?

Alright, I need some clarity on something really quick y'all. So, I don’t really just put my sexuality on blast, but I will for the sake of this post. I am bisexual. Now, today, I was having a conversation with this girl I met a few weeks ago, and she was questioning why I, as a bisexual woman, wouldn’t marry a female.

Her personal opinion was that, my opposing to be in a same sex marriage made me a fake bisexual. She said that I was just bicurious and that she was tired of the bullshit and that I needed to stop claiming bisexuality and be straight. I cannot explain how offended I am by her statement.

I spent many years thinking about what kind of permanent relationship I’d want in the future, and I settled on a heterosexual one because, IN MY OPINION, I think it would be best for MY family if they had a mother AND a father present, because there are some things that children need to learn from their fathers that a mother can’t teach them.

I also would love for my children to live in a household where they were with both of their biological parents. I don’t see a problem with that AT ALL. But APPARENTLY, because I feel this way, I am not a true bisexual. Am I wrong? Is she right? I don’t think she is, but maybe I’m just uneducated in these matters.


tell him with your hands shaking (one shot) by hammersandstrings
Sebastian glances over his shoulder every so often, partially to peek because he’s only human, but mostly because Kurt is uncharacteristically quiet while he slices and dices and mixes the pasta sauce. The most noise he makes other than the knife scraping the cutting board comes from the wine bottle he keeps unceremoniously taking long drinks out of and clunking back down to the counter.
- - - - - -
This is one those “x times and then once” fics which are always cute. Sebastian is being utterly adorable in this (the 4th part is my favorite and the ending is so cute!) and once again amazing writing :)


Supernatural Parody aka the greatest thing ever! 

I know it’s not the most unique costume but that’s what I’ll wear in Cologne, June 20th. I’m only able to attend one of your concerts but I will cheer for you in this outfit (I did the shirt by myself) and I hope you’ll see me and my squad.
We’re sitting in section 104 next to the stage.
Oh and check out taylorslaylorswifts outfit, it’s incredible!