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Fuck yes, collaboration done.
This is ‘humor’ type video guys before you guys get like WHAT THE FUCK.
Anyway, thank you so much for the 1,000+ subs. Oh my god.
I had an amazing time with heather doing this.
Implies; Shake - Aeon & Nivanfield


Oh my god, it’s FINALLY done! I’ve had this video idea the moment ever since I heard Jake’s ending campaign song. I just knew this song was for Jake and Sherry.
I hope you ‘Shake’ fans enjoy. (Adding Optional Annotations for Lyrics Soon.)
Happy Holidays!

anonymous asked:

What are your favorite Jake/Sherry blogs?

Hmmm… Off the top of my head these guys love Jake/Sherry as much as I do~ 

Funny how you asked me right now because I was in a song selection choice for a Jake/Sherry AMV!

I’ll add more later. It’s 3:00am~ <3


Dedicated to three amazing Youtube editors who inspired me to create this.
Thanks for watching & enjoy? C:
Youtube; MyRecklessDesire