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idk bout y’all but i still wanna know the precise process behind sharing lucian royalty’s power. like– how the chocobros can summon their weaponry and stuff from noct’s power ( and yet apparently cannot warp or use their own magic despite the fact that the kingsglaive folks sharing regis’ power could ). like??? is there a ritual?? do they drink royal blood??? do they get stabbed w/ the armiger?? does noct warp tf through them and leave some sparkly power in there???? what do

and can tenebrae royalty like luna & ravus share their own powers with people??? how does it work


So here’s the story of how I almost died playing Pokemon Go.

Right so it’s late- late for walking around, at least (around 10pm.) I just got home and I’m looking forward to playing some Overwatch when I get a chat from my sister:

Her: “I cry.”

Me: “Go get it!!! I’ll come!”

Her: “I’m already in bed :’( “

(You have to understand that she works as a janitor at our university, and wakes up at 3am every day to clean other peoples poop quite literally. She only downloaded Pokemon Go a few days ago- mostly to spend time with me. So I do the only thing a good sister would do.)

Me: “Give me your phone and get some sleep- I’ll catch it for you!”

This dragonite was about 1/3 a mile away, uphill- not too far. We live in the mountains close to a canyon, and the pokestop it was next to was at the mouth of the canyon’s main hiking trail. I left the house around 10:05 and all went well- dark, and I got sprayed by a few sprinklers, but overall it was a nice walk. I was trying to hurry so that it wouldn’t disappear by the time I arrived.

After several long minutes of uphill power walking I pass the gates to the hiking trail. I can see the sign that’s the pokestop just ahead, and at this point I have long left behind street lights. Every time I look down at her phone I’m blinded when I look up again. Thus it’s only logical that I don’t notice the danger- logical, but no less terrifying.

I step onto the trail eagerly, and two feet to my right I hear a loud and distinct rattlesnake rattle. I freeze.

I flip her phone around to shine on the ground, starting to shake.

I can see the snake- barely a foot and a half long, right beside me. I’m wearing flip flops. I don’t move.

The snake is still rattling, and I can tell as I blink away the burn of my sister’s phone screen from my vision that it’s starting to move back the way I had just come. I’m terrified, but I start to inch forwards, towards the pokestop and away from the snake. Once I think I’m a safe enough distance I look back down at the bright screen and turn on her flashlight, continuing on my way at a snails pace of a couple feet every thirty seconds, scanning the ground for more snakes and giving the one I had just passed time to slither away.

A dragonite isn’t worth death, but I’d be squiggled if I came this far and almost stepped on a rattler in flip flops only to not catch that sucker for my sister. I did catch it- along with a few other pokemon that she hadn’t caught yet- even if it was difficult since she’s only level 14. On my way back home I passed the rattlesnake again. I gave it a very, very wide berth.


My boss’s never going to believe me if I look like this. You look fine! You look great.