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Without You: Bloodstone (Part 10)

Genre: AU, bts!werewolf, fantasy, angst

Warnings: language, violence, suggestive content

Word Count: 2.1k

Summary: Werewolves, contrary to popular belief, are usually gentle creatures. Except for a very specific set of circumstances, they would never hurt a human (on purpose). The few unfortunate times when mistakes were made put a permanent dark mark on the beasts and people began labeling them as monsters. What the human population failed to recognize was the fact that they were protecting us from something much more sinister. Luckily, a few survived and the gene was passed down hereditarily until one day finding its way to me… in the form of my best friend.

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Loyalty is often as blind as justice should be, as unstable as a lightning storm ought to be, and as misplaced as an opinion in the truth.

Chapter 10:

As Jimin disappears behind one of the crumbling buildings, Munhee crosses her arms, visibly fighting a frown for Jungkook’s benefit, “Sometimes, I wonder why we ever took in that brat.”

Her words are cruel, but can I really fault her for them?

From the moment I met Munhee, she had been a mysterious character. Dark hair always pulled into a disheveled ponytail with a generous amount of strands coming loose or hanging free to frame her face, consistently dressed in all black, fitted clothes, and armed with a knife she keeps in her boot… Munhee isn’t the least scary person I’ve ever seen and her mood swings do nothing to help her case.

Still, if there’s one thing I’ve learned in the short time span I’ve known her, it’s she’s a very calculating person who has the pack’s best interest at heart.

So who am I to judge? Maybe she should be more patient. Or maybe Jimin should be more respectful. I don’t know their history and right now, I’m not really keen on asking.

“Don’t,” she commands bluntly as Namjoon and Seokjin move to go after Jimin. They cast her a questioning look, but won’t dare disobey. Munhee stuffs her hands into the pockets of her jeans and makes her way toward the mistletoe entrance, calling over her shoulder, “Time to go inside. We’re done for today.”

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Ruby Rose Kisses (Almost) Every Girl

: Exactly what it says on the tin. Each girl gets a little separate ficlet.

Ruby/ [Weiss, Blake, Yang, Nora, Pyrrha, Velvet, Coco, Cinder, Neo, Salem, Glynda, Emerald, Winter, Reese, Arslan, May, Melanie, Miltia, Penny, Neon, Ciel, Amber, Raven]

You can also read this story on AO3

Let’s go!


It shouldn’t have been a surprise, considering how single-mindedly she’d tried to claim Neptune. When Weiss wanted something she was relentless. And when dealing with Ruby, she was needlessly sharp.

She held Ruby under her chin, tilting her head back. Blue eyes narrowed, not necessarily out of anger or displeasure.  Even so, Ruby felt like she’d already disappointed her somehow.

“Can I kiss you?” Weiss asked, and Ruby nearly had a stroke. Not trusting her voice, she nodded. So Weiss leaned down, the touch clean and methodical, yet intimate.

Weiss let out a long breath, eyes slowly opening to fix her with a piercing stare.


It was the most natural thing in the world. They slept snuggled up together under the same blanket. Ruby’s nose crinkled. The sharp spine of a hardcover pressed into her forehead until she nudged it off the edge of the bed.

Turning around, she blinked and wondered how many people had seen Blake this peaceful. Catching the faunus unguarded happened very rarely. As if sensing her thoughts, Blake stirred, reaching out and bapping her palm against Ruby’s face.

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Bokuroo one shot

“What is love?”

Bokuto and Kuroo were sitting at a camp fire, in the middle of nowhere, roasting marshmallows, enjoying the cool summer night air, as Kuroo asked that question.

“Baby don’t hurt me..”, Bokuto chuckled and Kuroo gave him a soft slap on his arm.

“You know what I mean! What is love? How do I know I’m in love?”

Bokuto and Kuroo had a silent staring contest for a few seconds, Bokuto breaking it first. He sighed, looking up at the star filled sky.

“It’s hard to describe though. It’s a warm feeling. Your whole body feels warm and prickly when you’re with someone you love and when they touch you the butterflies in your stomach start trying to escape!”

Bokuto made a small break to eat his marshmallow and continued.

“When you have someone you love, every weather is beautiful as long as you’re with them. No matter if the sun is out or rain is pouring down, thunder shaking your house… looking at them makes every day perfect. But it’s also a longing.. wanting to kiss them, touch them, feel them. You look at them and want to jump into their arms, feel their skin on yours.”

Kuroo was fixated on Bokuto now, watching every movement, watching how his arms were tensing and how his eyes started shining in the moonlight. Were those tears?

“It’s something so magical and wonderful, but it can be a curse. It can hurt so much, trying to keep the butterflies inside of you. They’ll start filling not only your stomach but also your lungs, making it almost impossible to breathe.”

Bokuto now looked at the completely stunned Kuroo. Another staring contest. Without saying a word Bokutoo scooted closer on the big wooden bench they were resting on, laying his hand on Kuroos leg.

“I can’t breathe, Kuroo.”, Bokuto said, a few tears rolling down his slightly red cheeks.

Kuroo slowly reached for his friends hand, intertwining their fingers.

“Me neither.”, he said. “Please help me.”

And just like this, Bokutos lips were on his own. It tasted sweet, like the marshmallows. Soft and warm, just so perfect.
Both of them were finally able to breathe.

MBTI types as Girl Power Songs

ESTP: Trouble - Neon Jungle

I don’t look for trouble,
But trouble looks for me.
And it’s been waiting around corners,
Since I was seventeen.
They say “Here comes a hurricane,
Trouble is her middle name!”

ESFP: Worth it - Fifth Harmony

Show me what you got
‘Cause I don’t wanna waste my time
See me in the spotlight
“Ooh I love your style”
Show me what you got now
Come and make it worth my while

ESFJ: Young and Beautiful - Lana del Rey

Dear lord, when I get to heaven
Please let me bring my man
Oh that grace, oh that body
Oh that face makes me wanna party
He’s my sun, he makes me shine like diamonds
Will you still love me
When I’m no longer young and beautiful?

ESTJ: Roar - Katy Perry

You hear my voice, you hear that sound
Like thunder gonna shake the ground
You held me down, but I got up 
Get ready 'cause I’ve had enough
I see it all, I see it now
I got the eye of the tiger, a fighter, dancing through the fire

ISTP: I love me - Hailee Steinfeld

Feeling good on my own without you
Got me speaking in tongues
The beautiful, it comes without you, yeah
I’m gonna put my body first
And love me so hard 'til it hurts
I love me, gonna love myself. No, I don’t need anybody else

ISFP: I love it - Icona Pop

You’re on a different road, I’m in the Milky Way
You want me down on earth, but I am up in space
You’re so damn hard to please, we gotta kill this switch
You’re from the 70’s, but I’m a 90’s bitch
I don’t care, I love it!

ISFJ: Only girl - Rihanna

I want you to love me, like I’m a hot pie
Keep thinkin’ of me, doin’ what you like
So boy forget about the world cause it’s gon’ be me and you tonight
I wanna make you beg for it, then Imma make you swallow your pride
Want you to make me feel like I’m the only girl in the world
Like I’m the only one that you’ll ever love
Like I’m the only one who knows your heart 

ISTJ: Try - Pink

Funny how the heart can be deceiving
More than just a couple times
Why do we fall in love so easy?
Even when it’s not right
But just because it burns
Doesn’t mean you’re gonna die
You’ve gotta get up and try, and try, and try

ENTP: Salute - Little Mix

Ladies all across the world
Listen up, we’re looking for recruits
If you’re with me, let me see your hands
Stand up and salute
Get your killer heels, sneakers, pumps or lace up your boots
Representing all the women, salute, salute!

ENTJ: New Americana - Halsey

Viral mess, turned dreams into an empire.
Self-made success now she rolls with Rockefellers.
Survival of the richest, the city’s ours until the fall.
They’re Monaco and Hamptons bound, but we don’t feel like outsiders at all.
We are the new Americana

ENFP: Wannabe - Spice Girls

If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends 
Make it last forever friendship never ends,
If you wanna be my lover, you have got to give,
Taking is too easy, but that’s the way it is.
I won’t be hasty, I’ll give you a try
If you really bug me then I’ll say goodbye.  

ENFJ: Oath - Cher Lloyd

Wherever you go, just always remember
That you got a home for now and forever
And if you get low, just call me whenever
This is my oath to you
I know I drive you crazy, hmm, sometimes
I know I call you lazy, and that’s most times
But you complete me, and that’s no lie

INTP: Heart Attack - Demi Lovato

You make me glow, but I cover up, won’t let it show,
So I’m puttin’ my defenses up
'Cause I don’t wanna fall in love
If I ever did that
I think I’d have a heart attack

INTJ: The Wire - Haim

You know I’m bad at communication, it’s the hardest thing for me to do
And it’s said, it’s the most important part that relationships will go through
And I’d give it all away just so I could say that
I know I know I know I know that you’re gonna be OK anyway
Always keep your heart locked tight, don’t let your mind retire
But I just couldn’t take it, I tried hard not to fake it

INFP: Untouched -The Veronicas

Don’t even talk about the consequence
Cause right now you’re the only thing that’s making any sense to me
And I don’t give a damn what they say, what they think think
Cause you’re the only one who’s on my mind
I’ll never ever let you leave me
I’ll try to stop time for ever, never wanna hear you say goodbye 

INFJ: Team - Lorde

Living in ruins of a palace within my dreams
And you know, we’re on each other’s team
I’m kind of over getting told to throw my hands up in the air, so there
So all the cups got broke shards beneath our feet but it wasn’t my fault
And everyone’s competing for a love they won’t receive
'Cause what this palace wants is release

Mi Estrella

Happy May 4th to @emmaawatson!! She gave me the prompt Cassian and Jyn become neighbors. Jyn has a kid and Cassian falls in love with Jyn and is great with her kid. Fluffy and long please :)” I really hope you meant long, because I just started writing and somehow this ended up to be over 14k words. 

Special thanks to @therebelcaptainnetwork for organizing this amazing exchange, to my beta, @wearesuchstuff1, who is the main reason this fic is halfway decent, and also to my followers to jumped up to offer me help on the Spanish translations! 

AO3 / Below the cut!

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Winchester brothers-Wild Part 4

Title: Wild Part 4

Pairings: Winchester brothers x feral reader

Word count:1005

Request:Please please please continue wild, I love it so much

Request:Wild? Pretty pretty pretty please? Like maybe she’s feisty when she’s injured so they have to pin her down? And I really like the name Skye so maybe you could work that in? Please?

Request:Are you going to continue the feral reader? (OhmygoshifthereaderandDeanfellinlovethatbwawesomw.)

Request:Are you continuing the feral reader story? And if so can you ?. :3

Request:More doll faces and wild

Links:Wild,Wild Part 2,Wild Part 3

You had been with the Winchester for quite a while now. You hadn’t spoken or retained any human actions yet but you were getting closer and closer and less feral… okay, so that was a bit of a stretch. 

You had came to adore the brothers, being insanely close with them. It took only a short amount of time to warm back up to Sam after the incident of him locking his door when you were asleep in his bed. 

Sam had assured you that he wouldn’t do it again.

Sam had gotten up, telling Dean he was heading to bed as you perked up from Dean’s lap. Dean was just about to hand Sam his iPad back before they saw you shoot up and scatter off. 

‘’Where’s she going?’’Dean chuckled, Sam laughing too as he shrugged. 

‘’I’ll go check’’Sam yawned, sleepily walking out. He noticed you were sat by his door, palming it as he looked down at you. 

‘’Okay, okay, hang on’’He chuckled in amusement before pushing the door open. He watched as you jumped on his bed and jumped on his bed, nestling yourself under the covers and savouring his strong scent. 

‘’Where am I supposed to sleep?’’Sam chuckled, watching your head peek above the blanket. You just stared at it, making him laugh harder as he went to close the door but hear the growl rip from your mouth. 

He froze half way, hands up in defence before turning back around. 

‘’Okay, okay. Easy. I forgot, I’m sorry’’He apologised softly. He slowly climbed in beside you, careful not to squish or hurt you but found himself relaxing when you curled up into his side. 

He gently laid his arm over you, letting you curl up into him as he turned off the light and closed his eyes. 


A flash rippled through the room followed by a loud boom. You jumped, scrambling away from Sam and got the sheets twisted around your body. The thunder boomed again, your body scrambling back once more but only to get more tangled before you hit the floor with a thump and dashed away from the torn sheets. 

You escaped through Sam’s open door and hoped that heading towards Dean’s room would be more quiet. 

Dean had been told countless of times that leaving his wires out would cause harm to you. Dean of course never listened since you barely went into his room. 

Another clap broke through, your head bashing off of Dean’s desk and sending you into his wires. You gnawed and whined, panicking even more as you got tangled in the wires. 

You darted out of Dean’s room, ready to run out of the bunker completely even with wires trapping you. 

You jumped at the clap of thunder, something sharp splitting through your side as you backed away and sent the table crashing to the ground. You began to roll around, smashing everything in your path before the whole room was a mess. 

You heard heavy footsteps, backing away into a shadowed corner. 



The two brothers stepped into the room, both with slightly lowered guns as they gave each other a nod. 

‘’Where’s…damn we really need a name’’Dean grunted. ‘’Where is she?’’Dean whispered. Sam shook his head before flipping the switch up. Light burst around the room as they both took in the scene before tucking their guns away when they realised this was you. 

‘’Hey…kid?’’Dean called, stopping as he tried to think of how to address you. ‘’Why did she run out, I thought she was with you?’’Dean muttered as they both started to look through piles of clattered objects. 

‘’She was, the thunder must have scared her’’Sam stated as he moved a piece of broken wood.

Another clap of thunder echoed through out the room, your body jumped and causing a pile of books to fall over you. 

Sam and Dean raced towards you but you darted out, lashing out at Dean. 

‘’Whoa!’’Dean yelped, his eyes wide and shocked. ‘’What was that for?!’’He yelled, never having been worried about you hurting them. 

‘’Dean, she’s hurt’’Sam pointed out, ‘’and she’s trapped and frightened, animals attack when their scared, remember when we first found her? she attacked because she was scared’’

‘’Good point. Now what?’’Dean hissed as they both stayed put. 

‘’We do what we did before’’Sam shrugged. Dean groaned, closing his eyes as he moaned.

‘’Fine, but this time she’s scratching you’’Dean grunted before they silently counted down before both of them leaped towards you.You dodged them arms, crying out when you ran across the room with Sam hot on your tail. Dean went the other way, now out in the hall as you ran as fast as you could but suddenly felt someone grab you and hoist you up. “Okay, easy sweetheart’‘Dean grunted.

You growled and hissed at them, the two of them stronger than you. 

Sam pinned you down as Dean tried to get a look at your wound. 

‘’I can’t look, she won’t stop thrashing’’Dean snapped. 

‘’She’s strong’’Sam growled back as he grunted silently before keeping his head over yours. ‘’Hey, hey… (y/n), look at me’’Sam whispered, your body stopping when you heard him call you by a name. 

‘’(y/n)?’’Dean questioned. Sam blushed before shrugging. ‘’I like it’’Dean chuckled. 

‘’You’re okay, alright. We’ve got you, you’re safe. I know you’re scared and the thunder is scary but you’re gonna be okay. It can’t hurt you’’Sam soothed, slowly loosening his grip.

You calmed down, still shaking from the thunder as Sam sat you up. 

‘’C’mon, let’s get you out of these you messy pup’’He chuckled, starting to untangle you. You mewled slightly, rubbing your head into his palm as he chuckle. ‘’I know you’re sorry’’He smiled, caressing your cheek. ‘’It’s okay, we all get scared sometimes’’.

Dean looked up, his face full of concern as he called Sam. Sam turned around, his smile dropping when he saw Dean’s concerned and panicked face. 

‘’What is it?’’Sam asked.

‘’This doesn’t look good, Sammy’’

Jasper was never going to be won over as easily as Peridot and Lapis. She was never going to stand in the rain as Peridot did, eyes wide and full of wonder, palms stretched up towards the sky, because Jasper fought in her share of rainstorms, heard lighting strike and felt thunder shake down to her core.

She was never going to look at the changing leaves and smile as Lapis did, because she’s seen the seasons come and go five hundred times over. She knows how the trees turn from green to orange to brown to black; a mighty oak reduced to ash. Trees that took a century to grow are destroyed by an hour of combat, not unlike the soldiers from Beta, now shattered across the battlefield.

There are things on this planet worth protecting! Peridot cried, but even if she believed it with every inch of her being, that belief has yet to be tested. That’s not to say that what Peridot did was easy–it took incredible strength for Peridot to defy her Diamond, but right now she’s still a new recruit, a Crystal Gem to who does not yet know what it means to call this planet home and defend it.

But Jasper knows. For five hundred years, she fought to protect her colony from the rebels, the traitors who would see her planet ruined and forgotten, denied its rightful place amongst the stars. She fought so hard for so long, but she lost. She lost. She lost. How could anyone ask her to take up the fight once more, when all she’s ever known is destruction and defeat?

Jasper calls the Earth a “shell of a planet,” and in some ways, she’s right. Beta was once a place teeming with life, the birthplace of a thousand Quartz soldiers, misshapen but alive. Now it stands empty, hollowed out and left behind.

Maybe she assumes most of Earth is the same way–just plains of destruction, with nothing left to fight for. Maybe she hasn’t seen the battlefield overgrown with strawberries; maybe she doesn’t know that what turns black turns green again. The stone may crack, but that’s how the light gets in–that’s how hollyhocks push up through the dirt, persistent and stubborn in their journey towards the sun. They don’t give up. They keep going.

Until one day, the palanquin is swarmed with pink flowers.


Yin and Yang (Pt. 1)

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Warnings: mention of torture (on Stiles)

Word Count: 2620

Notes: I’d like to thank my buddy @finding-beauty-in-my-pain because she’s always listening to my crazy story ideas and in return often gives me the best ideas back. Thank you for all your puns and keeping up with my rambling <3 :D

“A what?!”
Yeah, maybe you had to admit that it wasn’t that big of a surprise that there was yet another supernatural being in Beacon Hills.
Just thinking back to the last year, there had been all kinds of Werewolfs, Banshees, Berserkers, Onis.
Hell, Stiles had even gotten posessed by a demon once!
But as Deaton had just explained to the whole pack, it appeared that apparently witches could now officially be put on that list too.
You could already feel the headache creeping up in the back of your head.
“You are literally telling me that now that that dick of a wannabe werewolf finally got sucked into hell, we have to fight a witch? Are you-”
“Okay, but wait a second,” Stiles interrupted your sentence, “are we talking about sweet disney witch kind of evil or Bellatix Lestrange kind of evil?”
Your best friend hissed playfully at the punch against his shoulder.
The veterinarian narrowed his eyes at Stiles and you, before turning his attention back to Scott.
“Witches don’t necessarily have to be evil. We don’t know much about the one that is hidding in the preserve, but just to be sure that she’s a light witch, we have to talk to her.”
“Am I the only one thinking that this doesn’t sound like the best idea?”
And with one single sentence you had everyone’s attention.
“Whoa, just saying!” You rose both your hands in surrender at their faces, until Stiles decided to speak up in your favour.
“No, I’ve got a bad feeling about this too.”
Your snoorting laugh didn’t go by unnoticed by the pack but your eyes were fixated on the taller boy on your right.
“Really Stiles? You think now is a good time for Star Wars references?”
He placed his hand on his chest where he thought his heart had to be and gave you the most sulky look he could muster, which in the end made him look more like a cute puppy than anything else. “Your teasing hurts me.”
Stiles frowned at your laughter and shoved you gently into Scott.
“I don’t care what kind of drama we are involved in, there’s always time for a Star Wars reference and besides, nobody would have noticed if you hadn’t said anything. You are the only one who gets them anyway, which is a shame, really.”
“Guys!” Lydia scolded the both of you.
Her arms were folded in front of her chest and her furrowed brows made you look down as soon as her stare crossed yours. That women knew how to scare people.
The soft “Sorry,” spoken by Stiles and you in unision, was the last comment either one of you gave that night.

“I can’t believe that I’m actually friends with you!”
You crashed Roscoe’s door close and ran after Stiles, who was already disappearing between some dark trees that led into the woods of Beacon Hills preserve.
“You were the one telling Scott that his plan of talking to the witch was stupid.”
Stiles laughed as he looked over his shoulder and catched you glaring at him.
“And you could have stayed at home. I didn’t force you to come with me.”
“And letting you go check out that Witch’s gingerbread house all by your own - without any supernatural help?! Do you think I’m mad?”
Stiles stopped dead in his tracks and made you crash full force into his back.
“Said human #2”
He turned around and … was he actually smiling down at you?
“Stiles I swear to god, one of those days I’m actually going to kill you. No Werewolf, not Derek. I’m gonna steal Kira’s belt and gonna kill you myself!” trying to clarify your message, you bore your pointing finger right into Stiles’ chest and tried to keep your heartbeat steady, before reminding yourself that there were actually no werewolf around that could catch up on your secret.
“Your glare is getting impressive. Derek would be proud.”
He had deserved that smack against his head, and was it for his smirk only.
You’d tried to keep your eyes narrowed and your expression firm but Stiles reaction didn’t made either one easy.
Stiles expressive face wasn’t new to you, since the both of you had been friends for years, but the pain, shock and just that little bit of offence thrown into the mix of emotions, shown on Stiles’ face in a period of just about 2 seconds, broke that frown right off of your face and made you chuckle instead.
“Ha ha, very funny, (y/n)!”
“Yes, actually. Totally funny. You should’ve seen your face!”
Stiles turned back around and went on walking away from you.
You kept standing on your spot, giggling at your friend, until the loud hoot of an owl startled you into running after Stiles, who was already chuckling at your behaviour.
“Just shut up, Stiles!,” crossing your arms in front of your chest you tried to glare once again at the Stilinski boy, but he was simply pulling you into a side hug while he kept on walking. “Oh come on! You love me!”
No, I’m IN love with you. “You’re an idiot.”

You tried to get some warmth back by rubbing up and down your arms with your cold hands, but they really only reminded you of the gloves, Lydia had given you for your Birthday two weeks ago and that you’d forgotten at home.
The sky looked terryfing, huge storm clouds keeping the stars from shining through. the sound of thunder in the distance often made you look up at the dark sky and not even Stiles flashlight was able to make all the huge trees around you look less creepy.
You had never realized just how scary the preserve could be in the middle of a cold autumm night.
You pulled your phone out of the pocket of your hoodie to check the time.
It was a few minutes after 1 A.M., which meant that you had been following Stiles around the woods for almost two hours now, and besides the permanant goose bomps that were gracing both of your arms, because of your scary surroundings and the cold night air, you slowly grew tired too.
“Stiles, can we please go home now? We can talk to the others tomorrow, tell them that we think talking to the witch is a stupid idea.”
“Come on, 10 more minutes!” He wasn’t even looking at you.
The sound of a cracking branch made you grab Stiles’ arm in fear. Something felt wrong.
He finally turned around and you waited for the grin to appear on Stiles face, because laughing about each other just was your thing, but instead of showing you his stupid dorky smile, he frowned at you instead.
“Whoa, you okay?”
He gently placed his hands on your shoulders and gave you a concerned glance “If you really want to go home, we’ll go back to the jeep. We can find this dumb witch tomorrow.”
You took a last look around the dark woods before looking back into Stiles’ eyes and giving him a nood as an answer.
Something felt wrong and you really could go on with your life, without finding out why.
The taller boy gave you a last reassuring smile, before interwining your hand with his.
Stiles took a first step into the other direction, but something behind your back made him stop in his tracks, his eyes going wide.
Another branch cracked behind you.
Now you were really scared.
You slowly turned around and were greetened by two cat-like, orange glowing witch eyes, fixating the both of you in her wicked stare.
Stiles pushed you behind him.
“This dumb witch could easily turn you into a rat, if she wanted to!” she tried to keep her voice low but her angry undertone sent chills all over your skin.
Before you could say anything, Stiles started yelling at her.
“I hope you know that we have a real alpha as our pack leader! He’s going to go after you as soon as you hurt any one of us. I bet he’s already waiting somewhere to attack.”
Stiles was going to get you killed.
Her screeching voice made the sky erupt into a heavy storm.
Rain started to pour down on you and the loud thunder had you shaking like a leaf. Not even holding onto Stiles hand could calm you now.
Bright flashes of lightning were lighting up the sky and you were finally able to see her whole expression and her body, almost glowing in the scary light of the storm.
Her dark ankle-lenght dress was drenched in water and her hair was sticking out in all directions. You knew she was fuming and her black eyes were furious.
“Who would have thought that witches could be such drama queens.”
Your eyes widened in shock at Stiles words. Was the boy mad?!
Trying to pull Stiles with you and maybe get him to run away, you didn’t notice the wicked grin on the woman’s face. Not until her evil laugh made you look back up again, and you felt like her smile was even worse than her furious eyes.
“You want drama? YOU CAN HAVE IT!”
Closing her dark eyes, she rose her hand towards the sky and new lightning brightened up the trees above you.
“Stiles, please move! We have to run away!,” but it was too late.
With a swift movement of her hand, one of the thunderbolts was rushing down the trees, right into your direction.
You closed your eyes and waited for the strike to come, but before anything could happen to you, Stiles shoved you out of harms way.
Your eyes opened automatically at his touch and you tried to reach out for him but something pinned Stiles against one of the huge trees, only a second before the bright bolt could hit him.
After the ground under your feet had stopped trembling, because of the impact the bolt had had on it, you tried to get back up from the ground, ignoring your now grazed jeans and the cold water splashing into your face and onto your grazed skin, but with another motion of the Witch’s hand, you were lifted into the air.
You tried to get free of her hold, going as far as yelling at the witch to let you go, but none of it was working. She had left you unable to do anything, besides watching her interaction with the boy that meant everything to you.
The drenched boy tried to get free from her magic grip but he was just as powerless against it as you had been and it scared you.
The two of you always kept your stupid adventures to yourself.
Scott didn’t knew that you two had gone out tonight. Nobody did.
You were alone and you had no supernatural or magical powers, like all of your other friends did.
You were just human.
“Oh, you don’t like it when I involve your pretty girlfriend, do you?”
“I’m going to kill you! I swear to god, if you hurt her…”
Of course Stiles was always the first one to risk his own head by talking too much.
“Stiles! I’m fine just don’t make her angry.” turning your head away from your friend and looking at the witch, you tried to ignore Stiles’ dirty glare, that he was giving the other woman. “We never wanted to disturb you or invade your space. Just please, let us go and we’ll leave you alone.”
She just laughed at you and looked back to the boy.
“If I were you, I’d listen to the girl, Stiles. In a situation like this, a big mouth like yours is only going to make things worse, or do you actually want me to get really ugly?.”
“Wow, like even uglier than you already are?”
In any other normal situation, you would have smiled or even laughed at Stiles’ words but right now you had the urge to slap him for his big mouth.
Stiles’ sudden gasp made you look back up in shock.
You looked over to the crazy woman and watched her smirking at you, before your eyes traveled down her outstretched arm.
With every movement of her fingers, Stiles’ face screwed up in more pain until it eventually became too much and he started screaming.
The sound of it alone made you feel sick and you were tearing up immediately. “NO! NO, DON’T HURT HIM. PLEASE!”
Once again you tried to get free from her hold but it had no use. She was too strong and she gave you no other chance, but watch what she was doing to your best friend and it felt like she was torturing you too.
Once the screaming had finally stopped, you closed your eyes. You tried to set your focus on the heavy rain, that was still crashing down on you, while listening to the loud sound of thunder above you, just so that maybe you could keep your tears contained somehow, but Stiles was still panting heavily and pulled your attention straight back to him.
“Y-you know,” he breathed out, “if I had sand up my ass i’d be bitchy too. It’s -it’s not your fault. … get it - sandwitch?”
Something inside of you cracked at that.
“Stiles, shut up! JUST SHUT UP!”
You were scared and angry, but it seemed like not even torture could make Stiles stop joking around! Everything came crushing down on you and new tears came rushing down your face.
“W-why c-can’t you ever separate the jokester asshat from the quiet smart guy who knows when to keep quiet!? You’re going to get yourself killed one day …you’re going to get us both killed, if you don’t stop right now!”
Maniac laughter filled the air and with one simple movement of the black-haired woman’s hand, the rain finally stopped. The dark clouds in the sky above you dissolved into nothing and within seconds, Stiles and the witch dissapeared behind a thick wall of fog.
That’s when the witch finally let go of you.
A hiss escapted your lips, as your ankle hit the root of a tree, after you had landed on the forest ground with a loud thud.
Leaning against a tree, you pulled your legs up against your chest and tried to take a look around, but the fog was too heavy, to see anything.
You couldn’t hear anything anymore either and your now drenched clothing weren’t able to keep any warmth inside.
“Stiles?,” you called out, as you tried to stand back up, but nothing came back.
You finally had to call Scott.
But before you had the chance to even look for your mobile, the fog started to lift and as you took another look around your surroundings, you realized that you were standing alone in the middle of the preserve.
Goose bumps, that had nothing to do with the cold night air blowing against your shivering body, creeped up your skin.
“Stiles? Are you here?!”
Your voice echoed through the seemingly empty forest and with shaking hands you tried to grab your phone out of your back pocket, so that you could finally call Scott, but it slipped right out of your hands.
Two hands were gripping after it, before you had the chance to get your hands on it yourself and a scream of horror went through the woods, as you found two boys, that looked exactly like your best friend, looking shocked back to you.

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Sterek with babies (preferably there's but no mpreg)

Anonymous said: sterek being parents forever pls pls pls like ok how about their kid (girl/boy idc) bringing a date over and the boys freaking out?

Rowan is three and a half years old, a beta werewolf born of an omega who lived far off in grid in the Cascade mountain range nearly on the Canadian border in northern Washington state. She’d been killed by hunters, and Rowan had been found wandering the woods alone. The alpha of the pack who’d found them was an old friend of Talia’s, and when the news of their find came along through the grapevine, Derek and Stiles had spent two days hammering through the pros and cons of adopting a baby “right now, like right now,” Stiles had said fervently.

They’d talked about it before, idly, in bed late at night and once on a walk, after they’d stopped in a park and watched kids play on the jungle gym. They were in agreement; they both wanted kids, a matter of when, not if, but Stiles hadn’t exactly been ready for Derek to slam into the apartment and say “I found us a kid.” He’d had some idle thoughts about a surrogate maybe, so they could have a baby made from some of their own DNA, and they’d talked about adopting, but adopting a werewolf, well - “It might not happen again,” Derek had said, running a hand through his hair. “Packs don’t usually let go of their own.”

Stiles got it then - Derek was a werewolf orphan himself, and he gets it, the healing power of pack. That’s the moment Stiles relents and says, “Go get him, then - what are you waiting for?” and Derek and Scott disappear to drive the ten hours up into Washington, leaving Stiles and the rest of the pack to scramble to put together a room for the baby. Stiles is nearly pulling his hair out by the next day, but everything’s worth it when Derek comes into the apartment with a little boy slung over his shoulder and a grin on his face almost as broad as his smile on their wedding day.

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You hear my voice, you hear that sound
Like thunder, gonna shake the ground
You held me down, but I got up
Get ready cause I’ve had enough
I see it all, I see it now
I got the eye of the tiger, a fighter, dancing through the fire
Cause I am a champion and you’re gonna hear me roar
Louder, louder than a lion
Cause I am a champion and you’re gonna hear me roar.

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the main four's and adult trio's asthetics

this is amazing. <33


- forests. greenery. big, leafy oak trees with little squirrels hanging off the branches. towering pines that smell like tar, sweet and sharp and sticky. tiny, clear streams that branch off into muddy puddles. sleeping under the stars.


- meditation. a quiet evening baking cookies. taking a walk out on the pier, enjoying the sea air. a long car ride listening to soft acoustic music. the bite of metal into your skin when you trip.


- long hours at a chocolate factor. coming home smelling like sugar and caramel. brightly lit rooms. thunderstorms where the rain is coming down in sheets and the thunder is shaking the windows. lightning striking a tree.


- the sharp smell of antiseptic after a long shift. an old book filled with anatomical diagrams. soft cotton t-shirts. dusk on old papers that need filing. a long night at the library. sleep after a stressful day.


- tequila sunrise and cotton candy vodka. blood under your nails after intense sex. stiletto knives and heels. a tired sigh in bed next to you. early morning shower sex. hot, melty cookies right out of the oven. the bite of a belt on skin.


- an old yellowing book illuminated by a fire. a tall glass of red wine, the color of blood. a long night of poker with friends. a walk through a garden. the smell of worn leather in heat. cold metal buckles on warm flesh.


- cold handcuffs. needles breaking into skin. a hot meal after a long day. sore muscles after training. a hot shower to wash off the exhaustion and grime. falling down onto clean sheets at night.

I found this in my unfinished fic folder and decided it was actually finished and that I should post it.  No idea how long ago I wrote it though.  Maybe a year?

The storm just keeps getting worse.

Dean walks through the little house one last time, checking the windows and doors, making sure the lights are all off and that Mary’s toys are all put away.  He straitens some of the drawings on the fridge before heading up the stairs to slide into bed next to Cas, who is reading quietly by the light of the lamp on his nightstand.  When the thunder rolls outside a little louder than it had a few minutes before, they both still and turn towards the door, waiting with bated breath to hear a cry they both worry is coming.

Silence is all they are met with and both men breath a sigh of relief. 

“Maybe she’s growing out of it.”  Cas suggests, closing his book and setting it aside.

Dean shifts in under the blankets, waiting for Cas to slide down with him so he can latch onto him properly.   “Hopefully.  Come on babe, turn the light out.”

Just as he reaches for the lamp, a flash of lightning burns bright and a crack of thunder rattles their entire home.  “Shit.”  Dean even jumps at the suddenness of it.

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Sit with me in the rain, when it’s pouring down and the thunder shakes the earth.
Sing to me in the dark, so everything else fades but your voice and our hearts.
Tell me you know me better than the back of your hand but constantly ask me who I am, for I am never still.
Above all else, notice the power within me and take note of the way the air shifts with my movements.
I am ethereal, but I still need your hand to hold.
—  k.e. ( lonelylittlestargirl )

Calum Imagine: Thunderstorms

Author: Rhine


It was as if the sky had opened up; the rain pouring as if there was a waterfall above the city, pounding onto the pavement outside your house like loud, rushed drumbeats of the sky. 

The thunder rumbled with a deep bass, shaking your bones with every resounding hit, making you jump with every crash that came falling to the ground, somewhere hopefully far away.

You buried your head deeper into Calum’s chest, his steady heartbeat the only rhythm you wanted to hear tonight.

His fingers tracked your lower back, rubbing circles and writing lyrics onto your skin like a silent melody that only the two of you could hear. 

Your feet tangled together underneath the covers, his body radiating warmth and solidity and comfort. You closed your eyes, fingers tapping lightly on his chest. 

When another crash of thunder struck, you jumped slightly, nestling yourself closer to Calum and shuddering despite the warmth of his body and the blankets.

“Shh babe, I’m right here.” He whispers softly, planting a soft kiss on your forehead. You trace the tattoos on his arm to take your mind off the storm, the rain still sounding like tidal waves outside your window.

You had saw the warnings for a severe thunderstorm warning early that day, and you hadn’t left the house since. You usually weren’t one to be afraid about some thunder and lightning, but when the tsunami of rain came crashing down, you started having slight flickers of doubt.

The thunder and lightning came soon after the rain started, and Calum appeared your door like a drenched angel, smiling and saying something along the lines of I couldn’t leave my girl alone, now could I?

The two of you had leftovers from the fridge for dinner, and Calum’s smile was brighter than the lightning that streaked the sky outside, his smile louder than the thunder that crashed to the ground.

The thunder knocked the electricity off an hour into the storm, and it was then did the two of you decide to hole up together on the bed. There was no need for talking; not over the thunder. You just needed Calum’s arms around you, the lightning showing quick flashes of his angular body from time to time.

A soft whine from somewhere near the door caused you and Calum to turn away from each other. You look to see your little dog on your doorway, shaking slightly.

You had almost forgot about him - he’d been sleeping like a rock in his usual corner, oblivious to the world. Clearly, he had been woken up by the storm outside and was looking distressed, tail wagging frantically.

“Come here, boy.” You say to your dog, tapping a spot on the bed next to you. “There’s no need to be scared, pup.”

Your dog hops onto the bed, opting to step over you and curling up on your stomach instead of the spot next to you. You laugh lightly at the little puppy-crater he had made in between you and Calum, completely unaware of Calum’s pout.

“Hey, buddy. That’s my girl you’re trying to steal here.” He says sternly to your dog, though a small smile plays on his lips. 

“Sharing is caring, babe.” You tease, kissing Calum lightly on the lips.

“Not when it’s you, it isn’t.”

Before you can reply, another clash of thunder shakes the ground, deafening and rattling your bones. It sounded as if it was right outside your window, and you can’t help but to shiver slightly.

You hear your dog whimpering quietly, its whole frame shaking violently. You run your fingers through its fur, massaging his shaking body until it calmed down again.

“Poor boy - don’t worry, the thunder won’t hurt you. You’ll be safe here.” You coo softly to your dog. He nuzzles his head against your stomach and closes his eyes, having chosen his next sleeping spot.

“I guess he can stay the night.” Calum smiles down at your dog’s sleeping form, pulling you as close to him as possible with the puppy in between you. “But I’ll have to teach him tomorrow who’s the man of the house.”

You roll your eyes, but you aren’t sure Calum can see in the darkness. 

“Whatever you say, hotshot.”

Calum merely wraps his arms around you again, this time his fingers toying with the ends of your hair. He places another kiss on your forehead, and you can feel his breath on your skin, warming your whole body.

The rain continues to pour outside, sometimes accented by the crashes of thunder, but Calum’s steady breath and his arms around you soon has you drifting off to sleep, knowing that he’ll hold you through the night.


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5SOS Preference #9: Rain/ Thunderstorm (CAKE)

Luke: You bury your face deeper into the sheets as a bolt of lightning illuminates the room. Cowering closer to Luke, you shake against the cool fabric. A burst of thunder echoes down  through the seemingly quiet room. 

Ever since you were a child thunderstorms always frightened you. Your worst memories were of storms. You were never one for loud noises anyways. 

A tear slides silently down the side of your face as you pull the covers over your head. You feel Luke pull you closer to his body, his heat encircling you. His hand delicately lands of the small of your back, rubbing circles into your skin. 

“Shhh, (y/n) it’s okay.” he mumbles into your hair. 

Another crack of thunder rings through the house, the lightning casting shadows that lurk on the walls of your bedroom. The crawl across the walls, obscure figures that hauntingly dance around your room, mocking you as you tremble in the corner. Jumping up from your laying position you tuck you knees underneath you, dragging the covers along over your head. 

Rubbing the sleep out of his eyes Luke sits up to look at you. All you can see is the faint outline of his figure, and his eyes. His eyes now alert and worried, glow in the dark as he tries to comfort you. 

“I promise it will be okay.” His thumbs grazing the soaked  skin under your eyes. 

He gently lays you back down against the ruffled sheets and tucks you under his strong arm. His voice sings a soft melody, one he always sings to you when you can’t sleep. Soon the only thing you can concentrate on is his voice, his hot breath tickling your neck. 

“I promise.” he whispers ever so softly. 

Calum: You and Calum were driving down the road as heavy rain drops ping on the windshield. You watch two droplets race down the window, you were rooting for the one on the right. 

“(y/n) what are you doing?” calum looks over at you for a moment. 

“I’m watching these raindrops race down the window. Looks like the right one is winning but it’s a close tie.” You laugh and point to the raindrops. 

You peer back at Calum whose face is one of awe and bewilderment, filled with love. He would never tell you this but he loved how care free you are, how you love to live in the moment and find the most simple things the most amusing. 

“That’s a new one babe." 

One of his hands leave the leather wheel and finds its way to your hand. The sweet touch will always send a chill up your spine, his fingers interlocking with yours. 

*****I am really sorry for only writing the cake part, if you guys want you can ask for mashton and I will gladly write it!

Nick vs. The Fake Relationship (Epilogue)

Fandom: Zootopia
Pairing: Nick Wilde, Judy Hopps
Rating: T
WC: 2158
Summary: In which Nick and Judy prepare to say goodbye. A Zootopian Spies (CHUCK) Au.


[A/N]: This has been quite the ride! And it’s come to an end…for now. Just as a note, in this au, I imagine the world still looks the same geographically, and the continents and countries are still the same, they just are filled with animals and animal-pun cities.

Nick had never worn a tuxedo before. A suit and tie, yes, but a full on tux? Never. Not that he minded, per say. He actually looked pretty good, as he’d admitted to his reflection upon trying it on. Classy, real spy-like. Except for the bowtie. He’d kept loosening and tightening the stupid thing to a level that was just between casual and unkempt.

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