shake and obama

story time: presidential edition
  • so you know how everyone has a story
  • you know
  • like the story
  • like if you’re at a party and someone turns to you and says, tell the story
  • and you know exactly what they mean
  • the story
  • well 
  • i have a story
  • and not unlike most good stories, it involves three key components:
  • barack obama
  • pre-2008 reebok sneakers 
  • and the absolute earth-shattering horror you can only feel after making the worst mistake of your life

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Hey Guys

I might start a GCSE journal, meaning that this post in particular will be reblogged every time I have finished an exam talking about my feelings and opinions on that particular examination. It’s gonna be a long chain, just a heads up. 

I’ve already had my art exam on both May 9th and 10th, and it was a breeze :) I did something political (of course) and applied a Vanitas twist - you know that photo of Trump and Obama shaking hands that went viral? In relative terms, I painted that and tried to make it all dark and renaissance-y by adding uniquely incorporated Vanitas objects into the picture such as bubbles, (symbolizes the brevity and fragility of life, or in this case, a presidency) a sand timer, (the passing of time) shells, (wealth) and an ivy vine (rebirth.) 

May the journal begin!

“I had seen many wounded warriors injured in Iraq or Afghanistan during my many visits with the President. Some had suffered severe head or eye injuries. Others had lost an arm or leg. But I had never photographed any of these patients before their injuries. That changed with Cory.” —White House Photographer Pete Souza. The first time Pete took a photo of Army Ranger Cory Remsburg, he captured Cory shaking hands with President Obama in Normandy to celebrate the 65th anniversary of D-Day in 2009.


President Obama Sings Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off”


Barack Obama sings Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake It Off’


Barack Obama Singing “Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift