Imagine your OTP

Person c: “hey person a! The floor is person b!”

Person a: *backflips into a bellyflop position and hits the ground hard*

Person a: *is now writhing in pain*

Person b: *is concerned*

Person a: *crying* “I love you babe”

Wrex: So do you and the turian have pet names for each other or what

Shepard: What? No, of course not, we’re completely professional

Wrex: interesting

Wrex: so remind me Shepard, what do those weird insect things called bees make?

Shepard: uh, honey?

Garrus: *pops out of nowhere* Yes sweetie, love of my life?




Wrex: don’t ever lie to my face again


Klance version

good: garrus trusts shepard so much that he didn’t even question it when she showed up in the middle of a firefight despite being dead and just handed her his rifle because as long as she was there he knew everything would be okay
better: when garrus saw shepard, he thought he had died, but he was okay with that because if the afterlife had shepard in it how bad could it possibly be?