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Chitauri African Zulu Aliens

African Zulu Shaman Credo Mutwa describes a race of Aliens known as the Chitauri that look like Darth Maul from Star Wars.


Shaka Zulu vs Julius Caesar. Epic Rap Battles of History

Shaka Zulu 

The estimated year of Shaka’s birth was 1785. He was born to Nandi, daughter of a previous chief of the eLangeni tribe. His father, Senzangakona was the chief of the then small Zulu tribe. The marriage of his parents, after his conception, did not last, and although Nandi returned to her tribe, she was made to feel unwelcome. She returned to the Zulus, who tolerated her, but was nevertheless not treated well. Shaka was teased and ridiculed and made to feel like an outsider.

He understandably grew up to be bitter and angry, hating his tormentors and listening carefully to his mother’s tales about his royal blood on both sides. He was a young man in his early twenties when he became a warrior for the Mtetwa tribe, fighting for his people and for six years he proved to be an outstanding soldier. He firmly believed in being the conqueror, never the conquered and would hate it when another, weaker tribe surrendered before war could take place. He created a dangerous weapon called the iKlwa.

Dingiswayo, the chief of the Mtetwas saw Shaka’s potential and decided to train him as a future chief of the Zulus, a tribe that the Mtetwas had conquered during Shaka’s first battle. Dingiswayo reasoned that Shaka and the Zulus would act as a buffer against invading forces. Shaka rose through the ranks of the Mtetwa army and soon became the leader. He carefully and meticulously planned and formatted brilliant battle strategies and altered, where needed, the weapons used during battle. When the Zulu chief, Senzangakona died, Shaka became the new chief.

The era of Shaka, Zulu king had started. Shaka started to build up a mighty army of Zulu warriors. He demanded total loyalty and obedience. Death was the reward for those who hesitated in carrying out his commands. He drilled his warriors, fine-tuning them into a slick warring machine. He devised new, unheard of till then, battle tactics. He built up divisions within his army - certain divisions concentrated on making weapons. He was one of the warriors, living as they did without the trappings that he was entitled to as a chief. Shaka, king of the Zulus and his warriors, called “impis” were invincible. He believed in total annihilation and only spared those tribes and people who had shown kindness to Nandi, his mother and the young Shaka.

He never married but had over 1200 concubines. In 1817 Shaka and Dingiswayo decided to move in the Southeast of Africa. Dingiswayo died and the different tribes warred against each other to dominate the Mtetwa Empire. Shaka Zulu won the battles and was king of all the territories in Natal and Southeast Africa in 1820.

The white man arrived in Natal in 1824 and immediately sought out Shaka who held them in high regard - they had treated him medically after an enemy had stabbed him. To show his gratitude he signed over land for next to nothing - the Europeans had tricked him, although he was unaware of it. They helped him conquer other parts of South Africa.

It was during a hunt with the white man that he received a message that Nandi, his mother, was dying. Shaka was demented with grief and ordered a few thousand people executed in memory of his mother. Somehow 7000 people were slaughtered. He furthermore, demanded that his tribe go on a fast to commemorate Nandi and only after three months, when many were near to death, did he lift the fast.

Madness seemed to take hold of Shaka and his impis started to lose ground. On 22 September 1828 Shaka, king of the Zulus was murdered by two half brothers on his father side. The one half brother was Dingaan who immediately claimed kingship.

Shaka the Zulu king had a mystic about him that still lives on today. His brilliant battle tactics were revolutionary for those days and his thirst for revenge frightening. He is one of the most famous South Africans ever to have lived.

i-do-as-i-want  asked:

I like doomfist as a villain (I also see the problem with him being the bad guy. The same way i see how they used stereotypical dj black boy to be a hero.) But i think I would have a bigger problem if he was depicted as he is now. Like if he was just some black ignorant dude, saggyin his pants and speaking kanye west lyrics. I would have had to send jeff a fucking email like- brah one fucking job tho? Like doomfist gives off villain from black panther vibes. But i also wanted a black!fem!healer

(I’m gonna do this as an open response for now, also my message are always open if you want a private response)

I’m not sure if you read my letter to Jeff Kaplan and then his response (if not, I link you to it), but I expressed my concerns about there not being enough black women (in general) in video games and he seemed receptive to it. I also made it clear that Orisa is NOT a black HUMAN woman so she doesn’t count. I think we’ll get a black female playable character down the line but as usual, us black women are always farther down the checklist (I aim to change that when I get into the game industry).

As for Doomfist he definitely doesn’t give off the scary black mindless thug that we usually get in media and not too much of an African drug lord (covered in conflict diamonds) either. I showed a picture to my mom (whose in the tv industry) and by looking at his clothing (aka the cloth belt and the billowy pants) she thought he could be a monk. Which definitely fits since he’s a martial artist and lots of people have been noticing that his quotes are very similar to Zenyatta’s. In my mind, Doomfist is very much a philosopher, warrior, and leader in the same vein of Sun Tzu, Shaka Zulu, and Napolean.

And it’s not like Black monks are uncommon:

We’re just not used to seeing them. Unfortunately, because a majority of the world’s media is influenced by white supremacy, seeing pictures like those above and characters like Doomfist challenge the idea that Black people cannot be philosophical or disciplined, and if they are a villain, their morals cannot be ambiguous or similar to the heroes or intelligent. 

Also, Doomfist is a pretty TOP TIER villain, we’ve known about Doomfist since the FIRST trailer of overwatch. And the hype of Doomfist was created by the COMMUNITY, not Blizzard, unlike Sombra. So I think the idea what Blizzard was thinking of when they made Doomfist is summed up in the quote: “ A Hero is only as great as his villain…”  And if that’s the case, the heroes need to step their f**king game up.

Assegais, from South Africa. The assegai was a longer spear, 6 to 8 feet long, until Shaka Zulu. He equipped his men with shorter spears, small enough to wield easily with a shield in a melee. More importantly, this new length placed the “sweet spot” of a swing right at the iron head, allowing a powerful slash instead of the previous smashing attack.

Review: Shaka Zulu, Camden

Its not only because its a 750 seater restaurant why you can get lost in the fairytale world the venue entices all of your senses from the moment you walk down the stairs, the 1st thing I remember is the inviting smells coming from the open flame kitchen and the sounds of the African beats being played then I was blown away with the sights.

Never judge a book by its cover from the outside it looks like an average Joe Camden restaurant trying to be a little cool. On the inside it is more than a little cool.

London is blessed with the largest south African restaurant which opened its doors to Camden stables in 2010. The design of the venue is blessed by the Zulu King him self Goodwill Zwelithini an his imprints can be found on every wall ceiling and floor with the 30ft high status of his warriors. 

It is difficult to imagine how amazing this place is, it is more like a museum rather than a restaurant, the food was just as impressive as the surroundings I would recommend the Prawns which where the biggest King Prawns I have ever seen cooked to absolute perfection however, didn’t really enjoy the ostrich. Maybe I am not as open minded as I thought… it reminded me of Reindeer which I also hate :s but the Pork and Ham Sosaties with apricot and sherry were very satisfying. 

As well as the food and the surrounding you can also enjoy the cocktails which are served in the upstairs bar and late night entertainment in the Kings club.

A great night. Plus I found my warrior king :)

With thanks to Shaka Zulu Lounge and Restaurant