shaka with aloha

                 Through Heaven’s Eyes Lyrics ~ Brian Stokes Mitchell 

There were things that Jayden never understood about her. How she could be so happy and carefree about everything. One minute skipping barefoot down the street and the next handing someone down on their luck the coat off her back. 

How could she leave her door open when there was warnings to be on the lookout for this murderer. How she could smile despite the sadness hidden in her very soul. There was so little that she had, but she gave it to those who had nothing. How with one look she could stop the very loss of life. What it meant to have none of the hatred and petty natures of man.

She danced with the ancestors that came before and those who had even yet to be. An eternal fountain of youth and love. 

So how could she remain that way through death? Through the darkness that she fled from. The very sea longed to take her back and yet she remained trapped on the land. She spoke so many languages and most of them were through sheer touch. 

Jayden envied her down to her very core. She wanted to know the secret. Just so she could see the world through the heaven light of Beth’s eyes. 

You know you’re in Hawai'i, when you let a car cut in front of you and they roll down their window even with the pouring rain to throw a shaka at you. Aloha is a lifestyle.