shaina posted the full blog post on the set we did for SKORCH today! 

you can see the whole thing at ( as well as check out more of her amazing work and follow her tumblr at (

i really loved everything she took and posted, but these are two of my favorites. she makes me feel and look like a luxurious queen. i feel great in this body of mine and no one can take that away from me.

okay, so…YAY! @skorchmagazine put li'l ol’ me on page 13 of their Royal Issue to talk about body positivity and why i #honormycurves. take a peek at to read the issue and give such an important publication some love! thanks so much to @honorcurves for asking me to be a part of it and thanks so much to @shainasheaffphoto for capturing what i didn’t know was there. i’m beside myself with excitement. :)

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about to see fantastic mr. fox on the square with friends! we have wine, chocolate popcorn, curry chicken salad on croissants, gummy candy, and lots of love here. stoked! denton, you rule! @shainasheaffphoto @jayhumez @nikkilair @sarabutton @razzmatazzjaz @dagrizzlyman @alicia_tschoepe (at Denton Square)

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