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it’s so good i cry

But it really is! I wish more people would appreciate it. It’s like the coolest show. I mean… They’re fcking singing and dancing cats. What’s not to love???

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I don’t see how.

1. First, I meant the photoset. As it was pointed out, Mercedes was saying how it has to do with NO ONE telling Rachel ‘no’ when it came to her talent. How many solos did Rachel lose? Or say that she wasn’t vocally talented enough to carry the song? Or a competition? Hell, they BOTH auditioned for Maria and instead of giving Mercedes what she EARNED, it was treated like she should share with Rachel when we ALL know that if the other shoe was on the foot and Rachel outright won? Mercedes would have been told to flat out suck it up and move on. And you saw the photoset, that’s just ONE of the many instances in which Mercedes talents were regressed in favor of Rachel.

2. As for your Read More, I wasn’t pitting either against each other. I know how fucking horrible society is with putting women against each other. Especially as a black women since Rihanna and Beyonce can’t exist together. Tyra and Naomi was pit against each other. Halle is above all other black women because she won an Oscar. But white women are no different since Madonna and Cher can’t exist together. Christina and Britney were pit against each other. Even Miley vs Demi. Etc. Etc. Etc. I wanted the post on my blog. For my own piece of mind.

Now, anything else you have to say?