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The Truth’s Never Been this Hard

Request: Please could you write a Four/Tobias x reader where (Y/n) is best friends with Tris and is in love with Four, but refuses to admit that due to her friendship with Tris. When Four requests the three of them be put on trial in Candor using a truth serum, (Y/N) is nervous, but believes nothing about her feelings will come up, but they do.

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Word Count: 1342

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Everything was so complicated.

Tobias was in love with Tris.

Tris was in love with Tobias.

Not that hard right?

At least not until someone realizes that you, Tris’ best friend, was also in love with Tobias.

Then things got wonky.

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I can’t stop laughing at his reaction to the Four barbie doll. Cutest thing ever!

TFIOS Movie Review

Before I say what I thought of the movie, i’d like to first say that i’m unsure if I can fairly judge it. Just like every movie based off of a book, there are a lot of differences between the novel and the film. As someone who has read the book, can I give an fair judgement of the movie when in the back of my mind all I can think about is what never happened and what could have been? 

For example, in the movie, Gus’s ex-girlfriend Caroline, is never in the film. There is never a moment when Hazel realizes that he went through massive amounts of emotional pain over his last girlfriend and that she doesnt want him to go through that again, it is just perceived as, she is going to die and that she feels bad for him. To me, thats a huge loss in character development and doesnt really give us insight on why Hazel is so torn up about being with Gus. Yet to the viewer who has never read the book, that may have not made their viewing experience any different. How do I know if the movie was good when at parts I felt robbed of certain information and others may not have? 

The movie never shows Augustus in his period of extreme illness, it cuts from him vomiting in the car and being taken away by the ambulance to her laying in bed grieving over his death. An important part of the book if you ask me, it showed that even at his worst she still loved him and also, in the movie you never really got a sense of his suffering, at least I didnt. 

They skipped the part where they go to pick up Augustus from his house on the way to the airport and you hear him fighting with his parents, he actually just shows up at her house and picks her up in a limo which bugged me, you never got to wonder what all that yelling was about. 

The biggest flaw in the movie was the ending, there was no chase for the letter (the eulogy Augustus wrote for Hazel). Van Houten literally just hands it to Hazel in the car after the funeral as if he just stopped by to deliver it and she never knew it was/had been written. She never went hunting for it, there was no suspense, you never really got the sense of her wanting that one last piece of Augustus to hold on to like you did in the book, it was just viewed as something that appeared on her lap. 

There are a few more differences but you’ll see when you watch it.

I’m saying a lot of negative stuff here and I dont want you to think I didnt enjoy it because I did. I even teared up a few times, this one time my friend thought I was crying bUT MY EYE WAS ACTUALLY ITCHY!

The acting was actually very good in my opinion and I was afraid I wouldn’t be invested in Hazel’s character. Do you ever watch a show, lets use The Office for example, and see a character like Dwight, in another film and the whole time you cant stop thinking “Thats Dwight”. I thought I would have that same issue with Tris from Divergent, but Shailene Woodly did great, really sold me as Hazel and Ansel Elgort did a great job as Augustus. Also the actors who played Isaac and the parents were really well casted. A lot of people thought Ansel didnt look like Augustus Waters but idk I thought he was perfect for the part. 

The movie did do a great job of giving off the same emotion you got from reading the book and I think thats the most important part of turning a book into a movie and thats why I ended up really enjoying it. 

As a viewer whos read the book, i’d say, though I was disappointed in a few difference between the book and the movie, it was still a great film. Go watch it and dont be too much of a hater.  

Good job John Green


Okay, I don’t know if anyone has talked about this yet but we NEED to discuss how perfect the acting is in this small clip. I LOVE this clip because Theo and Shai portrayed Tobias and Tris so perfectly. 

TOBIAS: I have always said that Theo has the “don’t mess with me” look, like how I imagined Tobias would look like. In this clip, he seems to be opening up a little bit. The tough look is fading. He looks so impressed of Tris. And interested. He is showing vulnerability. He looks memorized. Theo is able to capture Tobias, the tough side and the vulnerable side. It’s just so perfect. You see that in this scene this is where the story starts for them. or at least the attraction level did ;)

TRIS: Tris is filled with adrenaline after jumping off the building. She is so excited. And then a fine specimen to the human species pulls her out of the net. So, obviously, like many of us we would be a little like “omg hot guy alert what do i say do speak”. We have to remember that Tris has never really been attracted to anyone before. So to me, she is a little shocked by the feeling at least in this clip. That’s why i love how shai portrayed tris here. tris didn’t know how to react at first.

sorry i got paragraphy on you guys but i really love how they portrayed the characters here. theo and shai, thank you!