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Oh my goodness can I just say you ARE the root cause of my unhealthy empathy for Loki xD like I would've felt bad for him regardless, but you made me LOVE him and Tom Hiddleston. He should pay you a personal visit to repay you for the free publicity ;D <3

hahahha aw Shaila I love ya! I’m glad you like him, I really sympathize with Loki. Even though I don’t agree with the things he does I understand why he became the way he is. I just want to give him a hug, especially in the movie Thor he just really needs a nice proper hug. :3

 shailasays said: I went in late June/Early July…obviously I’m partial to the fireworks display if you’re planning on going anytime near the 4th of July. It’s just beautiful and it’s really not that hot comparatively. Have fun!! I’m jealouuuuuss

Thanks for the tip girl. I was actually not going to go, but me and Andrew are pitching in money and we have enough now. =] I’m super excited.