Shy has left us.

Last Friday evening, Shaila collapsed and we took her to the vet.  We thought it was a minor seizure (she got up almost right away), but she had a second attack after reaching the vet.  It turns out that she had an enormous amount of fluid around her heart, probably due to a cancerous tumor.  Although the vet was able to drain it to make her more comfortable, there wasn’t anything else they could do.  So, we made the hard choice to let her go.  She had just turned 14 that Tuesday.

Merlin, of course, is confused and doesn’t understand where his big sister is.  He’s still his basically cheerful self, but he’s a little depressed.  He does look for her from time to time, which breaks our hearts.  There is, however, a silver lining.

Another five month old husky puppy practically fell into our laps on Saturday, just the day after we lost Shy.  No one can replace Shy, of course, but there’s always room in our hearts to love another dog, so this Saturday we’re going to go meet Queen.  She’s Merlin’s age, and she’s in a no kill shelter about an hour away from us.  Assuming she and Merlin hit it off, we’ll bring her home and Merlin will have a new sister to play with.

We’ll end up renaming the blog, probably, but we’re not sure what yet.  (Suggestions are definitely welcome).


Somos dos sentidos para una palabra, un RE y un LA menor, las dos melodias para una canción, en la armonia de una voz que grita y vuelve a gritar para recordarnos porque somos vos y yo mitades del mismo pentagrama. Porque creeme que vos sos, el fin y el principio de lo que soy, yo soy con el somos y ya quiero verte para escuchartelo a vos. Y aca parado en mi rincón, te digo que te extraño y extiendo mi mano mas.. para alcanzarte y ver si soy, la parte que te falta, porque vos a mi.. me faltas. Somos el aceite mezclado con agua pero nos resulto, somos tan distintos pero somos dos, porque sin vos no se ser yo, con vos aprendi a encontrarme y a soportar el dolor que me toco, cuando esta vida me pateo. Y te repito que vos sos el fin y el fin y el principio de lo que soy, yo soy con el somos y ya quiero verte para escuchartelo a vos. Y aca parado en mi rincón, te digo que te extraño y extiendo mi mano mas.. para alcanzarte y ver si soy, la parte que te falta, porque vos a mi.. me faltas. 

We had to put Shaila down tonight.  She collapsed at about 5:45 pm, and when we took her to the vet, she had another but worse incident.  It turns out that she had some sort of cancer around her heart, and her heart was surrounded by fluid.  They drained it to make her more comfortable, but there wasn’t really anything that could be done.  Merlin doesn’t quite understand what’s happened, and…well, we’re wrecked.  Not much to say other than that.

I already miss her so much, but she’s with Barstow now.  We just never imagined that we’d lose them only 4 months apart.

I commissioned this absolutely incredible portrait of Katsa from @crys-sketchblog and she completely knocked it out of the park. I’m honestly floored–this is not only gorgeous, but she really captured how I picture Katsa to look. I love her so much. 

(This is actually the second Katsa piece I’ve commissioned from Shaila and the last, which was commissioned for various RP purposes, was just as fabulous. <3 So a big thank you to her!)

The signs based off people I know

Aries: Pretends to have chill, but in reality has none. Always down to start a conflict. Opinionated but not bossy. Can be overbearing

Taurus: Always tired. Always snacking. Needs future heavily secure to feel at ease. Wants to take life by the horns.

 Gemini: Often problematic. Outgoing and not afraid to share beliefs. Energetic and often lead interesting or depressing lives or pasts.

 Cancer: Sensitive to no end. Mood swings you could jump and do flips off of. Very considerate and sweet, but you may need to walk on eggshells with them

Leo: Tries so hard to keep a cool and an image. Takes pride in their lifestyle. Can be flighty. Will die if they zero control in a situation. Watch out.

 Virgo: Puts aesthetic before anything. Can’t help but over analyze to the point where the glass is nowhere near just having water in it. Keeps chillness a priority and wants support lowkey.

 Libra: Zero chill. A tad obnoxious and very set in their ways. Often sexual af, but not always. Feelings need to be validated or the world id over.

 Scorpio: Don’t know any

 Sagittarius: The oddball. Never quite fits into the squad. Likely to have an emo phase. Can be quiet but still very opinionated. A good friend to have.

 Capricorn: Refuses to show emotion. Is constantly worried about school and money. Struggles to find meaning in life. Cold at first, but will warm up to a select few.

 Aquarius: Obnoxious and vain to an extent. Feels the need to be in the spotlight. Takes charge unnecessarily. Likes to pretend to have a concrete future. Struggles in relationships.

Pisces: nah


Dear Women in Science… 

What advice to you give other women in science? Haley got the chance to visit the California Academy of Sciences for the #SciWomen16 Summit. Here is what the women there had to say.

Here are the women in order of appearance:
Haley Chamberlain Nelson
Emily Graslie
Perrin Ireland
Meg Lowman
Ann Russel
Heather Tallis
Sylvia Earle
Michelle Trautwein
Megan Wilkinson
Misha Leong
Kathy Sullivan
Carla Sette
Liz Taylor
Shannon Bennet
Anika Kapan
Annika Min
Shaila Kotadia
Justine Hausheer
Joan Roughgarden
Rita Mehta
Karina Chavarria
Madeline Foster-Martinez
Andrew Collins
Tracy Gatumu
Jane Goodall

By: Untamed Science.