Es América Latina, la región de las venas abiertas. Desde el descubrimiento hasta nuestros días, todo se ha trasmutado siempre en capital europeo o, más tarde, norteamericano, y como tal se ha acumulado y se acumula en los lejanos centros de poder. Todo: la tierra, sus frutos y sus profundidades ricas en minerales, los hombres y su capacidad de trabajo y de consumo, los recursos naturales y los recursos humanos. El modo de producción y la estructura de clases de cada lugar han sido sucesivamente determinados, desde fuera, por su incorporación al engranaje universal del capitalismo.

Eduardo Galeano, Las Venas Abiertas de América Latina.

Mirame sin contarme lo que ves
Sin preguntar si estas o estoy ahi
The signs based off people I know

Aries: Pretends to have chill, but in reality has none. Always down to start a conflict. Opinionated but not bossy. Can be overbearing

Taurus: Always tired. Always snacking. Needs future heavily secure to feel at ease. Wants to take life by the horns.

 Gemini: Often problematic. Outgoing and not afraid to share beliefs. Energetic and often lead interesting or depressing lives or pasts.

 Cancer: Sensitive to no end. Mood swings you could jump and do flips off of. Very considerate and sweet, but you may need to walk on eggshells with them

Leo: Tries so hard to keep a cool and an image. Takes pride in their lifestyle. Can be flighty. Will die if they zero control in a situation. Watch out.

 Virgo: Puts aesthetic before anything. Can’t help but over analyze to the point where the glass is nowhere near just having water in it. Keeps chillness a priority and wants support lowkey.

 Libra: Zero chill. A tad obnoxious and very set in their ways. Often sexual af, but not always. Feelings need to be validated or the world id over.

 Scorpio: Don’t know any

 Sagittarius: The oddball. Never quite fits into the squad. Likely to have an emo phase. Can be quiet but still very opinionated. A good friend to have.

 Capricorn: Refuses to show emotion. Is constantly worried about school and money. Struggles to find meaning in life. Cold at first, but will warm up to a select few.

 Aquarius: Obnoxious and vain to an extent. Feels the need to be in the spotlight. Takes charge unnecessarily. Likes to pretend to have a concrete future. Struggles in relationships.

Pisces: nah