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Have any of my exes told me that they regret breaking up. Umm…well, I’m not sure whether this counts or not, but the guy I had the biggest crush on and thought I was going to marry from the time I was 14 till the time I was 18 was also my best friend. He knew I wanted to date but we never did. He said he needed me more as a best friend than as a girlfriend. 

BUT, he’d also implied on a number of occasions that he thought we’d end up getting married some day. Little things like saying he wanted to get married on my birthday (not necessarily to me but just in general…but why would you say something like that? And there was a LOOK. I mean, I’m talking a Bellamy Blake type of LOOK). Also, his last name was the same as my mom’s maiden name and when my grandparents commented on it (yes, he met them. Like I said, we were best friends), he was VERY quick to say that we weren’t related in any way. We also had the same goals and aspirations, at least for the most part. And he was very quick to point out that we wanted to do the same things with our lives.

Anyway, his parents divorced, he spiraled out of control, pulled away, did some really stupid stuff, and basically stopped being friends with me. We reconnected several times after that but for the longest time, he was still a mess. When he finally wasn’t a mess, I was already married. 

HOWEVER, he did tell me that he wished he could go back and do it all again, make different choices, and that one of those choices would have been to not have pushed me away. And when he said it, it very much sounded as if he were implying that he was talking about the always unspoken assumption that we would end up being a couple and married to each other “some day.”