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How do you pronounce your URL?

Hi there, anon! My URL is actually a combination of two words - Jenn and Shaiel. I’m sure you have no problems with the Jenn part, the Shaiel is pronounced like sha-yell or shy-ell (sorry, I’m terrible with all those long-letter, short-letter, whatever pronunciation marks and they both come out sounding the same anyway… at least in my head)

Also, it’s a combination of two other words. In my favorite book series (The Wheel of Time by Robert “wtf-did-you-die-before-finishing-it” Jordan), the Jenn Aiel were a dessert race of overly peaceful people who failed in their service to the Aes Sedai (it’s a long series spanning 14 books so I won’t go into details) and I just liked the name. 
The Shaiel part was from my childhood “imaginary” friend (even my family was wondering if she really was imaginary… another long story). Her name was Shezaiel.

So… put two long stories together, blend, and there you have it. My URL. JennShaiel.

Ok, enough with me boring you. Enjoy the rest of your dash! And always reblog Mamo!!


makeup commision Volks Ruby by Shaiel

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I love all the people that make mori inspired dolls. Denali Wind, Shaiel, soenatte, namiren and hallowhawlk... you have been great inspirations to me and even though you don't know me I partly owe owning my three dolls to you. Maybe someday I'll feel brave enough to share my own and talk to you directly, but until then I'll watch you and everyone else from afar.

soenatte namiren namirenn 

Es increíble lo que puede hacer un hombre enamorado, pero más increíble es lo que puede hacer él que finge estarlo para conseguir algo.
—  Pensamientos en Vía Láctea, Melanie Shaiel.

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Shaiel, Huozai, and Fandango.


- Manages the Ice dragons in my clan. 

- Strongest Ice dragon in the clan (Occassionally vel beats her but he’s still has training to do)

- She was originally a guardian and changed herself into a snapper because she liked the shape and found the idea of having to deal with a charge bothersome. 

- Rumor has it she once temporarily froze Madecassi (a fire dragon) solid when the latter told her she had poor taste in apparel. (Madecassi sneezed for days afterwards)

- She can control the temperature in the air around her and usually those who prefer cooler temperatures sit near her. 

- She’s usually goes over the clan records for inconsistencies comparing the written records with what she had seen that day.

- She is a very good secret keeper. 

- She has a small collection of old books about the history of the Southern Icefields


- An active member of the Scientist guild, She believes that every invention can be fancied up a little. 

- She is no longer allowed to work with Maintenance.

- She is best friends with Fysia (or at least from her side of the matter)

- She and Megana take occasional side trips to the Shifting Expanse to fly in the thunderstorms.

- She is one of the most creative minds in the Scientist Guild (even if they have to usually cut down on the extra bits she likes to add to her designs)

- She loves singing but she can’t hold a note. Her singing is usually accompanied by groans from the other dragons 

- She was once a mirror but changed herself into a wildclaw to give herself a bit more dexterity. (doesn’t stop her from being hungry all the time)


- One of lord Bismol’s sons

- Older brother of Temero. 

- Head of the trainer’s guild. 

- Has extremely high standards when it comes to those who get private lessons from him. 

- He personally thinks that his pink colors fit him very well. (After all it’s not his fault if some fool underestimates him because of his colors.)

- He has shown a lighter side to the other military guild leaders but his students are terrified of him and for good reason. He’s sent countless numbers of them to the healers after a day of ‘light’ training.

- Hasn’t been back to the Scarred Wasteland since he left as a fledgling.


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