shahrazad al rahman



DAY 17; Your OTP/Favourite Pairing → Esther Blanchett & Shahrazad Al-Rahman

I don’t think this needs much justification. Esther and Shara are honestly perfect. They cared so much about each other and each other’s happiness in such a short time to the degree Esther would have sacrificed everything to run away with Shara. (Wish that would have happened instead).

No other relationship in the series can even compare to these two, I loved them since the first time I saw them together and I still cry at the end of their relationship. They felt so human and they clicked so well and I honestly can’t properly express all the feelings I have about them.

Cast: Negan, Saviors, Cannibals, Razia (Images of Shahrazad al-Rahman from Trinity Blood are used)

Genre: Horror, Action, Comedy, Romance

Summary: After Negan abandoned the last two women who got infected by walkers, he continues his solo journey. Unfortunately, he has a terrible sense of direction and winds up lost and surrounded by walkers. But is that all that’s there? He may have a very hungry and angry vampire to worry about as well.

Quote: “Mark me down as scared and horny.”

**Takes Place During Here’s Negan**

Chapters: 1