shahir zag

Can you define inspiration?

The world is so interesting. I mean it’s so fucking supremely interesting.

Our own bodies, other people’s bodies, the streets with their clutter of
civilization, words, people’s shoes, animals and their direct approach to
life, books, music, art, science, movies, food, architecture and on and on.
Really, only the truly lazy are at liberty to be bored. The rest of us have
no choice  but to gawk with curiosity at an endless stream of this or that.
And that’s probably why you’re on tumblr.

Of course, it’s not always easy. We’re trained to think in patterns; to club
things together. So eventually we stop noticing things. When we’re out
on the street we see traffic, stores, people and garbage. Instead of yellow
Corvette, neon typography, shiny shoes or a discarded chair.

We also tend to label things as having been experienced. This destroys
inspiration. Just because you’ve listened to a song doesn’t mean you can’t
hear it for the first time again. You can have first experiences over and
over again. You just have work harder to untrain your brain.

That’s what inspiration is to me. To find the maximum number of things
in this world interesting and to try to experience events as if I haven’t
already. This makes me interesting. And everything I do interesting.