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Singing in the Shah Mosque in Isfahan, Iran

The acoustics  in the 400 year old mosque are amazing & notes hang in the air with crystal clarity. The singer is a student from northern Iran visiting Isfahan & had always wanted to sing in the mosque because of its unique acoustic resonance qualities. You have to stand on the tiled square for perfect effect.

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I have only seen the Broadway version of the phantom and I haven't read the book yet. could you explain who dargoa and the Persian are or


  • The Persian is a major character in the book. He basically tells you Erik’s history. Erik refers him as the ‘Daroga’ (which means police-chief in Persian). He also tell you the end of the novel and what happened.
  • He was a police-chief in the court of the Shah when Erik was in Persia. He called these years ‘The rosy hours of Mazenderan’ and I imagine he was great friends with Erik. hehehe or more if you catch my drift ok ill shut up
  • He has a servant called Darius. We love Darius.
  • Daroga is really fond of Erik, so fond, when the Shah ordered to execute Erik, he helped Erik escape. But the news spread about their escape, and the Shah-in-Shah punished the Daroga. 
  • Daroga later travels to Paris to find Erik, which he did. He would walk 500 miles, and he’ll walk 500 more, just to be the man who walked a thousand miles to fall down at your door. That’s amore.
  • He is seen a lot at the Opera then, wandering backstage. He mostly goes to Erik’s house, playing chess and shit. Sometimes Erik goes to the Daroga’s apartment.
  • In the novel, it’s the Daroga who goes with Raoul to Erik’s house but they end up in the torture chamber. You had one job guys.
  • Erik tried to drown the Daroga twice. What an ungrateful, little shit. This is why he only has one friend.
  • Little fact (which I don’t know it’s true, but still), the time Leroux wrote the novel, there was a mysterious Persian Prince, who often was seen at the Paris Opera. 


  • He’s given the name Nadir Khan. He’s distantly related to the Shah. So he’s royalty. (hehe wink wink nudge nudge)
  • But still a hunk police-chief. Do not fear.
  • He brings Erik’s ass to Persia. He falls ill during the travel, and Erik saves him.
  • Nadir is a widower, losing his wife Rookheeya at childbirth and has not remarried since. His son Reza is dying of Tay-Sachs-disease.
  • Erik entertains Nadir’s son, and helped him in his last months.
  • Erik and Nadir become really close friends, though they won’t admit it (The classic ‘It’s not like I love you or anything IDIOT’ type).
  • Nadir saves Erik when he got poisoned during political affairs. Then save him again when the Shah wanted him dead. Nadir saves a lot. Such a kindhearted, precious guy.
  • He deserves so much more
  • Give him a movie
  • Only starring him bitching at Erik
  • I’ll pay

THAT’S ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW. OH. He doesn’t like cats.

A garden party at Hatfield House to commemorate the visit of the Shah of Persia. July 1889.

Group includes: future Queen Alexandra, the Shah of Persia, future King Edward VII, Henri d’ Orleans (Duke of Aumale), the Marquess and Marchioness of Salisbury and ambassadors of Spain, Russia, Germany, Turkey and France. 

Khaju Bridge - Isfahan, Iran 

Built by Shah Abbas II of Persia, Khaju Bridge is considered one of the finest bridges in Iran. The bridge is 133m long, and has 23 arches.  It was once covered in colourful tiles, and decorated with paint. The structure serves not only as a bridge and a weir, but also as a meeting place for locals. The Shah himself would come and sit on the bridge, admiring the view, and remnants of the chair he once sat in are still there.

The bridge is considered one of the best examples of Persian Architecture in Isfahan. It is admired by both archaeologists, and architects around the world. 


Shah Mosque - Isfahan, Iran

Located on the south site of the Naqsh-e Jahan Square, it was built between 1611-1629 during the Safavid dynasty. The mosque was intended by Shah Abbas I to be the crown jewel in the Naqsh-e Jahan Square & replaced the much older Jameh Mosque in conducting the Friday prayers. The polychrome tiles in the dome which is the largest in the city were intended to give the spectator a sense of heavenly transcendence.

The mosque is listed along with the square as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s depicted on the reverse of the Iranian 20,000 rial banknote. The name of the mosque was changed by the government following the revolution in 1979 to Imam Mosque. It is regarded as one of the masterpieces of Persian-Islamic architecture.

Iskander at the Ka’ba, from an illuminated manuscript ca. 1490. Iskander is a version of Alexander the Great, who was recast at the time as a Muslim hero. These legends focused on Alexander’s ties to Greek philosophy, which was much respected in the Muslim world, and also fictionalized his relationship to various Persian shahs. 

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Hey👋🏻 I noticed while passing through your Phantom of the Opera tag that you often mention Eriks rage fits (or what ever name is most fitting). I was wondering if you could write an S/O dealing with one or, if that makes you uncomfortable, the aftermath of one??

Hello! Yes, Erik does have rage fits (that’s essentially what they are, though I’m sure there’s a proper name for them somewhere). He’s just so emotional and so hurt that he has to vent somehow. He’s often like a caged animal… But I digress. To be honest, when Erik’s having a rage fit, the best thing his s/o can do is get out of the way. Seriously, or they might end up hurt (resulting in his anger melting into sorrow so quickly you get whiplash and your head spins trying to understand what happened) and that’s the last thing you want. So, keep out of his way. Let him scream, yell, rant, slam doors, bang on his piano or make his violin screech. Leave him to it and eventually, he’ll exhaust himself. If you’re near him when he’s like this, you’ll bear the brunt of his anger and he’ll say and do things he doesn’t mean.

I think Erik would end up coming to you afterwards, when he can think again, to apologise. He’d just calmly come into the room and in a hoarse voice, apologise for his behaviour and then he’d either mock himself or mock you, in place of mocking himself. I’ve said this multiple times before and I’ll say it again - his s/o needs to be in a good mental place consistently to be able to date Erik. 

When he comes to you, don’t demand answers or you’ll set him off again. Just… Let him do the leg work. He’ll tell you what he needs from you without even needing to say it. It’s in the way he shuffles into the room, looking a little shy, like a child who got caught doing something naughty. Beckon him over, wrap your arms around him, hold him, and you might find that his anger was actually sadness and he didn’t know how else to express it because all he’s ever known is anger and hatred. If he goes off on you, just remember this: It’s not you he’s angry at (unless you did something really stupid like remove his mask without asking or probe him about what happened with the Shah of Persia - even mentioning those three words will make him rage fit for months or break him completely), he’s angry at the world. All he’s ever known is violence so that’s how he deals with things, though of course this is no excuse… It merely serves as an explanation for the way that Erik behaves.

Maybe a scenario would help to explain what I mean?

You sighed again as a door slammed for what must have been the fifth time in as many minutes. After Erik had snapped at you for asking if he wanted tea, you had decided to go to your room and stay there. It was ridiculous, a fully grown man acting like a two year old who had been told, ‘no’, but that was how it was sometimes.

After the door slammed, there was a ringing silence for several moments before the lid of the piano banged open and Erik began hammering on the keys, making a song so sad, so terrible, that you were forced to put your hand over your ears, not wanting to listen to the sweet torture of Erik venting his feelings through music. He was a magician, an angel of music, but he was also a madman and you once again cursed all who had ever hurt him.

This was the third rage fit this month, which made for a bad month if the previous months were anything to go by. You knew that some external force had set him off, for you had done nothing wrong and he seemed fine just an hour ago… Time seemed non-existent in Erik’s home for there were no windows and the only clock was above the mantelpiece in the designated living room and you were wondering whether you should risk venturing out to ask if he was all right.

You needn’t have bothered, for the door swung open, making you jump, and Erik stepped through, his usually immaculate clothes looking like he’d been through a war, of sorts (you supposed that he had been in a war against himself and your heart broke all over again), and his breathing was ragged as he fought for control over his usually cool and distanced composure.

He came to your side and stood there, just looking at you. You waited and soon enough, he dropped to his knees before you, fisting your shirt in his hands as he bowed his head, sobbing anew. You grabbed his hands and pulled him up, letting him collapse against you. Somehow, you weren’t sure how, but you managed to get him cradled in your arms, your back against the headboard of your bed.

Silence reigned for a time before he spoke, his voice hoarse from shouting. “Go. Leave me.”

You jolted and he looked at you then, fire in his eyes. He was still angry.

“No.” You held your breath, waiting for his response. Be strong, Y/N. It’s not personal, it’s not personal, it’s not per-

The fight seemed to leave him all at once and he sunk into you, clutching you tightly. A pool of moisture gathered on your dress and you suppressed a sigh, your heart aching for the man on your lap. How could the world have treated him thusly over something he had no control over? You stooped your head to kiss him, which only made him cry harder.

All you could do was hold him.

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“There is an Armenian cathedral at Julfa across the river [in Esfahan], which resembles a Mohammadan shrine of the XVIIth century. Inside, the walls are covered with oil paintings in the Italian tradition of that date. Attached to it is a museum, but the treasures are of historic rather than artistic interest.”

- Robert Byron in The Road to Oxiana

More of my photos from Iran. (New) Julfa in Esfahan is a curious place that gives you the feeling of being in a village in the city. Now, of course, the city of Esfahan has swallowed the quarter, but when it was established by Shah Abbas I in 1606, it was deliberately put far from the Islamic shrines around the Naqsh-e Jahan Square.

Like Byron I was struck by the interesting mix of Islamic/Persian art and Christian/European motifs. It’s also interesting to experience the religious and ethnic diversity of Iran that you so rarely read about in mainstream media. 


I love the colours of Mosques in Iran, from top to bottom:

Imam Mosque - Isfahan

Nasir al-Mulk Mosque - Shiraz

Shah Cheragh Mosque - Shiraz

Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque - Isfahan

Elizabeth’s Phantom Phic Recommendations!

My list of about 35+ fics! I’ve been reading Phantom Phanphiction since I was 12 so I just literally spent the past two or so weeks tracking down all my old favorites, some of them I found, some of them sadly I did not. But good news is I found these! 

Quick problem though with these… All of them are E/C. I have a problem. I freely admit it though so I think that makes up for it. If I was an R/C phic reader I would have just as many posted, but sadly (yes I am ashamed), I am not. So here’s basically just a long list of completed E/C phics that give me the feels.

Now like I said all of these are completed so I shall be putting them into categories I have listed below. Enjoy! :)


1. A Mother’s Love by Kyrss LaByrn.  My mother would never let me kiss her! She used to run away and throw me my mask!“ But what if that was the only way to save the son she loved? Don’t get me started on this. 

2. One Day in the Light by Quiet2885  One week before the events of Hannibal, Erik is given one day in the light with his Angel. One day as a normal man. What will be revealed? What must he give in return? ALW Stage and Kay based.  It has a happy ending but it still kills me. 

3. To Death and Back by letthesongtakeflight. Kay based. Christine returns to the dying Erik to confess her love for him and they spend his last days together. After he dies, Christine marries Raoul and tries to be happy with her new life, although she knows that she will always love Erik. But their happiness is shattered when Christine gives birth to a deformed child, reawakening the ghost from her past. I’m dead. Happy ending though. 

4. Unwind: by MildlyHolmes. She only wanted to relieve his tension. Sexy-sex. 

Fluffy Fluff Fluff: 

1. A Dream Come True by PhantomsAreDropDeadSexy. Erik has a wonderful dream, only to wake and find that it was not real. Not full fluff, but still fluffy! 

2. Bedtime Stories by nibblesfan. Six years after the fire at the Opera Populaire, Christine tells her young daughter, Charlotte, the story of her relationship with the Phantom of the Opera and that fateful night through a fairy tale. She tells the story of a young maiden who is pursued by two princes, one white, and one dark, and the maiden’s choice that would lead to her happily ever after. Not much to say. Just fluff. 

3. Daddy’s Girl by gravity01 There are many times when a girl just wants her mother… but when the nightmares come, it’s always me she calls for. 😢

4. Fallen Angels: by craftydevil. What if the Phantom had acted with his brain and not his heart when Raoul came for Christine after Hannibal? Oh the fluffy feels! 

4. Love an Angel: by RJDaae Is it a sin, to fall in love with an angel? Oneshot, LerouxKayALW based  Fluff and feels! 

5. The Long Overdue Christmas: by Elcie. Christine fulfills a promise to return to Erik at Christmas. This is fluff. Leroux, corpse-y fluff. 

Sexy smut One-Shots: 

1.Cartography: by Ponderinfrustration. He would explore every inch of her, if given the chance. And she would do the same to him, map him and imprint him on her memory, if he were not so very afraid of what she might think of him. Sexy, feels smut. 

2. Dancing with Myself: by D2adlyG33k’sMistress409. Gala events at the Opera Populaire can be tedious. Luckily, there is a certain masked someone to help relieve the monotony. Masquerade smut! 

3. Monsters and Masks by michellemybelle25. After six months of separation, Erik attends the Masquerade Ball, desperate for one touch. More Masquerade smut with angst. 

4. Sherry by Kyrss Labyrn.            A naughty little tale of a slightly uncomfortable evening complicated by the addition of some misunderstandings as to intentions and several glasses of sherry. Alcohol and smut. Read the warning before reading! 

5. The Wedding Night by Maat. Leroux!Erik is an over fifty deformed recluse virgin who’s never been kissed and who smells like death. How will he perform on his wedding night? Leroux-wedding night… Yep. 

6. The Wedding Night: by michellemybelle25. Believing Erik to be dead, Christine marries Raoul, hoping to finally have her happy ending. But what happens when Erik returns to claim her once again as his? I found this one hilarious for obvious reasons. 

Long and grand phics: 

1. Always and Forever by Anawey Kay’s book, what if Erik hadn’t died, and Christine had been able to stay with him? Cheesy but I like it anyway. 

2. Careful What You Wish For: by wzlwmn. Christine returns to the lair in search of Erik. A rather messed up phic but I love it. Leroux-ish Erik. 

3. In Any Other World by Navy Babe. Christine and Erik are happily engaged when the Vicomte waltzes into their lives and threatens their happy ending. Will they be able to exorcise the Opera Ghost once and for all? This is rather humorous and entertaining. Not the best phic in the world but definitely worth a read. :)

4. Midnight Stirs the Memory: by Busanda. Christine’s attendance at her first bal masque, a year before the “strange events of the Phantom of the Opera,” results in curious encounters, as her “Angel of Music” becomes her guardian angel for the night and something far more unbelievable—a man. One of the first phantom phanfictions I ever read and still one of my favorite phics to go back and re-read. I highly recommend this phic. 

5. Mingled Tears: Tales of a Living Wife. by Bwayphantomrose. Christine realizes what it’s really like to be Erik’s wife. Slowly, she learns that in order to unlock his heart, she must first unlock hers. Her perspective as his living bride. Leroux-based. Angst-y and romantic. Very angst, much love though. 

6. My Bluebird by romanianphantom Two men, one heart…War breaks out and Raoul is forced to fight for the Confederate, leaving Christine. She volunteers as a nurse in Washington D.C where she meets General Erik Deslter of the Union army and forms a friendship with him. After he’s released, Christine shruggles with who truly has her heart while both them fight for their homes and for her (Warning: war graphics) Historical inaccuracies aside and some qualms with oocs, this is still a pretty good phic. Warning: Song lyrics, but you can just keep scrolling and not lose the plot. 

7. Siren of the Sea by Fantomphan33 No name strikes fear into the hearts of fellow sailors more than that of the masked pirate, Captain Erik, and his crew of the Phantom. However, when Christine Daae is taken aboard, fear is the last thing that Erik seems to instill in her. Join them as they find love and adventure on the high seas. It’s a Pirate-AU! All I’ve got to say. 

8. Swan Song by AliceHeart247. Based on the 1850-53 chapters of Susan Kay’s novel. Erik comes to Persia seeking power and instead finds the beautifully disarming Christine, but will her secret prevent them both from finding true happiness?
 This is probably one of my favorite Phanphics. I highly recommend it. 

9. The Angel of Persia by Fantomphan33. Erik is the master assassin and genius architect for the Shah of Persia. He has everything he could want, money, fame, power…everything but the one thing he knows he can never have. Love. Erik’s world is quickly turned upside down when, out of gratitude for his service, the Shah presents him with a gift… and that gift comes with a name. Christine Daae!

This is my personal favorite Phanphiction. The first 31 chapters are just wonderful. I have never been so captivated by a piece of work before. I’d even go as far as to describe this is a great piece of phantom literature had it been published. Just read it! 

10. The Beauty Beneath by twostrandsofmelody. There is hardly a description. Dark and it ends weird. It’s a good read, but boy does it end without much a resolution. 

11. The Measure of Love by Bergerac. Instead of a Mother’s fear and loathing, Erik gets a Mother’s unswerving devotion. However, when he is used will he turn into the monster or will someone be able to save him before it is too late. Really fluffy, cute beginning and such a wonderful happy ending! 

12. The Perfect Solution by Nyasia A. Marie. Madeleine didn’t wait for morning to speak with Erik, so he never ran away. He lived his life without a mask & became a successful architect. But wait, what about Christine? What kind of life did she know without her Angel of Music?  Erik get’s a happier start in life and a friend. 

13. The Rising Sun by Broken-vow. Erik’s time in Persia takes an unexpected turn when the woman he is destined to love enters at the darkest period of his life. Really a beautiful fic, though not nearly as good as the Persian AU mentioned above. 

14. We’ll Always Have Venice by Paper-Whore. While holidaying Erik and Christine fell madly in love. Five years on, Christine decides to move with her son to Paris– Erik’s home. Erik never thought he’d see her again and never with a child she claims is his! I think the only Modern AU I have on this list. It’s surprisingly good for a modern AU phic so I do recommend reading it if you have an interest. 

Short, but sweet multi-genre phics: 

1. All Hallow’s Eve by Kyrss LaByrn. Erik and Christine attend the All Hallow’s Eve masked ball, only to meet someone in a very familiar getup…  I personally love this fic. It’s three-chapters of fun masquerade-based phic!

2. Catfight by Emerald S. Sparrow. Christine reveals her jealousy for Ayesha, and Erik is determined to show his more prominent devotion for Christine. What happens when Raoul steps in unaware? Jealousy and misunderstandings make for great comedy. 

3. Caught by throughmusicthesoulsoars. Erik is congratulating his prima donna after a successful performance. They remain oblivious to their surroundings until they are interrupted. A short but funny one-shot. 

4. Eight Legs of Love by Quiet2885. Kay Erik became really sad and angsty when Christine wanted him to kill a spider. How will Leroux Erik react in a similar situation? This is one of the best things I’ve ever read, not gonna lie. 

4. The Talking Tea Cup by Multicoloredrosepetals. Erik has taught Christine how to throw her voice, and she finds the perfect opportunity to try out her new skill one night. Hilarity and sweetness ensue. This is so sweet fluff! I put it here because it’s not all fluff. I mean it’s mostly fluff. 

5. With Friends Like This by violent darlings. Nadir Khan really needs a new best friend. Starring Christine, unborn!Charles, and the epic bromance that is Erik and Nadir. Nadir and Erik’s romance the author means. 

I will likely add more to this list! So keep an eye out for updates to this list. If you have any fic recommendations for me to read/add to the list send them to me! I’m always in need of fresh material to read. 

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OG I must ask your condolences if I have triggered anything bad by asking this but would you ever consider moving back to Persia when the shah dies ?

My time in Persia has concluded; I’ve no desire to return, and if I had, it would be reckless indeed to do so–there is a bounty on my head (and vital organs) so sizable that I would claim it myself were I able. 

And, as you’ve suggested, I’ve rather…unpleasant memories of the place. The odd lovely ones, it is true, yet by and large, I cannot return.