shaggy strange


I’ll be honest…my paint-work is shite..heavily stylized BUT I like making suggestive brush marks, and it’s a joy.

I throw a lot of junk on it…oil-paint, acrylics, ink, watercolour, even oil pastels, pen and….tip-ex….yes….tip-ex…

Know Your Sandwich Ingredients (w/ Chef Shaggy)

Shaggy: “And the ham slice connected to the… rye bread!”

*places strange rectangle on top of a slice of cheese*

Shaggy: “And the lettuce connected to the… boiled egg!“

*places piece of lettuce on top of strange rectangle*

Shaggy: “The mustard slapped on a… salami slice!”

*places another strange rectangle on top of lettuce*

Shaggy: “And the cheese is connected to the… deviled ham!”

*camera shows Scooby sniffing at a cupboard*

*camera cuts back to Shaggy derping with a massive sandwich made entirely out of lettuce and bread*

This first season may not have had as many blatant errors as the later ones… but when it has an error, it’s a gooood one.

curiouscompanions  asked:

There is a long wolf howl and clatter of claws on the floor. Strange shaggy creature walks into the pink mansion.

The owner of the *sigh* pink Mansion is currently watching the front hall from above. His eyes narrow. He swoops away into a hall closet and searches, finally finding an old (magenta) vacuum cleaner. His eyes gleam.

He slips into it, takes control of it, then hurtles out of the hall closet and to the front of the house. The loud, roaring sound of the vacuum cleaner’s engine and suction fills the halls.

He heads straight at the wolf-creature.