shaggy and no sleeves

The Stages of Shaggy Arms

Stage 1: Velma is, understandably, concerned by Shaggy’s creepily-long arm on her shoulder

Stage 2: Scooby teleports into frame, as does a Shaggy sleeve (plus a lower section of flesh)

Stage 3: Upper section of shirt appears as well

Stage 4: Finally, Shaggy’s head and neck decide that, hey, now’s as good a time as any to teleport in

Magnificent. I hope you’re taking notes, class.

Kurt and Ram Masterpost

Alright, sit the fuck down, cuz this is literally just all the bullshit character study crap I’ve done with these two cuties.  Seriously.  Stop saying these two have no character because they have a lot of it.

~ Appearance, musical.  Kurt has shaggy hair, a white shirt with red sleeves, and the jacket.  Ram has trimmed curly hair, a striped shirt, and the jacket.  Ram is taller, but Kurt has more muscle.

~ Appearance, movie.  Kurt has styled light brunette hair, brown eyes, a white shirt, and the jacket.  He is also seen sporting a jean jacket in the forest scene.  Ram has the same hair color, but his is shaggier/messier in the front.  Ram has blue eyes, a striped shirt, and the jacket.

~ In the movie, Ram has an established relationship with McNamara.  She invites Veronica to double date with her, convincing her to come along by saying that Ram has been sweeter since Chandler’s death, consoling her in her time of grief.  With this, we see that Ram might have a more human side to him.  That, and Kurt also relies heavily on Ram for dates with girls.

~ Continuing with the Ram might have some humanity topic.  He had no idea of the note that Chandler passed along.  When Martha showed up uninvited to his party, he didn’t kick her out or make her leave.  He told her that she was acting weird (which she was) and then showed disgust at the lack of alcohol she brought.

~ Football, bitches.  Kurt is a quarterback, Ram is a linebacker.  Kurt wears a cute leg thing.  I don’t know shit about football, but those are their positions.  Obviously means they’re athletic.

~ In the musical, Veronica reveals that Heather Chandler was the only one able to control them.  This means Kurt and Ram were not immune to the fear that Chandler struck in most of the student body.  They were just as much her minions as McNamara and Duke.  Also evidenced by Ram going over to try and deliver the note to Martha.  (Gross, vag talk.)

~ As if it wasn’t obvious, Kurt and Ram are very vain people.  Evidenced by Kurt having no attraction to Veronica before she gets her makeover, and suddenly wanting to fuck her afterward.  Ram also calls Martha a lardass.  Not really to do with being vain, but just like most stereotypical guy characters, they show an obvious disgust for the female body as we see when Chandler says that Martha wanted advice from her gyno.

~ Kurt is smarter than Ram, as Veronica states in Beautiful.  This leads me to believe that no matter how codependent they are, Kurt is kind of the leader.  I also think this because in one of the OG cast bootlegs, Kurt explains that he’d be the meat in the ‘Heather, Veronica sandwich,’ and Ram says he’d be the ‘Pickle on the side working the video camera.’

~ Ram thinks Bo Diddley is hot.

~ Kurt and Ram cannot beat J.D. in a fight, even when working together.

~ Kurt and Ram’s dads are at the very least emotionally abusive as seen in the scene before Big Fun.  Upon calling his father dude, Kurt is held by their dads and verbally harassed/humiliated.  Then after they throw him to the ground, they yell at Ram and scare him into flinching/falling back.  

~ Kurt and Ram’s dads say, “Hold his arms,” and, “Punch it in,” which leads me to believe that Kurt and Ram learned most of their behavior from their fathers.

~ At their funeral, Ram’s dad is the one to accept them being gay first.  Of course, this brings me to another point many people seem to forget.  Kurt and Ram were not gay.  And them being “gay” is the only reason anyone really cared that they died.  No one was sad about their death, and instead turned their death into a movement for equal rights.

~ Not really character stuff, but Kurt tried to dance with Ram during Big Fun and Ram shoved him away.

~ The two of them aren’t good guys when they’re wasted.  They force themselves onto girls as seen with Ram with Duke during Big Fun, and the both of them with Veronica during Blue.

~ Speaking of Blue, Kurt and Ram are very easily tricked seeing as they aren’t all that smart.  Toss them some booze and you can tame the beasts.

~ Blue Reprise.  Let’s talk about this real quick.  Kurt and Ram told everyone that Veronica went down on them even though she didn’t.  Dick move on their part, I’ll admit it.  But no one ever thinks of the reason why they did it.  Most likely they were hurt and embarrassed after being rejected, and lashed out because of that.  Doesn’t excuse it, but I think that’s probably why they did it.

~ There’s no happy ending here, fuckers.  Kurt and Ram get super hyped to get with Veronica, and then that’s about it.  Ram’s last moments are of joy, while Kurt wasn’t so lucky.  He saw his best friend die, felt panic and confusion as he ran for his life, and then it was all over.  Hey, at least as ghosts they’re still goofy and energetic, right?  

I felt like trying to do a bunch of chibi re-designs of my favorite shows/characters, and I started with the Scooby Gang! Keep in mind this isn’t exactly the “style” I’d prefer them in (something a little closer to the classic, but with my own spin), this is just a cute and simple style I use when I want to get an idea for basic body-types, hair, and outfits.

I drew Velma first because I’ve always wanted to update her outfit as sort of a sleeveless sweater-dress kind of thing. I gave her red shorts instead of a skirt, and I think it somehow made her look more sporty but still cute. Some orange high-tops sort of bring it together. I wanted her hair to have something like a flapper-girl style, and I kept classic style square glasses because she works them (and still can’t see without them). She’s still the “smart one”, but she doesn’t know EVERYTHING about EVERYTHING; history, science and chemistry, literature, and math are what she excels at. She also has a near photographic memory, and although she understands a lot about technology she isn’t too great with machines. Velma is easily the most adorable~  (oh, and head-cannon ethnicity; she’s Jewish/Japanese/Mexican. she celebrates both Hanukkah and Christmas, as does Shaggy)

I knew I wanted Daphne to look really fashionable… which was hard, because I know NOTHING of fashion. I gave her sort of a purple halter top that is also like a short dress with a leg-cut on one side. She almost never has pants in her main outfit, but I think it gives her a fun and stylish look. I moved her green scarf up to her hair, and gave her matching green earrings. I like the idea that because she’s a little clumsy (Danger-Prone-Daphne) she’s taken lots of athletic lessons to try and make up for it; she’s done ballet, gymnastics, Karate, boxing, archery, played different sports like soccer/basketball/baseball/tennis, swimming lessons, and equestrian classes. Basically, when she’s in “alert-mode”, she could probably handle just about anything… but when she’s not paying attention she tends to trip. Daphne can speak several languages fluently, she’s got perfect pitch, is super sensitive to textures so she can recognize any material, and has a gift for being very charming and intuitive. Definitely not a damsel in distress~ (head-cannon ethnicity; she’s part Iranian on her dad’s side)

I always wanted to give Fred a blue jacket. I don’t know, I just think it suits him. He’s also got light-blue jeans, and a white long-sleeve shirt (with a red collar to replace the ascot hahaha). He’s kind of the most “formally” dressed, but also sort of a relaxed look. I always figured he was a boot-camp kid, and also a little bit of a farm-boy (hence the belt and work boots). He’s all about cars and other machines, a real  Mr Fix-It, and he loves taking stuff apart to see how it works. As a result he’s pretty good at his other hobby besides mechanics… TRAPS. Fred also practices being an escape artist, so if he ever gets caught he’ll be able to get out of almost anything. Although he’s certainly not “stupid”, he has a tendency to be a bit oblivious and a little too headstrong. He’s got a heart if gold though~ (nothing to do with ethnicity, but a head-cannon for his family life; Fred’s parents went missing around when he was in middle school, and so he’s had a few different foster families. he doesn’t get reunited with his folks until after high school)

Shaggy doesn’t need much changing (if I altered too much, he just wouldn’t look like Shaggy anymore). I have him a white long-sleeved shirt under his classic green one, changed his brown pants into cargos (all loose fitting, Shaggy likes it baggy), and gave him some black sneakers. He’s naturally still got long hair and a scruffy chin (plus some sideburns). Even though he’s a well known scardey-cat, Shaggy has a deep love for horror movies and fictional spooky stuff doesn’t seem to bother him. His various fears and phobias have actually made him a safety expert; not only does he usually carry a back-pack with a fully stocked first aid kit, he knows how rescue somebody who is drowning, all the safety procedures for different vehicles/aircraft, CPR, and survival tactics (he actually knows more medical facts than Velma). Despite being so thin and lanky, he is almost always eating, sometimes thinking with his stomach rather than his head. He’s always happy to share though, and he even cooks great meals for his friends~ (head-cannon ethnicity; Shaggy is Canadian First Nations and Jewish on his mother’s side, and celebrates Hanukkah and Christmas like Velma) 

Scooby was maybe the most difficult to draw… he’s so iconic, and I wasn’t sure how to draw him in this style by still make him look like Scooby. I’m not sure if I succeeded, but I think the result isn’t too bad. Shaggy found Scoob as a pup, and they have been best friends ever since. Like Shaggy, Scooby loves to eat and hates to be afraid, but he’s only a coward when something threatens him; if a monster or villain is going to hurt one of the kids, Scooby always comes to their defense. People forget what he’s actually a very big strong dog because he’s usually so gentle and silly. Scoob knows all sorts of trick from the typical “sit/roll-over/shake” to more impressive stunts. Although he loves attention and praise, the best way to get him to do anything is to bribe him with a Scooby Snack! He’s a very smart animal, even more so than some humans, and the fact that he can communicate when he smells or hears something suspicious that people might miss is a real asset for solving mysteries. Like any good dog, Scoob is loyal and lovable~ (head-cannon; some animals can just talk like people in this world. it is just a thing. Scooby isn’t the only one who can do it, but it is still pretty rare and impressive)

OK, enough from me, enjoy~

My Mission (Part 4/11)

Summary: Being Tony’s niece and being the main tech builder of the Avengers is great - you love your team, and you’d do anything for them. And when Steve returns, bringing his ex-HYDRA assassin friend along with him, you might just end up doing anything for Bucky, too.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: ~2500

Warnings: Language, some angst, definitely hella sad!Bucky, mention of blood & injury, & mild violence?? Kinda?? Sorta?? (just one incident)

A/N: I thought I’d try some POV changes with this series, so here’s the first part with some in there. Don’t worry, it will mostly stay the reader - if it goes to anyone else, it’s to either further the storyline or further the characters. Hope you enjoy this part! 

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Thinking of tweaking Dayton’s design a little to bring back the shaggy fur sleeves thing, also cuz the neutral gray is kinda boring, also cuz I’ve seen at least two other good fat hairy hillbilly possum ladies around and want mine to be a little more unique

okay but!!! but!! a gina rodriguez x oscar isaac ship where they’re both middle school teachers–

she teaches english and she’s always super excited and tries to make class fun and wears pretty dresses and she runs the drama club and the book club and she’s always recreating the boring curriculum books into a way her students can get it

he’s the history teacher with his hair always kind of shaggy and his sleeves rolled up and he’s the ‘cool’ teacher bc he always refers history to current events and encourages debates in his class

and they’re super cute and maybe he moves rooms one year so they’re right across from each other so they’re always peeking into each other’s rooms and bringing each other coffee and planning lessons together to have joint classes

and MAYBE one day she asks him out on a date and he says yes and their students find out and tease them about it and the CUTE CAN YOU NOT SEE IT

The Blue Jeep

Stiles x Reader

Word Count: 1560

Rated: PG-13

Preview: You go to one of Stiles’s games and then when you decided to take a drive in the Jeep it breaks down and leaves the two of you stranded until you are able to find help. 

Liam passes to Stiles. Stiles starts to run for his life. Stiles passes by the defenseman. Stiles makes it to the goal. Stiles shoots. There is no ball in his net. The ball was not even in his net. It was behind him. Stiles dropped the ball and didn’t even know it. He just kept running. 

Scott comes swooping by a confused Stiles with the ball in his net. He shoots past the goalie with all of his human power and made the goal. Stiles high fives Scott and you laugh as he continues to be his silly self. 

“STILES!” Coach yells. Stiles looks over to him and jogs over. “What the hell are you doing!”

“I uhh.. I don’t really don’t know.” Stiles says. 

“Bench!” Coach yells in his face. When he yells he spits in Stiles face. When Stiles walks away he wipes underneath his eye where he the spit landed. You catch him doing this and you meet eyes. When he notices you are staring at him he winks at you. Even after one year of dating you still feel butterflies even at the simple things like a wink.

“Look at you!” Lydia says, “Your blushing and he only winked at you.”

“I can’t help it! I love him.” You say. You can’t take your eyes off of him, You watch him, even though you are only staring at the back of his head. You just like to watch the way that he interacts with his friends. 

“I’m jealous, I’m truly jealous.” Lydia says, “I continue to fall for the shitty guys that don’t treat me right. I want the relationship that you do. I want to be with someone every second. I want them to want me. I want them to look at me the way Stiles looks at you. I watch him at the end of class. He is tapping his foot and staring at the clock. (Y/N) he counts down the seconds until he is with you again. He is late for almost every class because he wants to spend every second with you. I want that.”

“You will find your Stiles. I promise you.” You say to Lydia as you pull her into your side. 

The game continues and you continue to watch Stiles try and fail at lacrosse. You love him with all your heart, but Stiles sucks at lacrosse. Every now and then Stiles has a good game, but unfortunately today is not one of those days. These days are the days that Stiles needs to make out with you the most. 

You waited for Stiles after the game. Beacon Hills won, but Stiles didn’t contribute much. You are the only one left in the stand. You are waiting for Stiles to finish showering while you take a moment to read your book for your english class. 

“Ready?” Stiles says. He startles you a little bit, but once you see him a large grin rises toy our face. His hair is wet and shaggy and he has a pair of jeans and a long sleeved gray t-shirt on. His maroon duffle bag is hanging off of his shoulder. You climb down all of the stairs rather quickly and jump into his arms. He meets your lips together. 

“Hi.” You sigh happily. 

“Hi beautiful.” Stiles replies. You interlock hands as you head back to the Jeep.

The Blue Jeep is obviously famous within the group, but it holds a certain amount of memories within you and Stiles’s relationship. You first saw him when he was driving his Jeep. He picked you up for your first date in his Jeep. He got up the nerve to kiss you after your third date. The first time he said I love you was in the Jeep. You just love sitting in the Jeep. It has a certain sense of serenity to it. Just you and Stiles together. 

You and Stiles are walking hand in hand. You notice his smile isn’t as bright. When you reach the Jeep you take both of his hands and turn to face him. He is leaning his back on the side of the Jeep and you press your body up against his. It is like a scene from a movie. 

“How about we go for a ride?” You say. He then leans in and kisses you. The kiss lasts a few seconds before you pull away and say, “I’ll take that as a yes.”

You the walk around to the other side of the car as Stiles gets in and turns on the car. You let out a long sigh of relief as you lean back in the passenger seat. You turn your head and look at  Stiles. He is focused on the road, but you can see his mind is racing. 

“What are you thinking about?” You ask. You run your finger up  and down his arm.

“You.” Stiles states simply. You smile and kiss his cheek. 

“What a loser!” You laugh, “You were planning on saying that weren’t you!”

“Maybe.” Stiles says while smiling. His smile then starts to fade as the car starts to jerk. “Oh shit.” Stiles states as he stops the car. “I wasn’t planning on this.” Stiles says, he adds a small frustrated laugh at the end. He then gets out of the car and opens up the hood of the car. After a couple of minutes you grab a flashlight from the back and you walk to wear he is standing. Your thin jacket is not warm enough for this weather. You pulls the ends of your sleeves over your hands and shine the flashlight on the engine, where Dylan is working. 

“What do you think it is?” You ask. You breathe out and you can actually see your breath. 

“It’s the starter motor. It’s shot.” Stiles says. He sighs and says, “We aren’t going to be able to drive out of here.”

“My phone is dead.” You say. 

“Yeah and mines out of service. There aren’t any service stations for miles.” Stiles says. While he says this massages his temples with one of his hands. 

“I guess we’re stuck huh?” You say. You begin to shiver and Stiles notices. 

“Come here.” Stiles says and pulls you into his embrace.

“We can make this work. You have a tank full of gas. We can just sit in the car and wait for someone to drive by. There are some blankets in the back and some of your extra sweatshirts.” You say. You lean your head on his shoulder. His warm embrace is comfortable, but it is really cold outside. 

“Come on lets go inside the Jeep.” Stiles says while rubbing his hands up and down your arms to keep you warm. You nod and head back into the car. When you get in, you reach into the backseat and pick up some of the clothes.

You hand Stiles  one of his lacrosse sweatshirts and you throw on one of the Sheriff jackets. 

“You look hot.” Stiles says.

“Oh yeah? You think so?” You ask sarcastically. 

“Hell yeah. I especially like that you have Stilinski on your arm.” Stiles states as he traces over the name Stilinski with his finger. 

“I was already yours” You whisper. 

“Mmm I know.” Stiles whispers back while leaning in, “That’s why I can do this.”

Stiles then leans over the center console and kisses you. The kiss is simple and meaningful. These are your favorite. 

When you pull away you remember something, “Oh I have cookies in my purse!”

“Oh great!” Stiles says while reaching back to grab your purse. He pulls out a paper bag that has about 10 cookies in it. Stiles hands you one and you both take a bite. Immediate you get a sense of a sandy texture and something sour. 

“What kind of cookie is this?” Stiles asks. His face makes you laugh. 

“Chocolate chip.” You say while laughing.

“Chocolate chip? Really?” Stiles says while completely disgusted.

“Yeah. Malia made them. She is trying her hand at baking now.” You say and once you say Malia Stiles shakes his head, knowing that makes sense. 

“I should have known it was Malia.” Stiles says while laughing, “We don’t have to eat these anymore.” 

“Come here.” Stiles says. He throws a blanket over the two of you and urges you to lean over the console. He puts his arm over you and you lean into his side. You rest your head into the corner of his neck. You are warm and cozy. 

“I love you.” You whisper.

“I love you too.” Stiles whispers back. He kisses you temple, the feeling of his lips on your skin lingers for a few moments before he says, “There is nobody I would rather be with.”

Child of Hidden Magic

Series: Fairy Tail, Fairy Tail Future
Type: On-going Fanfiction
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Fantasy, Adventure
Pairings: NaLu, Gruvia, Gajevy, Jerza; Elfever, Miraxus; and their children.

Chapters: Here Here

Chapter One

Walking down the streets of Magnolia, Natalie Dragneel’s hometown, she makes her way towards the infamous Guild; Fairy Tail. It was a lovely day with the sun shining bright and a clear sky. “Today should be a good day!” She said to herself. Natsu and Lucy should be on their way home from their mission, after being gone for a week, so she wanted to be at the guild early to see her parents. Since they were S-class mages now, they went on tougher missions. But they also didn’t have to go on too many since they got paid better. Being Natsu’s daughter, she had spiky pink hair that straightened at the base of her head, and went down to the middle of her back. She had bright brown eyes and her mother’s figure. She wore a maroon colored top that hugged her figure, had a black collar, a black trim at the base of her top, and stopped above her stomach. Black colored sleeves with a maroon trim, separated from her top, fit her arms and wrapped around her fingers. A maroon colored, tight fit skirt with black leggings adorned her legs, ending with brown boots.

Saying her hello’s to everyone in town, she often reminisces about walking through the town when she was younger. Of course she picked up a lot of Natsu’s traits, as well as Fire Dragon Slaying Magic, so she was very rambunctious and destructive. She remembered one time she ended up sneezing and used “Karyu no Hoko” on a small diner, which went up in flames. This memory leads to her remembering her twin sister, Lucille, who ended up laughing at her, despite the destruction. Natalie was freaking out while Lucille continued to laugh. Natalie stops walking and shakes her head to rid her of thinking about her sister. ’No, no, no. I can’t think about it!’ She breathes in and out, and smiles like her mother. Pushing thoughts of her sister to the back crevices of her mind; locking them away.

Walking in, or rather busting through the doors of Fairy Tail, Natalie walks in. She spots Wendy and Romeo getting ready to leave. “Hey! Where are you guys headed?”

Wendy smiles back at Natalie. Her and Romeo were in their late twenties and were considered a couple. Everyone expects them to get married but they never touch the subject. Though they don’t voice what they will be in the future, everyone in Fairy Tail knows wedding bells will be happening soon.

Wendy puts her things down. “We’re heading off on a mission.” She informs.

“Oh, what is it? How long will you two be gone?” Natalie asks.

“It’s about collecting this herb that is pretty hard to get unless you have magic.” Wendy said.

“Eh, just a couple of days. This is more Wendy’s expertise; I’m tagging along for assistance if she needs it.” Romeo replied, giving her toothy grin.

“Ah, alrighty! Good luck!!” Natalie says while waving her hand.

“Thank you Natalie!” Wendy said as they began to leave. “See ya!” Romeo shouted as they ran out the door.

Natalie smiles and makes her way to Lance, the son of Levy and Gajeel, Cain, the son of Erza and Jellal, Ray, the son of Gray and Juvia, and Lydia, the daughter of Laxus and Mirajane. Lance was reading a few books at a time. He had red eyes and sported Levy’s blue hair, Gajeel’s tan skin, and gained Gajeel’s height, though you couldn’t tell at the moment. He wore an orange shirt that had two black lines come from the sides and down to the front of his shirt, and had black trim and cut off at the sleeves; with a black strap attached to his shirt and wrapped around his right arm, blue jeans, and brown boots. His left tricep was adorned with the Fairy Tail symbol in orange. He didn’t really notice when she walked up to him, but she knew he was engrossed in those books so she didn’t mind. He was a Script Mage after all. Lydia was twirling her blonde hair and making it curl with the use of her lightning magic. She has blue eyes framed by blonde bangs, and her hair goes down to the middle of her back. She wears black hooped earrings, a yellow choker, a yellow tank top with a black jacket that is sleeveless and ends a little past her waist, with a black spiked belt, a ripped blue jean skirt, and black sandals. Her yellow Fairy Tail symbol was placed on her right thigh. Lydia looked up at Natalie and nodded her head as her way of saying “hello”. Then Lydia cast her eyes to stare at Lance. Natalie just smirked knowing full well that the lightning woman had a thing for the bookworm. But Lydia’s too proud to say it, and Lance is too oblivious to notice. Ray was a good friend, since Natsu and Gray were rivals; their kids had a good relationship. So Ray was like a part of her family. He had dark blue eyes and blue hair like Juvia’s but had Gray’s skin tone. He wore a tight dark blue short sleeved t-shirt, a black jacket with fur around the collar, dark gray pants, and black boots. He gained Juvia’s Water Magic, but had Gray’s personality. Ray looked up from talking to Cain and waved to her. Cain was enjoying his cake that Mirajane had just brought over. He had brown eyes with short scarlet hair, just like Erza’s but he sported Jellal’s famous face tattoo. He had armor on his torso and arm plates that went from his elbow down to his wrists, a blue Fairy Tail symbol on side of his chest armor. Underneath his armor was a tight black long sleeved shirt, with dark red pants and black boots. He always had a sweet tooth like Erza, and even gained her Requip Magic. He gained minor magic from Jellal, but Requip magic is major source of magic.

Mirajane smiled when she saw Natalie, “Hi Natalie. Would you like anything?” Even after having two kids, Mirajane still looked as good as when she was nineteen.

Natalie shook her head. “Maybe later. Thanks though!” Mira nodded and walked away.

Natalie looked at Cain and when he looked up at her and smiled while saying hello, she got butterflies in her stomach. Indeed she had a crush on him, but she never felt it was the right moment to tell him. When they were younger he was sort of intimidated by her. But over the years, he got used to her and definitely matured, and grew into being more confident in himself.

Natalie put her hands on the table and leaned on it some. “So what’s the plan today guys?” She asked while looking at each of them.

Cain and Ray shake their heads. “Since we just got back from a mission we’re taking a break for a few days.” Ray informs while Cain nodded.

Lydia finally turns her eyes away from Lance and waves her hand. “I’m still taking my break until Max, Jax, Naja, and Ultear get back. I’m planning to go on a mission with my brother.” She yawns.

Lance glances at her and shook his head no. “I’ve got books that will help me learn more script magic. I can’t stop now.” And that was it as he went back to his books.

Natalie sighs as she sat down. “Well guess I’m stuck.”

Lydia smirks. “Aw too scared to go on your own?” She teases snickering.

Natalie glares. “No, I’d rather go with a team. Better outcome if there’s more members.” She sat back while crossing her arms.

“Oh? I think you’re just scared. Ever since eight years ago you barely-“

“Lydia!” Cain shouts, giving her a warning glare. Everyone stops and looks at Natalie sadly. Natalie looks down her at hands, balling them into fists.

Lydia looks away and sighs. “I’m sorry Nat. I didn’t mean to bring up memories of her..” She apologizes sadly.

Just then Max, Jax, Ultear, and Naja walk in. “Ugh! Finally I can relax!” Naja calls out loudly as she rubbed her sore arm, and rotating it. She has red eyes and a black mane like Gajeel’s although she prefers to keep it in a pony tail, with tan skin. She wore a tight sleeveless black top with a gray trim that stopped above her belly button, and black gloves. With a gray spiked belt, tight black skirt and dark gray leggings, and black boots with a gray spiked trim. She had some fish netting that covered her midrift and her left bicep, along with the black Fairy Tail symbol on her right tricep. Of course since she gained her father’s Iron Dragon Slaying Magic, she was adorned with two piercings on both eyebrows, two piercings on her lower arms, and a belly button piercing. Jax smiles behind his glasses as he watched Naja. “Ya know I could help you relax Naja-” but Naja acts as if she didn’t hear him. He hangs his head in defeat and sighs. Jax had blue eyes hidden behind glasses and brown shaggy hair. He wore a green long sleeved jacket with a yellow trim that exposed his chest, a green Fairy Tail symbol on his left peck muscle. Wearing camo cargo pants and brown boots. Jax is the son of Elfman and Evergreen. So he gained Elfman’s Take-over Magic but gained Evergreen’s stone eyes. Max just kept walking to the bar ordering a drink from his mother, Mirajane, as he sat down on a bar stool. He had gray eyes and white spikey hair that formed into a medium length pony tail. He definitely had a bigger build that was defined by his tight long sleeved dark blue shirt. He sported Laxus’ black coat with fur along the collar, dark purple cargo pants, and black boots hidden under his pants. Max gained Mirajane’s take-over magic as well. Lydia jumps up and her eyes sparkled. “Max-niisan! I wanna go on a mission with you!!” She ran over to him and began to talk about what mission they could on. Max sighs, “Can’t I have five minutes to relax, Lydia?” But she acts as if she didn’t even hear him.

Ultear came over to their table and looked down at Natalie. She had blue eyes with straight black bangs, with the left side of her hair chopped short up to her ear and the right side of her hair went down to her neck at an angle. Sporting Gray’s cross necklace she had a cropped off white tank top with a black jacket vest that had fur around the collar; blue jean capris and black sandals. Sporting a dark gray Fairy Tail symbol on her left tricep. Ultear smirks. “What up, flame brain.”

Natalie grits her teeth but smirks. “You’re back, Icicle?” She responds as she stands up in front of her rival.

Ray sighs and looks at his sister and Natalie. “Everytime. Can’t you guys just chill out and not fight?” Ultear smirks. “Chill out? Good idea little brother!” She laughs as she put her right fist on the palm of her left hand, getting ready to use her ice-make magic. Natalie summons fire to her fists, smiling. “Come at me, Ultear!” She taunts.

But at that moment the guild doors opened. A woman walked in a few steps then stopped. Everyone in the guild stopped what they were doing to look at who came in. Natalie and Ultear look over while still having their battle ready positions. The woman smiles as a tear falls down her cheek. She had brown eyes framed by blonde shoulder length hair. She wore a lavender colored tank top that had a gem star dangling on the front right side. With a tan short sleeved jacket, she wore a blue jean skirt with a tan belt, and brown boots. The woman suddenly starts running towards Natalie, and once in front of her, she hugs her. Natalie, whose flames were now extinguished, is stunned and confused. “Ah, um..who…?”

The woman steps away from Natalie while she wipes a tear from her eye. “Sorry, you should be confused.” She clears her throat as she looked at everyone. Ray stares at her and something clicks in his mind. ’ can’t be…’ His eyes widen.

Everyone else stares curiously, or looks confused. The woman stands up straight and puts her hands behind her back. Breathing in and out she smiles a goofy grin that looked a lot like Natsu’s. “It’s me, Lucille. I’m back!” She informs smiling.

★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆

And this is part one. I know not much has happened and probably seems boring. But it usually is when trying to start out. So I’m sorry if it’s boring but bear with me! Chapter two will be longer and more will be explained.

So I hope you enjoy it and will look out for the next one! ^_^

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[[lets try this again: you do you do interactions? XP (im so new to this and dont know how to start ahhhh]

[yes i do, I’m laughing!]

((a young guy with shaggy hair, a goofy smile and tattoo sleeves is longboarding on the side of the street, but he stops when he sees Owen)) Heyo, pal! You look a bit lost, you need any help?