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Types of Shaft Head-Tilts and how to use them

The ‘Lean Back’

For those of you who find turning around to face people too difficult, but still want to maintain eye contact.

The Stargazer

use: breaking your neck while impressing your friends

The 'Despair’

use: being in despair. Use at least twice a day, and make sure to inform everyone you are in despair as you do so.

The 'Posed Look’

use: only if you are a zombie, otherwise you will die

The Tsundere

use: letting everyone know you’re better and more flexible than them while maintaining drama during otherwise undramatic situations

The revolver

use: do this ten times during every day convos with your friends and family

The multiplier

use: if any of the above doesn’t strongly convey your feelings enough, do it in front of a reflective object so people can view your disdain from multiple angles.

The Spinebreaker

use: letting the audience know you’re a fucking demon who feels no pain

The Toothbrusher

use: don’t do this