Saiyuki: Beach Time Gojyo

In tribute of the “Summer of Saiyuki” with a brand new anime that brought the Sanzo Ikkout back to the TV screen (and streaming), here’s the Summer Time collection of illustrations featured in a “pop up” shop in Tokyo from mid June to mid July.

Here we have Gojyo wearing the black version of the Saiyuki T-shirt that could be purchased at the shop (note the design has all of the guy’s weapons!) along with the clear file this is sourced from. The kappa is looking to get your attention. I mean, that hand looks like it’s about to unfold and reach out to you. What’s interesting here is that Gojyo wears his t-shirt a bit more fitted than Hakkai, or perhaps, Hakkai likes his summer clothes with a bit more room and goes a size up? In any case, it must be hot in there with black…yeah…Can’t say I’m a fan of the ripped jeans, but I do feel it fits the kappa along with the oversized belt.

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okay listen, lance? he had the biggest celebrity crush on shiro for the longest time and these are my hc’s about this:

  • i fully believe that mr. takashi shirogane was the “face” of the garrison, and that during his career he was roped into more than one recruitment video, with all the dramatic music and cinematic shots of pilots standing next to their fighter jets
    • someone: hey lance! your mans is on tv!
    • lance: [dropping whatever the hell he’s doing] press pause! press pause! i’m on my way!!!!
      • his siblings got into the habit of just shouting that even when the commercial wasn’t on because they liked recording his reaction time. the fastest he’s gotten there is six seconds (he was upstairs)
  • listen, lance isn’t naive. he knows that shiro is the best the garrison has to offer and he’s going into the cargo pilot program so he’s probably never going to see him, but still they’re in the same place:
    • lance: [at orientation] shiro…he walked through these halls, he ate in this lunchroom, i’m breathing blessed air
  • the one time lance almost gets caught sneaking out is because he couldn’t help peaking through the windows of the teacher’s lounge to see if maybe shiro was there
    • he was. and because shiro’s a legend he immediately picks up on the fact that he’s being stared at and then he catches lance’s eyes. lance just freezes, because shit…..but then shiro just sips his coffee and pointedly looks away because you know damn well he’s snuck out his fair share of times when he was a cadet
  • shiro: [in keith’s shack after being rescued] lance right?
  • lance: [internally: he knows my name? HE KNOWS MY NAME!]
  • later in the castle, after they’ve all gotten to know each other, after they’ve become a family:
    • hunk: hey lance do you remember when you liked shiro?
    • lance: dude….
    • shiro:
    • keith: wait what? you liked shiro [cue the face of disgust at the thought of anyone liking his brother]
    • lance: [defensively] i didn’t like him, it was just a stupid celebrity crush. i’m over it now
    • pidge: what happened?
    • lance: uhh, i met him!
    • keith: [nodding] makes sense
    • shiro: wow, okay

when keith has already confessed his big ol gay crush for lance to shiro, shiros dad/brother instincts kick in and he does everything he can to be as embarrassing as possible around lance when keith is nearby and one day hes like completely out of ideas so he just takes keiths bag of chips he was abt to open out of his hands and places it between his pecs and pops it open by flexing before handing it back to keith and goes “there u go buddy :)”.


Bungou Stray Dogs Official Art

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