I think we were meant to see Louis “The Next Simon Cowell” from the pictures at Britain Got Talent. 

Louis, the industry professional who reportedly is going to be managing a girl group of his own soon.

The “mistake” IMHO occurred when the stunt manager felt that Lauren alone needed to get papped in the taxi with Louis. Even if they are the best of friends someone allowed the pap inside the taxi to take the pictures. At that moment she became just like all the other females Louis has been papped getting in Taxis with in the last two months. At minimum another member or two of 5H should have been with them. 

It was nice to see Louis papped with celebrities, including Simon Cowell but why did Lauren from 5H have to be treated like that unless it was meant to plant the seed of they could now or in the future be dating? It’s 1DPR 101 signature shadyiness that does neither Louis or Lauren any favors. 

Louis e Lauren is trending on Twitter precisely because of the mixed message.

As usual a better team is needed.

The last five years have been about associating Louis with girls because he is “straight.” I want to see more Louis the leader and record executive.

It’s kind of funny these last couple months all my ‘friends’ disappeared really quick but right now they’re all slowly crawling back to me like 'heyy where you been man??’ haha I’ve been right where you ditched me. It’s funny I know the only reason they’re crawling back is because I have money and my family has money now. I take this as a life lesson. And please take my advice. Whenever you’re down and don’t have much the people who stick around are your real life friends, the one’s who leave then come back when your life is good and your pockets are full are the shadyy, two faced asshole leaches that just want to use you, need to keep an eye on them and make sure you remember who is who because if you don’t remember correctly they might fuck you over and steal from you or betray you in some way.

I haven't done an update in a few days
  • Louis is still an egg on Twitter

  • Harry is still posting cryptic black and white pictures on Instagram

  • They are in Japan

  • Louis and Zayn arrived on the late side to Japan and no one knows whether they were hanging out in Guam with the girl who filmed Wellington or whether they were in LA hanging out with sorority girls (*insert hysterical laughter*)

  • They cut Happily from their play list in exchange for Stockholm Syndrome and didn’t remember the words.

  • Diana and Alive are still on the set list and literally no one knows why

  • Everything about this band is shady

I think that about covers it

And that’s what you missed this week on keeping up with the larries section of one direction. Peace out.