I think we were meant to see Louis “The Next Simon Cowell” from the pictures at Britain Got Talent. 

Louis, the industry professional who reportedly is going to be managing a girl group of his own soon.

The “mistake” IMHO occurred when the stunt manager felt that Lauren alone needed to get papped in the taxi with Louis. Even if they are the best of friends someone allowed the pap inside the taxi to take the pictures. At that moment she became just like all the other females Louis has been papped getting in Taxis with in the last two months. At minimum another member or two of 5H should have been with them. 

It was nice to see Louis papped with celebrities, including Simon Cowell but why did Lauren from 5H have to be treated like that unless it was meant to plant the seed of they could now or in the future be dating? It’s 1DPR 101 signature shadyiness that does neither Louis or Lauren any favors. 

Louis e Lauren is trending on Twitter precisely because of the mixed message.

As usual a better team is needed.

The last five years have been about associating Louis with girls because he is “straight.” I want to see more Louis the leader and record executive.


i am ruthless

i am shady

i am hardly bearable

i am filterless

and i have had my fun for today. to everyone sending me messages about how much of all of these things i am and how disappointed they are in me for being these things….well…you’re right and i am completely aware of it.  but that doesn’t mean i’m sorry. im not sorry at all because i finally got to breathe. after taylor liked that post there was a stillness…a sudden stillness right before everyone had realized what happened and what would happen. and in that moment i realized that was it…taylor was completely done with the same shit i was getting….we agreed on something. and you know what? i wasn’t the only one that had to go through this hell…every tayvin shipper was…especially those some would consider “big blogs”? like Mac and Ari. there isn’t a single tayvin shipper out there that hasn’t been through absolute shit because of people who didn’t respect their ship. but here we are and taylor finally say something (technically) and I’M being “rude”, “not a person [you] want to be following” and ”shitty” for celebrating the way i want to celebrate: by returning the shit i’ve gotten. i have been respectful about this for the longest but no one dares pay attention to that. if you have a problem with how i’m being on my blog (as i have stated numerous times before) you can unfollow me. i swear to you i am not here for my follower count….others may be but i’m not….and i never was. i can’t wait until people realize that. if you want to discuss my behavior then take your ass off of anon and speak to me and we can have a discussion. i don’t need a letter of resignation from you….leave quietly. i am speaking for every shipper who has ever gotten shit…..leave quietly. i have been called every name in the book…i have even had every racial slur thrown at me since yesterday’s post and i promise you this is the last time i am stressing this. You ready? here it is: I DONT FUCKING CARE. AS LONG AS YOUR MESSAGE COMES WITH A FACELESS CIRCLE WITH SHADES ON, I DONT FUCKING CARE. A nameless message means nothing to me if it isn’t useful information, funny, nice or dirty. do you feel some type of power when you when you send anons? what the fuck emotionally comes along with sending an anonymous message? please tell me…i have never sent one and i have no idea why someone would want to….especially hurtful ones. I just want you all to know how disappointed i am in the fact that you’re disappointed in me lmfao. what i do on my blog is what i do on my blog and you are free to unfollow me. i have deleted, blocked, and unfollowed so many people since tayvin began and i just wanted to have one night to just be fucking happy about the fact that i’m not at the short end of the stick for once. kaylor shippers are kaylor shippers by choice. no one wants to stop them from shipping what they want but i will step up when ever someone is saying shit like “taylor can kill herself…” and other completely sickening shit because it’s a fucking ship. A FUCKING SHIP. THAT’S NOT EVEN HUMANE. i have never threatened someone’s life nor have have told someone to kill themselves because no human should be so heartless….ever. the sad part is…that one little line doesn’t even begin to describe everything that has been written to me by a ruthless kaylor shipper. and you know i do understand that there are harmless kaylor shippers…the ones who ship their friendship or even ship them as more than that peacefully. i respect them….i respect them so much and i would never drag them. but the ones who have made my life a living hell…..they deserve the hell they are getting and i will not apologize. and you know what i am so glad i got this off of my chest because i have typed this entire thing while watching PLL and i don’t know what any of it says so i hope my thoughts and feelings make sense to you because once again, i am the bad guy….so have a good fucking night because i have better shit to do tonight like curse out the writers of PLL in my head as i continue to eat my popcorn and drink my Taco Bell freezie.