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LMAO elaborate about virgos plz

I CANT THEY FRUSTRATE ME TO THE POINT OF BREAKDOWNS i hate them and i love them. they’re literally addictive people that make you want to be around them constantly but they need so much space and distance that you can’t be around them too much or else they’ll detach from you and turn all cold. if you’re too attached to a Virgo like that’s your fuckin death sentence pal its over. also queens of backhanded compliments and shadyness

The Royal King and Queen of Beleslua Coast

I present you my two Eldarya ocs, The King and Queen of a small country I created, Beleslua Coast! An island off to a more conservative zone of the world of Eldarya, which is still run by monarchy. These were the last ruling monarchs of the country, King Julian and Queen Rosette, before the Royal family mysteriously vanished  after the Crystal shattered.

Beleslua Coast is an island protected by cobalt crystals that surround it. These stones, named Belesluan Bloolorite, share components with the Crystal Shards, meaning they possess energy aswell.However, it isn’t crystalized manaa, but rather a stimulant to one’s energy. They pulsate at one’s hand, and have brought Beleslua its riches and fame throughout the years. With advanced technology, they were able to extract the stimulant from the gemstone in order to create expensive pieces of jewelry, that adorn the richest of families that buy them. However, since the downfall and the abandonment of the country, they have become extremly rare and their price has increased. It’s Royal Family seemed to have settled long before the discovery of the crystals, and have apparently started with nothing, gaining their power rather quickly. But after the scandal, it became public the shadyness involving the last rulers, the Ambrose family.

  • King Julian Ambrose descends from a vampire bloodline, being the last Royal King of the country, and was known to be a man of luxury. To those visiting Beleslua, the Royal Family seemed to be a happy one, made of himself, his wife, his sister Meryl, and two heavily domesticated Black Dogs. The only thing he adored more than his wealth and power was his beloved Queen, who would get anything that asked for, and would receive entire events dedicated to her.  However, he was also known to have been an apathic child in his younger years, not showing interest in anything. After getting himself injured while hunting with his father, he was taken to the nurse headquarters, where he was treated by a beautiful red-headed nurse, whose hair was adorned with roses. He fell head over heels for her, feeling as if she casted a spell on him. Julian believed she was the only one that was able to awake an intense desire in him, and after a short time of visiting her daily, he asked her hand in marriage before he turned King. As a ruler, he was known for his military work and his distant personality from the people. Everyone that dared challenge him lost in batle, and for that, he was feared by the civillians, who most lived in poverty. Cold in nature, he wouldn’t accept anything that wasn’t perfection, and wouldn’t stop at anything in order to gain more power and recognition. After the Scandalous Reveal, he found himself awaking in his sister’s arms as they were fleeing from the country, after the guard of Eel had entered their castle in an ambush. Enraged that his wife was not with him, he went berserk and demanded his Queen to be brought back to him. Four years passed, and his whereabouts are unknown. The Guard of Eel lost track of him, his sister or his team who operated in shadow, leaving the servants to go, as they were all working enslaved for him. Currently his castle lies in ruin, after the Guard destroyed great part of it, as for the remaining was left to be looted or handed to mother nature’s grasp to be consumed.
  • Queen Rosette Ambrose has lived all her life inside the castle. Not knowing where she came from or who are parents were, she was told that she was left at the door of the nursery as an infant, and was taken in by her tutor, an enslaved Elf who instructed the forming nurses. Not having any note or letter attatched to the basket she was inside of, he named her after she small roses all over her little hair. From a young age, she learned with him the wonders of medical and herbal knowledge, quickly becoming one of the best nurses in the Kingdom. Helping civillians who were in critical state, Rosette was known to be a kind soul who cared for the people, always adorning her face with a warm smile. At the tender age of 15, she saved the then prince Julian, who quickly became infatuated with her, and soon, proposed to her in front of the whole medical staff. Due to fear of what would happen to her and to pression of the eyes laid on her reaction, she accepted to become his bride, despite her strong dislike of being tied down at such a young age. Quickly, she realized she should’ve taken the risk of denying his proposal - not long after the Wedding, she was able to get to know the Julian behind closed doors: a very jealous, vanity-driven man, who would get anything he wanted, going to the point of abusing her at the peek of his rages.  After the damage, he would regret hurting his pretty little Rose, and would buy or give her anything she asked for in order for her to forget his outbursts. Soon enough, she realized the true horrors that lied inside the Castle, and Queen Rosette found herself trapped, with only her bodyguard and her personal maid to talk to. When she was 18, Rosette was not able to hold herself any longer, hatching an escape with her two trusted friends. Driving her husband with lust to the bedroom, she waited for him to fall asleep before drugging him and escaping, as her friends had to stay behind to ensure she ran away without anyone tracking her down. She has not been seen since, and to this day, former villagers pray at small altars made for their beloved Queen, praying for her safety and her well-being.

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revolu/tionarygays has treated other lesbians badly in the past, just for liking ships she didn't or for not liking Vriska. She misrepresents facts a lot when she sees fit and has joined in with swamp in bullying people.

I mean, yeah. it’s ultimately the attempts at bullying people out of the fandom (and then denying they were ever doing that) that people are mad about.

but… there’s been more discourse on my blog in the past two days than in the past 2 years, so. I’d rather not keep talking about this orz

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I can't really remember (and it's probably unlikely) but....December 2016?

Anonymous asked:

Ok hmmm December 2016 I think Robbo was a good boy or did Aaron find out about Robert and Rebecca snog December 1st 

ooooh, ok well technically aaron found out 30th November and Rob spent the entirety of 1st December bearing the brunt of Aaron’s anger at him…

so you know what, I’ll give him that, he wasn’t too bad on the 1st, just repenting for previous shadyness

again, the 500k retcon means that technically he talked aaron into using liv’s inheritance to buy the mill during december even though he could have chipped in himself but again, i’m hesitant to use that bc retcons are annoying

on 15th december he basically convinces rebecca to try bribery as a legitimate business tactic (it doesn’t work) and then when it later turns out that aaron has broken into home farm and stolen a lot of rebecca’s money, rob’s response is the most inappropriate smirk i’ve ever fuckin seen bc he couldn’t give a shit

also i guess rob is using rebecca to make more money even though he’s got 500k chilling in the bank and it was only a few weeks ago that aaron had asked him not to

but tbh overall…

tbh he wasn’t that bad, was he? i mean, we can’t expect miracles

verdict: a good boy month

u both win (and so does december 2016 rob for being the only one in his relationship who didn’t commit an imprisonable offence that month) 

give me a month when rob was onscreen and didn’t do one shady thing 

The way things used to be. J.S

It felt so to finally be able to scream after weeks of holding everything in.

You and your boyfriend Swazz were fighting. You just couldn’t take anymore of his shadyness and bad attitudes. And him coming home late every night

When you finally looked over to see him you could see he was sad, it made you hurt to see him like that but you knew you couldn’t keep letting him get away with it.

Of course he was sad, he felt like he was about to lose you. He never meant for any of this to happen but he just got caught up in that lifestyle. He never meant to hurt you.

“I’m going to grab my stuff, I can’t keep doing this, enjoy your new life, John”. You choked out. The tears have started rolling down your face now, hurt now replacing the anger. You still aren’t sure if John has been out cheating. He’ll never admit to anything.

“NO NO NO COME BACK Y/N IM SORRY” you heard him scream as you just reached the top of the stairs.

You wanted to forgive him. You did. But things need to change. And the only way he would change is if he lost you.

x Brit

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Okay so this will be a bit long, I'm not sure how many parts it will be. I sent you an anon a few days ago which you answered so first off Thank You. Since others were sharing there stories I thought I'd share mine about how antis influenced my becoming a 1D fan. I was not aware of 1D until 2012 at least not consciously. Then they performed at the Olympics and I was like oh so those are the kids that sing that song I have a love/ hate relationship with, WMYB. I didn't think much of them beyond

2) not sure where the cut was sorry if I repeat - i didn’t think much of them again until Haylor, I didn’t know anything about Larry then and I still knew it was a fake a** relationship for publicity, I felt sorry for Harry and what ever songs she would attribute to him. I was actually following another PR generated ship at that time and could see some parallels. So here’s me continuing to mind my own business in blissful ignorance and then SOML was released, i loved it but had no idea it was 1

3) So I find out that SOML is 1D and I’m a little taken aback, i thought my boyband days were behind me (ha what a cruel joke) and here is where i begin to fall down the rabbit hole known as the 1D fandom, I’m reading some random article about fandoms and social media and they mention tin hatters and Larry and I’m like huh…? So of course I go looking and I’m reading all these posts about coincidences and “bromances” and I’m like wow these Larries are out there but then one made the mistake of

4) providing a link to a Larrie tumblr. I looked at the gifs, then tracked down the videos I watched it all. I also paid close attention to the other 3 and how they responded, that often revealed even more than Louis or Harry. There was just too much, sometimes they’d try and be subtle and sadly they just drew more attention in their efforts, other times it seemed they didn’t give af. I also noticed what wasn’t said, how things were worded and all the times they looked off camera or nervous

5-I think) I could see the shift in all of the boys, how much more guarded they became as time went on- antis will say it’s all the Larries fault and yet none of the other ships seem to have caused any rifts, something to think about. Whether you believe in Larry or not you can’t tell me that L&H are not friends, the MITAM promo should put that to rest, which begs the question, why the narrative that they went from bffs to loathing? Hmm? Everything is so extra and in your face with these two, wh

6) Everything is so extra and in your face with these two, why? In the matter of “babygate” why was it announced so early in the pregnancy? Most people don’t tell their family that early let alone the public. She is NOBODY, no one knew who she was or would even care if she was pregnant so it’s not like it would have gotten out. No official statement. Simon confirms, just shadyness all around. The most telling thing for me was the other boys silence. I mean those 3 were awkward AF. More than GMA

7) was that interview with Louis & Niall (he’s wearing a hat) N looked so uncomfortable, like he wanted the couch to swallow him up and L looked pi**ed after that I don’t think any interviews addressed it again. Hmm? Thats just some of the things that have pulled me into the 1D & Larrie fandoms. All because some journalist called you ladies and gentlemen crazy and antis linked me to you ☺ Contrary to the anti belief, I have not drunk the kool aid unwittingly, I am capable of forming an opinion

8) it’s just not the one they wanted me to. I’ve looked at both sides and continue to do so. Don’t think recent information and circumstances haven’t given me pause but for me most days I still am all in. I’m certain they were together and am like 90-95% sure they still are Like I said in a previous anon I leave room for doubt but the antis have yet to deliver a compelling counter argument. They are childish and vindictive even if I changed my mind tomorrow I’d stick with the Larries.

last finally) This side of the fandom seems much more welcoming to opposing views (as long as you are respectful) and more supportive of ALL four members of 1D which is ultimately why I’m here. To end I’d tell antis that I’m an old enough fan to remember when the late George Michael, Jonathan Knight, Lance Bass and Ricky Martin were “straight” maybe they should do some research and not believe everything they’re told.


anon i think i fell in love with you somewhere between this sentence:

“Contrary to the anti belief, I have not drunk the kool aid unwittingly, I am capable of forming an opinion. It’s just not the one they wanted me to”

and this one:

“To end I’d tell antis that I’m an old enough fan to remember when the late George Michael, Jonathan Knight, Lance Bass and Ricky Martin were “straight” maybe they should do some research and not believe everything they’re told.”

thank you for taking the time to send this. i’m always fascinated by how other people ended up in this fandom particularly when, like me, you experienced the het/neutral side of things first before going … wait a minute there’s something shady here (also i had the same experience with haylor that you did - knowing it was fake despite not being a larrie at the time [while also following another pr relationship *cough robsten cough*]).

Shady People

“Don’t associate with shady people” sounds like a rule your dramatic friend tells you but I got some new perspective on it today. It’s not that you shouldn’t associate with them cause they can ruin your reputation, but because they have defective personalities. The only people you should surround yourself with are positive people who are trying to do and be good.

I somewhat believe that adage “don’t do in the dark what you wouldn’t do in the light.” I think theres a bunch of stuff my parents or society wouldn’t like but I am feisty and millennial so I do whatever I think we should be doing as  a culture rather than doing things I think are outdated and dumb. For instance: writing about sex on the internet. If I want to do it, I will. I have done it. It doesn’t interest me at the moment, but that’s because it doesn’t interest me, not because my mom’s telling me to stop. So, I think you shouldn’t do anything you *think* you shouldn’t do, but doing things that some people think is shady is okay, because you aren’t being shady about it.

So, people who are shady are people who do these societally frowned upon things but rather than being enlightened and powerful, they are scared and weak. They believe the lies being told to them that certain things are “right” and certain things are “wrong” and don’t question which is which. They have small minds and they are afraid to lose their reputation because that is the only way they know of having worth.

Don’t associate with shady people not because of what they do but because of how they do it. 

I wonder though if Vordenberg is truly one of the “big bads” or just a “bad”. Is his vendetta against vampires ‘all’ there is to him? Is that the extent of his shadyness? Because it may be. It ties back into the ‘black and white’ theme again- he has this blanket hatred of vampires, but as we know they are ultimately not all the same, and their past actions don’t necessarily dictate them. 

I think Laura may find herself addressing that in response to him and his agenda, which could lend itself to her re-evaluating and understanding the situation with her and Carmilla.




















Caleb x Aria are A theory.

He knows how to build an electric fence.
Is acting very shadily in relationships with both Spencer and Hanna, and is very good at appearing genuine with both.
Overly angry at Mona’s appearance - maybe she knows something?

Combine that with Aria having ordered fence parts to be built and her general shadyness/getting the least torture/wanting Charlotte to stay locked up.

And they have been appearing at promo events together - characters that otherwise have no connection.

Could they be working together? Or have previously been working together?

Or am I just looking for a reason for a complete retcon on Caleb’s character?

Let me know your thoughts!


First off, forget Caitlin and Cisco, Joe West is the smartest damn person on this show! His shadyness detector is always on point!

Second of all, I’m rooting for West Allen, but I’m admitting Eddie is SO DAMN CUTE.

Third, Iris’s superman punch at the end gave me life!!!! Team Iris till my dying day!!!

Best. Episode. Ever

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I see people saying that evil Katrina is the solution for the problems with this character, and I do not agree. Even to be a villain you have to catch people, and I'm not sorry for that, but I do not think the problem is only the character, for me is also a problem with the actress.

Is this the same anon as 5 minutes ago or are people really into Katrina/Katia bashing today? Is it the National Hate-on-Kat Day? Should I have raised a flag or worn a hat or something? ;)

But yeah, basically this - I don’t really have much to add to it. I think her becoming evil is more about being a good way to phase her out and less about it actually being a compelling storyline, because literally nothing about Katrina’s ever been compelling. The problem is that if they just kill her then Ichabod will have to mourn her and there’ll be a dissonance between that and the audience going “fucking finally” (see: The Walking Dead when Lori died and Rick went Heroic BSOD and hallucinated her annoying ass all over the place while everyone was like COME ON WE FINALLY GOT RID OF HER WHY IS SHE STILL HERE. And that’s despite them actually managing to make her death sort of sad and moving.). 

So making her evil is a way of making Ichabod react to betrayal instead of in grief, and his rage would be easier to swallow especially with there being so much groundwork laid for her shadyness (intentional - they used her as a red herring for Henry in s1). So I don’t think it’s really about people wanting Kat to be evil for how interesting that would be, it would just be a way to allow her to exit with some shred of dignity and agency that she’s yet to be afforded, and without bogging the show down too much as Ichabod grieves for someone we didn’t care about.

Huh. I guess I did have something to add.