swanqueenweek week - day three: Time Travel

And now Regina herself, or at least her past incarnation, in that sensual, alluring Evil Queen attire no less, stood with her hand pressing to Emma’s chest, just over her heart.

“I’m not surprised that you returned.” The Queen says. “The silly girl you seem so fixated on, can’t possibly give you what I can.”

“Silly girl?” Regina hisses at her mirror. What game is Emma playing at? Which girl?

She reaches and touches the mirror’s cool surface. It is her, palming Emma’s cheek, leaning in now to kiss the corner of her mouth.

But Regina’s jealousy spikes like acid in her veins.

~ * ~

The shape of things to come. A snippet (or an episode, if you will) from a larger project. Fic by helebette graphics by shady-kat. Coming soon.