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100s - My Activator.

Sometimes startlingly ‘accomplished’ debut album from the Berkley rapper. Although the tape features guest appearances from Main Attrakionz and Shady Blaze, 100s has a sharper aesthetic and a more carefully managed cool than his cloud rap contemporaries. Ice Cold Perm’s production comes from Joe Wax who supplies an incredible mix of beats indebted to the west coast bay area cannon whilst remaining deeply current and suitably internet rap weird. Like so many successful 'young’ rappers, 100s’ voice is older than his 19 years should permit and comes with a compelling mix of energy and wear. On another standout track “'92 Gator”, 100s goes in over a stunning track of an enormous swelling bass synth and out of reach vocal chop-up loops. Really great stuff plus amazing album name and artwork. Download

DOWNLOAD: Rad Reef Presents: No New Wave [Compilation]

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Track list:

Sortahuman (Feat. Dizzy D) — 420 Lyfe (p Dizzy D)
Shady Blaze — Get Money (p Shady Blaze)
Tree — Shit To Lose (p Tree)
BK Beats — Life’s Acoustics
Keyboard Kid and Pepperboy — Fairy Tale (p Keyboard Kid)
Western Tink — 100-101 (p Nem270)
Left Leberra — Bootlegger (p Zachg)
Black Noi$e — Dive In
Zachg — Floridian Rapper. Mountain 5. (p Zachg)
Metro Zu — Dip My Dick in Lean (p KB On The Beat)
Turbo Sonidero Futuristico — Tumbia Malandra

Dope Music Repository Vol.7


#1. Intro
#2. Changes (Prod By Nem270) / Shady Blaze
#3. Stars Will Light A Way / Shady Blaze
#4. Mondre World (Prod. by Squadda B) / MondreM.A.N
#5. Feelin Good (produced by Squadda B) / Squadda B
#6. Cloud Lifestyle (prod. By Ahyve) / AHYVE feat. Main Attrakionz
#7. Cloud Skatin feat. Danny Brown (Prod. By Julian Wass) / Main Attrakionz
#8. Lovin This Feelin / Main Attrakionz
#9. Haters Opinion (Prod By Clams Casino) / Shady Blazze
#10. Conversations (Produced By Clams Casino) / Main Attrakionz
#11. Be All Right / Shady Blaze
#12. Cold Heart (Prod By Silky Johnson) / Shady Blaze
#13. Green Ova Takin Ova (Prod. by Squadda B) / Shady Blaze & Squadda B
#14. Hood Nigga feat. Main Attrakionz (Prod By Ryan Hemsworth) / Shady Blaze
#15. Eightball feat. Shady Blaze (produced by L.W.H. & Julian Wass) / Main Attrakionz
#16. World Tour feat. Shady Blaze / Main Attrakionz
#17. Surround Pound feat. Main Attrakionz / L.W.H.

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Shady Blaze Shady Business (2011, Green Ova)

Just under two months after the release of his Squadda B-produced The Shady Bambino Project, Green Ova’s rapid-fire spitter, Shady Blaze, returns with an unexpected record of speed raps and R&B hooks.

Mix together equal parts Twista, Do Or Die, Bone Thugs, Z-Ro and Lord Infamous, and you get something approaching the wordplay of the rapper with the well-earned sobriquet, Velocity. This much was apparent on his joint release with the production arm of Main Attrakionz. But unlike the last time out, Shady Blaze decides to go at it alone on Shady Business, taking on the production duties himself, in addition to being the sole provider of its rhymes.

On the opener, “Chapter 5,” the sounds of police sirens, snarling dogs and the circular thwop of a helicopter blade comprise the canvass for the surgical precision of Blaze’s bars, while gunshots, both lyrical and literal, paint the scene: “Kill a man with no hesitation, only stand for fam, fall for nothin’.”

Musically, Shady Business explores a dizzying array of styles, from the relentlessness of a young Tung Twista on “Machine Gun Spit,” to the R&B-infused rap of late-period Bone Thugs on “Lookin Up,” while “Night Vision Swag” and “I Love This Life” (“even though I’m still in the streets, with a gun on me, I love this life") are surprisingly pop for an underground record focused on the trappings of street life. And hitting closer to his home in the Bay, "2 The Fullest” and “Don’t Leave Me Alone” evoke a decidedly J. Stalin/Livewire feel, the latter, especially, with it’s lo-fi Mekanix sound.

At times, this genre-hopping can prove less than successful, like on “Marijuana,” a needlessly derivative slow-jam ode to California’s favorite grey market crop), or the Rolling Papers euro-rap knock-offs that comprise about a quarter of the tracks, and the sloppy mixing on the final few tracks is unfortunate.

But there are still moments of lyrical precision that make this release more than something destined for the Recycle Bin, like “Shit Talkin,” a minmal slap with drum corps snares that works as an ebullient exercise in adversarial confrontation, and the previously mentioned “Machine Gun Spit,” and the title track, which could have easily sat alongside anything on The Art Of War.  

It’s clear that Shady has the talent to bring energy and charisma as a featured artist, but the key to him developing beyond the novelty of his rapping ability will be focusing on the lyrics and letting Squadda, Nem270, and the rest of the Green Ova stable of producers handle duties behind the boards.

-SM (April 11, 2011)


Shady Blaze did a song for his son who recently passed away.  I usually try to pick apart a song, talking about the importance of certain tonalities and flows.

Not this time.  Just watch the video, and keep Shady Blaze in your thoughts.  

R.I.P. R.J, and hold your head Shady.  

Also, if you want, send your positive vibes to Shady on his twitter account.





Main Attrakionz - 8 Ball Remix (Official Video)

A Live performance at Flavourhood of Ryan Hemsworth’s remix of the legendary joint off the Chandelier album. The Redux Chandelier tape is available for download here.


Shady Blaze x MondreM.A.N. - Dinner Time (prod. Zero Luck)

Shady Blaze - The 5th Chapter

One of the realest rappers evers drops a new project in honor of another Greenday. Happy Birthday to the homie Squadda B. This one features production from Friendzone, DJ Burn One (!!!), DK All Day, Uptown Greg, Al Jieh, and a few more.

Download here, stream below.