Dope Music Repository Vol.7


#1. Intro
#2. Changes (Prod By Nem270) / Shady Blaze
#3. Stars Will Light A Way / Shady Blaze
#4. Mondre World (Prod. by Squadda B) / MondreM.A.N
#5. Feelin Good (produced by Squadda B) / Squadda B
#6. Cloud Lifestyle (prod. By Ahyve) / AHYVE feat. Main Attrakionz
#7. Cloud Skatin feat. Danny Brown (Prod. By Julian Wass) / Main Attrakionz
#8. Lovin This Feelin / Main Attrakionz
#9. Haters Opinion (Prod By Clams Casino) / Shady Blazze
#10. Conversations (Produced By Clams Casino) / Main Attrakionz
#11. Be All Right / Shady Blaze
#12. Cold Heart (Prod By Silky Johnson) / Shady Blaze
#13. Green Ova Takin Ova (Prod. by Squadda B) / Shady Blaze & Squadda B
#14. Hood Nigga feat. Main Attrakionz (Prod By Ryan Hemsworth) / Shady Blaze
#15. Eightball feat. Shady Blaze (produced by L.W.H. & Julian Wass) / Main Attrakionz
#16. World Tour feat. Shady Blaze / Main Attrakionz
#17. Surround Pound feat. Main Attrakionz / L.W.H.

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Shady Blaze x MondreM.A.N. - Dinner Time (prod. Zero Luck)

Dope Music Repository Vol.19

aka “Dive Into The Clouds!” -mixed only GREENOVA SOUNDS-

by T.O.B.Y.

1. G.O. Anthem I (prod by L.W.H. & Julian Wass) / Main Attrakionz

2. AC feat. ST 2 Lettaz / Main Attrakionz

3. Cloud :: KeyBoardKid :: / Mondre M.A.N

4. Cloud Rap / Mondre M.A.N

5. Swaggin Hard (Giorgio MoMurda remix) / Main Attrakionz

6. I Got a Youngin Doe (KeyboardKid206 remix) / Main Attrakionz

7. Near (Prod Friendzone) / Main Attrakionz + Shady Blaze

8. Faith in Something feat. Dinero Farrar (Produced by Ryan Hemsworth) / Shady Blaze

9. Surprise // Julian Wass Bio-Port Remix / Mondre M.A.N

10. J Bar / Jel x Main Attrakionz x Zachg

11. Feel No More feat. MondreM.A.N (Produced by N-PIRE) / Shady Blaze

12. 72 Bus Stop (Sea Things Remix) / Squadda B

13. 8ball (Ryan Hemsworth remix) / Main Attrakionz

14. Suffocation feat. Danny Brown + Squadda B // Ryan Hemsworth Wodie Mix / Mondre M.A.N

15. Change (Prod by Friendzone) / Main Attrakionz + Shady Blaze

16. Chandelier (SKYWLKR remix) / Main Attrakionz

17. G.O. Anthem pt. II (Sea Things remix) / Main Attrakionz

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Main Attrakionz - Shoot the Dice (ft. Shady Blaze)


Shady Blaze - Intro Quick Time

Shady Blaze- No Fear (prod. by Ryan Hemsworth) (off the upcoming Distorted)

Green Ova’s very own Twista slows it down ever so slightly and ends up with a pretty great track over an emotive, driving indie-rock influenced beat. A guitar loop, some subtle horn stabs and bam, you’ve got a pretty nice little track here. Doesn’t hurt that there’s an actual chorus either. Shady Blaze lends a nice urgency to the track without wearing your ears out.  


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Shady Blaze -  Stars Will Light The Way

by Trill Smith

After dropping this video, Shady’s been called the lost bone Thugs member and that doesn't seem like much of an insult. 

Equipped with a nimble double time flow, the 5th chapter of Green Ova continues to give rap fans everywhere a new reason to pay attention. It really has been interesting watching their collective blossom into critical darlings. Bout damn time.