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Your Worship, sir, Mother Giselle said she would tell you directly but just in case, I'm sending this to yourself directly. Some ****** made off with a whole planter of Crystal Grace sometime during the night. Normally, I wouldn't bother you with something like this, but seeing as you take a personal interest in your herbs, I thought you might like to know ASAP. - on a torn and smudged corner of parchment, likely from a bigger, more important document. The handwriting is surprisingly neat.

Oh well.

 Inquisitor, because nothing grows in the shady Skyhold gardens anyway. He admires the handwriting and wishes he could write like that. He’s slightly curious as to who wrote him. He also feels a bit sad and angry about the plants because this means that the Spymaster has been slacking again. Or has she? Maybe she sabotaged the Inquisition deliberately, trying to make the Inquisitor angry so the whole world thinks that the Inquisitor is an unstable loon that needs to be brought to heel by a stabilised Chantry.


Plant of the Day

Sunday 19 June 2016

Philadelphus coronarius ‘Variegatus’ (variegated mock orange) is best in a woodland garden or shady situation which prevents strong sunshine from scorching the variegated foliage. This medium-sized deciduous shrub will brighten a dark spot - here the variegated leaves resembled a foaming waterfall between the green leaved shrubs whilst the flowers scented the air.

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She grins widely and grabs hold of your face, smacking a kiss to your cheek and then squeezing you into a hug. - Harry

I rub her back and then follow my mother and the boys into the kitchen to get things ready. We grab leftover chicken and potato salad, some sweets, and lemonade. My mother gets a blanket and we all head to a shady spot in her garden. - Courtney

Herb of the Week-Bay Laurel

Common names

Bay Laurel
Sweet Bay

The herb known as the bay laurel or the sweet bay is native to Asia Minor and the Mediterranean region in general - it is a small evergreen shrub or tree. The early Greeks and Romans admired the bay laurel for its beauty and used the aromatic leaves in many different ways. Bay laurel possesses leathery leaves that are lanceolate and pointed in shape. The leaves also have the maximum oil content during early and mid-summer and this oil content tends to decreases in other seasons. The name “bay” is used to refer to several botanicals - for example the West Indian bay - botanical name Pimenta racemosa, and the California bay - botanical name Umbellularia californica. Therefore, any of these plants can be called by the name “bay” in the existing herb literature; what is more, some other plants are also called ‘Bay’.

The solution made from the bay laurel is a very potent anti-dandruff rinse and can help a person suffering from excess dandruff in the hair. To prepare this herbal rinse, bring a quart of water to boil, to the boiled water add about three level teaspoons of crumpled bay leaves and let the leaves steep in the covered pot for about twenty five minutes. The herbal tea can be strained and then refrigerated for later use. This herbal tea can be used to wash the hair, when doing this, it is necessary to first rinse all the soap out of the hair using plain water. Once hair has been washed with water and soap, some of the liquid bay laurel tea can be poured on to the head and can be used to massage the scalp thoroughly. This initial massage with the herbal tea can be followed with similar rinses using few more ounces of the herbal tea; the tea must be worked well on to the scalp using the fingertips. The hair so treated can be left as such for about an hour; it must then be rinse thoroughly using plain water. This treatment will be sufficient to keep dandruff from recurring if it is used faithfully every day on a long term basis.

Disorders such as bronchitis and a hacking cough or other related chest complaints can be relieved by applications of a poultice made from the boiled bay leaves; the poultice must be rubbed into the chest and covered with a cloth.

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Harry Potter Imagine -

Can I have a Harry one shot where the reader (in Gryffindor) is at the burrow for the holidays and she’s with the twins talking and she gets up to go to the bathroom or something and overhears Harry and Ron talking. Harry says that he didn’t like her only to get Ron off his back even though he’s deeply in love with her. When she hears him, she runs into the yard crying and Harry finds her there and they have a huge confession and it’s super fluffy? - requested by anon to somanyimagines

Sorry it took me so long to get this done.

     I was hanging out in the twins’ room with Fred and George, but that wasn’t where I really wanted to be.  I really wanted to be sitting downstairs with Harry (my crush) and Ron (my best friend), listening to them talk.

     But no.  As soon as Harry and Ron said one little thing about cute girls at Hogwarts, but before I could hear anything interesting, Fred and George dragged me upstairs to see their new Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes products.

     Sure, the twins made cool stuff, but I really wanted to know which girls Harry thought were cute.  Or rather if he thought I was cute.

     So I left to “go to the bathroom.”  Of course I wasn’t actually heading to the bathroom, but I needed to know what was going on.  Maybe it was a good thing that the twins had been letting me test their products because I had been able to take an extendable ear.

     It worked just as well as Fred and George had promised it would.

     “Come on mate, you won’t stop talking about y/n!” Ron’s voice drifted up through the device.

     “She’s one of my best friends!” protested Harry.

     “Still, there’s only so many times you can call her adorable, or cute, or nice, or say she’s good at something or other.  Admit it, you have a crush on y/n!”

     “No, I don’t!” said Harry adamantly, “She’s just my friend!”

     “You like her!”

     “No!  y/n is too quiet and tom-boyish for me.  Us dating would be like you dating Hermione - it’s never going to happen!”

     I had had enough of listening.  Harry was right - Ron and Hermione would never date, they were too different.  But I had thought that maybe, just maybe, something could happen between Harry and I.

     I guess I was wrong.

     As I wiped the first tear of many off of my cheek, I tried to convince myself that it was better this way - better that I hadn’t found out by doing something embarrassing like telling Harry I liked him.

     I couldn’t get myself to believe that.  I was crying harder now, and I just had to get out.  Maybe some fresh air would help.

     I hurried down the stairs, past the boys (ignoring Harry and Ron when they asked me what was wrong), and into the yard.  I ran to my favorite spot - a shady tree by the gardens that is still a safe distance for gnome-watching - and put my head in my hands.

     I was just so stupid.  How had I ever, in a million years, imagined that Harry would like me back?  Or that a relationship between us would work?

     I guess Harry put it best.  I was just too quiet and tom-boyish.

     I kept crying, even after I felt a gentle hand on my shoulder.  I didn’t bother to look up - I already knew who it was.  Harry.  He always was the most kind out of my friends.

     “y/n, what’s wrong?” he asked gently, pulling me into an embrace.

     “Nothing,” I said, pulling away too quickly, “It’s silly.”

     “I’m sure it isn’t silly,” Harry said, “What’s the matter?”

     I took a deep breath.  Might as well tell him.  He was going to find out anyways.  “I heard you and Ron talking.  I have - um, I guess had, now - a crush on you, and I heard you say that you didn’t like me because I was too quiet and too tom-boyish.  But it’s fine.  Don’t worry about it.  I just need some alone time.”

     Harry was silent for a while so I added, “A relationship probably would’ve ruined our friendship anyways.”

     I was trying to sound sincere, but a sob that I had been suppressing finally burst out of my chest.

     “Oh, y/n,” Harry said with a frown, “I never meant for you to hear that.  I only wanted to get Ron of my back.  None of it is true.”

     I sniffed.  Yeah right.  He was just trying to make me feel better.

     “I just wanted Ron to leave me alone because he keeps teasing me about liking you.  I didn’t want him to know that he was right.  I do like you.”

     “What?” I looked at him.

     Harry met my eyes and smiled.  We both knew what he had said, and in the same instant, we both decided to act.

     Our lips touched and we had the most perfect first kiss imaginable.

Corydalis Solida

A species native to moist, shady habitats in Asia and Northern Europe. The plant produces tubular purple flowers and abundant foliage of palmate leaves. Look for it to flower at the height of spring.


Bunch of green stuff around my place. Succulents, cacti, and foodstuffs!

First year doing that big garden. I’ve got yellow corn, Indian corn, three or four different kinds of potatoes, tomatoes (including fifteen volunteer tomato plants that grew out of my compost pile!), cantaloupe, watermelon, zucchini, squash, green beans, onions, radishes, beets, okra, several kinds of lettuce greens, and so on. Looking pretty good so far!