shady figure

A sliver of silver reflection.

I remember years ago, while working in C-Sec there was this case where Turian children kept disappearing on one of the wards. Posters were popping up on every street corner, countless faces. Within weeks the outpost I was stationed at was packed with dozens of Turian parents begging for their children to be found. Often mothers doing most of the talking while the fathers were either out trying to find their sons and daughters themselves or simply did what they could to somehow get us to work harder on figuring out what in spirits name was going on. This was all happening within my first year as a C-Sec officer, before I got moved up to investigations at the C-Sec HQ.

My immediate thought was to figure out where all these kids were from and after a few days of asking around and looking through the public records of all the parents that had approached us I was able to narrow it down to a half dozen blocks of residential buildings. A mostly Turian enclave area of the Citadel with some Volus and Elcor mixed in, maybe even the occasional Salarian. 

One thing I noticed was how quiet the streets were. For an area that housed over ten thousand residents, the main streets were mostly empty. The local park had the occasional shady figure who would run off if you tried to get close, but for the most part it was also empty. 

I walked down a few dozen more blocks, out of the enclave and into the Asari/Salarian dominated area of the ward. Children and families were noticeably making up over half of the locals walking by. Asari school groups, and the occasional Salarian cluster created the kind of bustle you would expect. 

Growing up on Cipritine I was accustomed to streets filled with other children playing war, and building forts out of dumpsters and cardboard in back alleys and raiding the bases other ‘factions’ of kids who were part of different educational regiments or schools. 

As a kid I was much more fascinated with tearing things apart and figuring out why they work and trying to improve them or splice them into something else. 

Sol, my sister, took after me in this aspect a little as she got past her infant years my tools and projects would often go ‘missing’ often ending up under her bed or hidden in a closet.

I was never the kind of kid who was into reckless violence and growing up unless I had some kind of conviction for what I was doing. I only ever got into one fight with this one kid named Valaksus because he kept harassing the smaller kids. Ended up breaking his arm, and dislocating his other shoulder; I only walked away with a bloody face. We ended up moving to the outskirts of the city after that.

I could see the value in something like hand to hand as a form of protection for myself and others. Aside from that, if I didn’t believe in learning something I never really gave it my full attention much to the frustration of my father. I hated rifle training and hunting trips when I was young, needless violence, and why did I have to kill them? I always had a moral high ground of thinking people could, with enough persuasion see things my way and that violence could be avoided. My dad tried to help me understand that the convictions of the self and the convictions of the cause must always be worth dying for, and while this may seem close minded as I argued, he pointed out that some people’s causes are for peace and for helping others like he was with his job at C-Sec. keeping an open mind is always important when dealing with so many different people he said; but sometimes violence is necessary. Sometimes people need to die, and it is their conviction to their wrong doing that decides their fate. When I asked him how he decides who lives and dies he simply said their lives weren’t up to him; and that whether they needed to die or not wasn’t a choice he could make as a cop, but rather a personal belief he had to set aside for a noble cause: Staying within the lines of the law and of civility.

So walking around on the Turian enclave later that night while off duty I happened to pass by an alley when I saw a kid out of the corner of my eye at the far end. 

She ran off before I could say anything, and given the lack of any other kids in the area and the fact that they’ve been going missing, I ran after her. Down the alley, through some fences, and two residential buildings I followed her to this basement under some shabby restaurant that had closed years ago.

Ended up upon this ring of Turians who were selling the kids to Batarian slavers and auctioning others to Krogans who wanted to take their revenge out on the Turians who put their species down with the genophage. The kids couldn’t fight back. The kids would get shipped out to other parts of the citadel and would be beaten to death and disposed of, even cooked afterwards by some of the Krogan, most of the kids were homeless but as they ran out of those, they started taking the ones who had families just to keep the business going. 

Even to this day I can’t recall the firefight that ensued, or even fully recall tracking down every monstrous customer of this nightmare from the ledger I found and doing the world the service of removing them from it. I had never in my life experienced such an intense rage towards another person or group of people. 

 I killed them all. Every single one.

When my dad found out he was furious. Yelled at me about fair trial and following the rule book. Especially when it came to those that I had tracked down. 

He ended up covering the whole thing up, aside from giving me credit for shutting down the crime ring, which gave the promotion to the investigations unit, no one ever really knew or found out about everyone who had bought the kids. Several of them were returned to their families after a couple raids on batarian slavers weeks later, and the ones I saved that night went home the next day. The young girl I had followed had managed to escape and led me to where she was taken, before running home once she knew I would enter the building. Turns out she knew I was a cop because she had seem me on patrol weeks before. Within weeks the enclave seemed to be no different from the streets back home.

But he covered the whole thing up.

It was the only corrupt thing he had ever done in all his years at C-Sec. I know damn well I would have lost my job and probably gone to prison for murder.

But… they had to die. Of this I was fully convinced. 

From then on my relationship with him got even harder, we hardly talked, and anytime we did, it was either him lecturing me or both of us arguing. I began to loathe all the rules and red tape the came with the job and after what I had witnessed. 

The capability for unimaginable cruelty of other people. I always had more of a mind that taking these kinds of scum off the streets in such a way that they could never harm anyone ever again was worth whatever means it took to accomplish that, even if it meant bending or breaking some of the rules. 

This is how I went about my job at C-Sec for years, each year feeling more and more restrained by the rules that felt like they were only there to help the bad guys get away. People like Dr. Saleon. 

And then I met Shepard, this… amazing human who taught me how short sighted my frustrations had left me. Who showed me more than I ever would have learned with C-Sec. She showed me the direct approach of convincing others to see her side or dealing with them if they won’t. Who had the ability to set out the ideals I had as a kid and put them into practice in the real world. And who’s combat ability was a terrifying force to be reckoned with. The first few missions with her I caught myself distracted by how quickly she moved from target to target, clearing rooms faster than I had ever seen. The Geth, and the Pirates, Mercs, assassins. The minute she arrived they didn’t stand a chance. 

I aspired to be like her. How even with merc bands smart enough to talk first, she would give them the opportunity to leave, rather than shooting them first. Always offering the handshake first and the barrel of a gun second. 

Every encounter with Saren she fought him through words as well as weapons, and her spirit never seemed to back down. Her influence was so great she was able to convince him to take his own life, the last act of defiance against Sovereign. A power with words I had never seen in my entire life.

It was as if she was glowing and I was careful to absorb all I could from her and to be at her side no matter the situation. 

After Saren, I went back to C-Sec with a renewed fire and passion for serving; for protecting those who couldn’t protect themselves. And even though the frustration of the red tape was almost immediately apparent, I kept my head held high, and always offered the handshake and a way out, before going for the gun. Those months I brought in more criminals alive and unharmed (mostly) than I had ever done in entire years of working with C-Sec. Many of them recognized me next to Shepard on the vids of the battle for the Citadel, cutting through Geth heavy lines and kind of gave up as soon as I showed up to whatever operation they had going so I guess that made the job a little easier. 

 Intimidation wasn’t something I was used to, but I learned how useful it was in ending fights before they even began. 

 And then Shepard died.


 It’s still kind of hard to talk about or clearly recall.

It felt like losing a part of myself, and life on the Citadel fell apart. 

The constant drug busts and same scenario criminal kingpin wanna be’s made me feel like I wasn’t accomplishing anything.

I was losing it. 

Everything Shepard had taught me, everything we accomplished. 

Everything she taught me to be, everything that I was and wanted to be. 

I was losing control of it all. 

I had to do something. 

Had to stop the problem at the source. 

It’s what she would have done.

I Ended up drifting for a few months from colony to colony in the terminus systems looking for trouble as I went before losing my way all the way to Omega. 

I needed a cause to believe in and Omega was no shortage of causes. 

And well… Heh… I’m sure your familiar with how that went down hmm? 

When Shepard came back from the dead it felt like a part of myself that I had lost had been restored. I fought better, the banter came natural, I could let my guard down around her. I could truly feel like myself around her. 

No way was a I about to let a rocket to the face cut short what had been returned to me only moments prior. Though I’m sure how high I was off the stims might of affected how i was feeling. Three days straight of shooting bad guys can make even me a little… whats that human word? Cookoo? 

With Shepard back in my life I could feel more myself, and I could let my guard down around her, even more so than back when we took down Saren. It felt more natural this time round for us to be just us. 

Just like old times, but better still. 

And with very few people onboard the Cerberus ship that we felt like we could trust (I removed like three dozen hidden cameras and audio devices from the forward battery, as well as a algorithm tracker from my terminal) It was only normal that we turned to each other more and more. Old friends, a hard thing to find back then. 

And then after Shepard helped me with Sidonis, and the way Kaiden reacted to Shepard on Horizon, I suppose I should have expected Shepard to want more than friendship, me being the only one she could fully trust. And well… being completely honest that caught me completely off guard. 

It was… nerve wracking and awkward, but the more we felt out our feelings the more natural it became, the more… right it was and the more we could feel like ourselves. And this innate need to find ourselves in each other and to support each other defined every aspect of who we were, and spirits be dammed if I ever let anything happen to her because I know I’ll lose myself as well. 

 It’s a kind of belonging of the soul that I think we all strive for, and I couldn’t be more at peace with having found my place in this world by Shepards side. 

Because as I’m sure you know. 

There really is no Shepard without Vakarian. 

 And damn does being me feel good. 


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Jungkookie or hoseok with the very last one on the list (whichever you feel is best) it seems super sweet and I feel like both of them would do it without a second thought -E.M.

Anon, my dear, you just made me get the worst jungkook feels. i really feel hobi would just call the police and tell reader to stay on the line tho, whereas jungkook would be the one to actually spring into action like “I GOT IT”

“it’s the middle of the night and i’m walking home alone in the dark and there’s this guy following me and he’s starting to gain on me and i found this phone booth with a lock on the door and i tried to call my best friend but my hands were shaking so badly i accidentally dialed the wrong number and i don’t even know you but help me” au

Walking home from work after a late shift was never your favorite thing to do, and you doubted it ever would be.  Especially now, considering you’ve seen the same figure in a dark hoodie following you for the past ten minutes.

Growing panicked, you picked up the pace, your heart leaping into your throat when the figure followed your lead. All the shops were closed this late at night, the only light coming from a phone booth just ahead of you. Darting inside, you locked the door and picked up the phone with shaky hands, watching the unknown person slow to a stop near a stoplight a few meters away. He was significantly closer now than when you had first began running, and you shuddered at the thought of what may have happened had they caught you.

You did your best to dial your best friend’s number, the silence of the world around you making the dial tone seem deafening. When it finally picked up and you heard the groggy voice of a man just woken from sleep the knot in your stomach tightened, and you prayed that it was just her new boyfriend.

“Hello?” The man asked, yawning right after. You pursed your lips as the you felt the burn of tears against your eyes.

“Is Eunmi there?” You quietly inquired, doing your best to keep your voice level. Your efforts didn’t come to much, and you didn’t doubt the panic lacing into your voice made it through the phone to the man on the other end.

There was a long pause on the other end, the only thing reassuring you that the man didn’t hang up being the sound of his breathing.

“I think you’ve got a wrong number.” He told you. You struggled to suppress the sob trying to break it’s way from you at his answer. “But you don’t sound all that great. Are you okay?”

“I- I was on my way home from work and someone followed me all the way to the phone booth and I was trying to dial my friend’s number but my hands were shaking so bad I guess I accidentally called you and I- I’m sorry. I’m really scared.” You blurted in one quick breath, a few tears escaping you as you explained your situation to the stranger.

“Is he still there? Where are you?” The man questioned, now sounding much more awake. You nodded, only belatedly realizing he couldn’t see.

“He’s been standing maybe four meters away since I locked myself in here. I’m in the phone booth in front of Bok Chicken. In Seoul.” You could faintly hear the man murmur something before replying to you.

“I’m near there. I’ll be there in a few minutes to get you, okay? Just stay there. What’s your name? I’m Jungkook.”


“Alright. I’ll be there soon.” And the line went dead.

Now feeling more vulnerable than ever without someone on the other end of the phone, you hung it back up on the stand before curling up on the floor of the booth, head on your knees. You weren’t sure how great of an idea it was to rely on the help of a stranger you accidentally dialed, but you used the last of your change to make the botched call and your cell was dead, so you couldn’t just re-dial the police. You didn’t know what else you could do at this point without leaving the phone booth and essentially delivering yourself to the shady figure stalking you.

You don’t know how much time passes before there’s knocking on the glass, causing you to nearly jump out of your skin. You look up to see another man in a black hoodie, but with the bottom of a long white shirt peeking out from it and still donning pajama pants. The hood is up and he’s wearing a mask, but his wide eyes seem to bore into your soul.

“Y/N! It’s Jungkook!” He informs. You rise back to your feet and unlock the door, seeing the creepy person who had been following you with their back to you, already walking away. You release a breath, and with it comes tears of relief.

Jungkook shoots a look over his shoulder and juts his chin in the direction of the dark-clothed person.”Is that who was following you?”

You nod, wiping your cheeks vigorously with your sleeve to rid yourself of the water trails painting them. Jungkook nods, wrapping a comforting arm around your shoulders as he tells you he’ll walk you home if you just lead the way.

The rest of the trip to your apartment is uneventful, and your savior does his best to keep your mind off of the situation that led him to you. You invite him inside for a drink once you arrive, but Jungkook politely declines, citing the fact that he didn’t want to put you off as reason why. When you insist on repaying him in some way, a shy grin rises to his face.

“A date.” He says. “Let me pick you up for a date sometime.”

Your face heats up and you avert your eyes. He had pulled his mask down after a while of talking with you, and you couldn’t deny he was handsome. Plus, he dragged himself out of bed to help you- a stranger- out of a crisis, so he couldn’t be too bad.

“Okay.” You nodded. “Tomorrow at seven sound okay?”

“Perfect. I’ll see you tomorrow then.”

You exchange numbers before bidding each other goodnight. As he walks away, you take a final peek at his retreating figure before closing your door. Your heart is light considering the frightening events that had transpired. And looking back, you only think fondly of how the cute, sweet stranger rescued you.

Damn this got long. I love it. I love you anon. Requests are still open! I’m going to sleep now, but I’ll get to whatever I can in the morning.

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30 Days of Sherlock Holmes: Day 24

Favourite secondary character (as in appearing in more than one story)

Mycroft! What we’re told of him in canon is already interesting enough, and then there are so many “unexplored possibilities” about his character that fanfics and pastiches can delve into. He’s the only member of Sherlock’s immediate family that we know anything about, and both the similarities and the differences between them are such a great setup for any number of interesting dynamics.

I love the fact that he’s basically introduced, initially, as “Sherlock Holmes but even moreso” (i.e., more intelligent but also more antisocial, more eccentric, etc). On the one hand, it allows us to see Sherlock put in the “inferior” position for once – as both the younger brother and the lesser intelligence – which reveals a side to his character that we wouldn’t ordinarily get to see. But I also love that the point of this is to demonstrate that these traits don’t actually make Mycroft a better detective than Sherlock – that being a great detective isn’t just about having the biggest brain but that it takes a particular balance of skills (including at least some ability to interact socially with “normal people”) – and that merely taking all of Sherlock’s most extraordinary qualities and intensifying them just makes a guy who’s “too Sherlockian” to accomplish any of the extraordinary things the actual Sherlock does.

But then of course Mycroft turns out to have his own very particular skillset and very exceptional line of work, as revealed in BRUC. His mysterious role in the British government is of course chiefly responsible for the endless fascination with Mycroft in adaptations and pastiches etc., and for good reason: there are so many different directions one can take it in. Personally I have a certain fondness for versions that explore the idea of Mycroft as a bit of a morally shady figure, as I enjoy the potential conflict or tension between Mycroft the ruthless agent of the British Empire (whose job is to keep the government’s secrets) and Sherlock the anti-authoritarian maverick (whose job is to uncover all secrets).

Mycroft really appears in just two stories in the canon, but there’s enough interesting material in those two stories to generate a world of speculation and pastiche – and I for one will never tire of it.

Fear Grips Gotham - Scarecrow’s Batman ’66 Origin

I’ve noticed that the ‘66 version of Scarecrow’s origin is rarely talked about, and perhaps disliked by some. I decided that it would be interesting to analyze the story because I enjoyed it quite a lot, and I believe others would too. This post is dedicated to @canadian-riddler​, one of the few fans of this particular origin.

The comic starts off with Batman and Robin responding to a crime in progress, a bank robbery to be specific. They catch a glimpse of a shady figure leaving the scene and run after him only to be face-to-face with the Scarecrow! He promptly sprays the duo with a crazy looking nerf-inspired gun that sports a pumpkin at the end of it’s barrel. (and I love the design, it’s so outlandish and silly, but it fits perfectly within the universe)

Fear Toxin fills the immediate area and the two are exposed to their worst nightmares. For Robin, it’s a demonic version of Batman mocking him and his failures. Batman, on the other hand is transformed into a child and has to revisit the untimely death of his parents, knowing there’s nothing he can do to prevent it.  The scene is really well illustrated, and captures their over dramatic use of emotion that the ‘66 comics are known for.

Once the two come out of their daze, a straw clad note informs them of Scarecrow’s plans. “In three days the whole city will come to fear the Scarecrow!” They leave to the batcave to examine trace chemicals left on their clothing. As it turns out, the toxin is so strong that it effects you upon skin contact, thus making filters useless. I always liked this idea, because it makes the toxin seem deadlier and more threatening. After some analysis, they head off to the source of the compound, a small town in the appellation mountains.

Since no exact location is ever stated in the comic, you could easily imagine this happening anywhere within the mountain range, even Georgia is an option for those who are fans of Year One. This feels like a good choice on the part of the writers, even the town of Jitters Holler is completely fictitious. Moving on though, our dynamic due come across the Cobbletoes, who are happy to answer any questions about the surrounding area’s soil.

Admittedly this part of the story plays on several clichés, plus the dialogue and character designs could be seen as a little racist, but I’m not here to debate that. It’s just worth mentioning, and the scene only lasts long enough to inform the reader on Crane’s backstory in this universe. Turns out the issue with the crops comes from an old mineral spring located on the Crane land. With the place now abandoned, we learn that the mansion on the property (which looks suspiciously similar to the Keeny manor) used to be a boarding house, and the family sold moonshine on the side.

Scarecrow’s backstory is depressing as usual, and echoes year one in a lot of ways. As the tale goes, one of the boarders left overnight never to be seen again. She abandoned her newborn child and the Cranes cared for him in her absence, that baby was Jonathan. It’s not brought up in the comic, but I like to imagine that he never knew his mother or what became of her, and only took the Crane name out of necessity. Of course, what Scarecrow origin would be complete with a bully? This time around it’s the son of Miss Crane, Zeke, who who terrifies young Jonathan by chasing him with a huge scarecrow.

Crane leaves Jitters Holler, heading for (presumably) Gotham University as he had earned himself several scholarships. The Cobbletoes never see him again, which is why they were surprised when Jonathan showed up one day a few months back, only to collect -something- from the shed and leave. Strangely enough, Zeke was parallelized with fear after his visit, and had to be hospitalized. (it’s heavily implied that this was due to fear toxin)

Back in Gotham Scarecrow is spreading fear like wildfire. I hate to be purposefully vague here, but I think this story is worth reading just for this ending. You’ll be be treated to scarecrow’s poetic monologuing as he rides a horse drawn carriage down the streets of Gotham. (it’s a staple of this aesthetic and I love that they included here)  Using the crazy nerf gun from before, he sends his victims running for the hills. However, things skid to a halt when a vision of horror appears before Crane, could the toxin be affecting him too?

It’s the same scarecrow that haunted him in his childhood, puppeteered by Zeke. Slowly succumbing to fear and unable to resist it any longer, Jonathan faints and collapses in fetal position, he’s clearly broken. This one scene makes the whole comic for me, and I implore anyone interested to check out the issue. In keeping true to the eccentric storytelling of Batman ‘66, the scarecrow and Zeke were simply the dynamic due in a costume. Something different and original, I happily welcome the idea. The comic ends with Jonathan under the care of Huge Strange. Considering their history together in other universes…this can’t end well.

Up in Flames

Sister Winchester : 

Pairings: Dean Winchester x Sister!reader, Sam Winchester x Sister!reader

Y/N = Your Name

Song Inspo: Youth by Daughter 

Summary: It’s the second of October and both boys have nightmares about your Mother, Jess and you. You help both of them wake up but the nightmare lives on. fluffish at the start but then burns out 

Warning: Fire and burning.

A/N: Could be space for a second part but we will see how this goes. So tempted to finish this with, “And it was all a dream” but thought it’d be to corny. 

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Shadows settle on the place, that you left.
Our minds are troubled by the emptiness.
Destroy the middle, it’s a waste of time.
From the perfect start to the finish line.

Thunder clapped whilst lighting slashed across the night sky. Wind swirled and rattled the windows as Dean struggled in his sleep. He had sweat collecting on his forehead as his brows knitted and unravelled in a pained expression. His forest green eyes were locked in his head as he was trapped having to watch his nightmare play out: He felt the heat of the fire as it licked his ankles and his back as he ran from the building. But when he would leave one room to escape the fire he would only enter another and continued to go around and around in circles. He heard a chorus of screams of Mary, Jess and what terrified him the most, yours. He smelt the smoke that was collecting in his lungs as they heave.  Running, running, running until finally he found Mary on the ceiling screaming for him, but it’s too hot and he can’t reach her. Then Mary morphs into Jess and then into you. Trapped, bleeding, burning, screaming his name in agony to run. 

“Dean! Dean…Wake up” you shook Dean’s tensed shoulders as worry drew lines on your face about your distressed brother. He looked so frightened and he was mumbling something that you couldn’t make out. “Dean!” you tried again, a little louder this time. Dean’s eyes snapped open and looked around the room terrified before locking with yours. 

And if you’re still breathing, you’re the lucky ones.
‘Cause most of us are heaving through corrupted lungs.

He was panting and he was holding onto your forearm for dear life before resting his head back on the pillow. You looked at him sympathetically, “I’ll get you a water” you offered getting up and turning towards the outdated kitchen. But Dean’s hand gripped onto yours tight so that you wouldn’t leave his side. You looked back to him, his eyes were glassy as they reflected the limited amount of light in the motel room, “No. I’m not thirsty…Just stay here, please” he looked at you almost pleading you not to leave his side. You never really saw him scared but right now he looked so vulnerable. “Okay” you softly spoke as you returned to him and slid next to Dean in the bed. He wrapped an arm around you and held you close to his body before wrapping his other free arm around you as well. He rested his chin on your head as your head was pressed into his warm chest. You heard his heart rate race and looked up to him as he continued to stare around the room. Checking dark corners for movements, outside the windows for a shady figure and then back onto you to make sure you were okay. He sniffled a little and brought his hand up to rub his eyes to rid it of fatigue and tears.

You knew what the dream was about and you couldn’t blame him. It was the 2nd of October, he was always touchy on the days leading up to it as he was reminded of Mum’s death. His heart continued to race and he flinched occasionally at the thunder claps and lightning strikes. “Dean try and get some sleep” you groggily suggested as you started to drag your hands in a patting motion across Dean’s chest. Even then you could feel his heart leap around in his chest as you hummed ‘Hey Jude’ to him. He ignored your requests as you slipped into sleep. 

Not too long after, you heard you name called. You snapped your eyes open and unravelled yourself as best you could from Dean as it seemed fatigue had finally taken him. 

“Jess……Y/N” Sam tossed and turned as his blanket wrapped around his legs and tears leaked from his closed eyes.

Collecting names of the lovers that went wrong
The lovers that went wrong.

Not him as well you sighed as you came to your poor brother’s bed and hovered above him, resting a hand on his shoulder like you did with Dean. “Sammy…Sammy wake up.”  You continued to shake him, “No, No, Y/N run…run!”. The mention of your name again to run made shivers run up your spine and guilt pull you down. 

Sam’s eyes finally opened and he locked with yours. There was surprise, relief and then terror once again as he pulled you down on the bed roughly. He was shaking as he pushed you behind him and then you saw in the dark, those yellow eyes that hunted your own nightmares shining brightly. “Run” Sam breathed as he stood up and charged at the demon. The ruckus caused Dean to wake up. You watched as fear fell on Dean as he realised you were no longer in his arms and then looked up to see Sam fighting the shadowy figure he was dreading. 

You were a deer caught in headlights. You head told you run but your heart told you stay as your brothers were thrown around the room. But sitting still wasn’t helping them or yourself so you stood up, “Go, Y/N run!” Dean barked. You felt your feet shuffle towards the door but with a second glance at your brothers you just couldn’t do it, Dean was dazed out on the ground whilst Sam was pinned on the wall gasping for breath . You couldn’t leave them, the damn demon would catch up to you anyway you thought as you ran at the demon’s back. 

We are the reckless,
We are the wild youth
Chasing visions of our futures
One day we’ll reveal the truth
That one will die before he gets there.

You leapt up and pulled the demons head back making him fall backwards and let go of Sam. “There she is” the big sleaze announced as a smile pulled his plastic skin into a grotesque mask. You knew what was coming, you knew why he was here. You were a distraction to the boys and his big plan. He had to dispose of you like he did with Jess with his classic flare. You went to lunge back at him but felt yourself pushed back against the wall as you were dragged up the ceiling. You felt as your own blood drenched your bed shirt and drip down onto your unconscious brothers. Their eyes fluttered open as you stared down at them with a sorry expression. 

And if you’re still bleeding, you’re the lucky ones.
'Cause most of our feelings, they are dead and they are gone.
We’re setting fire to our insides for fun.
Collecting pictures from a flood that wrecked our home,
It was a flood that wrecked this home.

“Run” you whispered as the flames erupted and licked your skin as you screamed in agony. The Yellow-eyed demon laughed cruelly as you twisted your body trying to escape the fiery clasp. “RUN!” you screamed at you bewildered and broken brothers as they stumbled out the burning motel room. They looked back at you as the fire reflected in their eyes. Their nightmares coming to life as you struggled and there was nothing for them to do.

Well I’ve lost it all, I’m just a silhouette,
A lifeless face that you’ll soon forget,
My eyes are damp from the words you left,
Ringing in my head, when you broke my chest.

A  hand rested on both boys shoulders as they were pulled out of the door and out onto the car park by a short brown haired man wearing a brown trench coat. Cas stepped into the smoked filled burning room as his eyes turned bright blue. A white light blinded you as you felt yourself fall and the screams of the Yellow eyed demon rung in your ears. 

And you caused it,
And you caused it,
And you caused it

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….and of course, heh, Yondu and Anakin have almost the same story (kept as slaves for their entire childhoods, finding a new ‘family’ only to betray them by making a deal with a shady godlike figure, having a moral event horizon that involves the killing of children, and finding some sort of redemption by dying for their sons.)

….Yondu’s crimes were on a much smaller scale, but still.

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"Hello," a timid, yet curious voice announced in an attempt to pull the shady figure before her away from his work. "My name is Gwendolyn," she said, introducing herself. The man seemed intimidating, it's aura was startling but she attempted to not draw notice to the obvious goosebumps that crawled up her arms. She paused, drawing a blank on a question, and looked around for a spark. And then the question appeared, "do you like to be alone? Don't you wish you had company?"

“Solitude has many advantages.”

Dark responded without missing a beat, but something lay beneath his eyes that seemed to lie straight to their face.

“It promotes a deeper level of thinking, creativity, philosophy, intelligent, it all stems from uninterrupted silence to dive deep into your thoughts, your desires, your aspirations. It allows you to focus on your work, whatever it may be. You can be whatever you’d like to be when you are on your own, there is no judgement, no expectations, no peers. Your words fall on no one, and therefore you need not hold back. Your opinions are never denied, therefore you need not lie.”


AU where Talia and Aoife are a pair of rag tag adventurers that take on all the extremely risky and dangerous quests that no one dare accept

» w/ @paissa-brat

SPN Finale Thoughts

I already said I’d share this, so here goes. I’ll talk about both episodes, but I’ll keep it short about 12x22, because even though there’s lots of stuff to mention there, in comparison to 12x23 it was literally relaxing to watch.  Spoilers below.

12x22: Who We Are

In this episode, the BMoL are wiped out (finally!), or at least the branch of them that went to America and made a huge mess. To be honest, I liked that this storyline was more present than the myth arcs usually are, but mostly I found the BMoL rather annoying. Yes, it was a nice change of scenery to have some human antagonists this season, but to me their storyline was never as intriguing as the Nephilim myth arc, as the double finale perfectly displayed. 12x22 was great, I loved it, but it was not epic (12x23 was, but I’ll get to this in a minute). I can’t think of  a single scene in this episode that I didn’t thorougly enjoy - all of the character development, the feelings (and Ketch finally bit it). Jody survived, but we didn’t get to see Eileen again, which I had been hoping for a little. Ketch killed Toni, and I was even a bit upset about this, but not that much honestly. Dean finally got to use the grenade launcher, faced his past, his most internal emotions, reconciled with his Mom, and don’t get me started on that group hug in the end. (Clearly, this episode set a completely wrong tone for 12x23, but to be honest so did the first 35 minutes of 12x23) My favourite scene however was back at Jody’s house, Sam’s speech in front of the other hunters (he did the “we - no, I” thing that so many people have been talking about regarding Destiel and brodependency); I was so so proud of him in that moment. And then Dean, choosing to stay behind and admitting openly that Sam is ready to be on his own: this was such a big step for both of them and it was beautiful, and then the BMoL were wiped out, Mary was saved and killed Ketch, Dean forgave her, Sam forgave her, group hug, credits. And then 12x23 came and hit everybody in the face.

12x23: All Along The Watchtower

If we combine these two episodes, it totally justifies the red wedding comment, but for me, 12x23 was a Red Wedding on its own. There are many points to address in this episode, and I’ll try to do it chronologically.

First of all, Rowena. No doubt, she deserved better than an off-screen death, but let’s not forget we haven’t seen a corpse that could be actually identified as her. Okay, there are multiple hints that the burnt figure on the ground is really her (her phone, her bag, the hair in Lucifer’s hand), but no body - no death. Also, why is nobody talking about the fact that the opening of this scene was super creepy, we see Rowena’s buzzing phone and her ringtone is this happy beepy tune, and then the camera wanders off to blood splats across the table and the floor… (Headcanon: what we heard is Rowena’s ringtone just for Sam, because of that “do I have my own ringtone?” in 12x11)

Crowley. Oh my. He just shows up at the bunker, complete with snarky comments, and doesn’t even leave out the fabulous tale of Crowley And The Rat. He admits his mistake (hybris even) regarding Lucifer, tells the Winchesters that he actually hates being the King of Hell, and then promises to close the gates of hell if they help him defeat Lucifer. To me, this whole season has been one big Crowley redemption arc, and in the end, he dies a hero’s death, sacrificing his life for a spell to lock Lucifer in that apocalypse AU. We don’t know if it was his spell that actually closed the portal, or the birth of the Nephilim, but I think that doesn’t really matter here. His intentions do: he died, saving the Winchesters and the rest of the world from Lucifer and a Lucifer-influenced Nephilim, and atoning for his own mistake. His last words: “Bye, boys.” I’m not crying, you are. The king is dead, all hail the king.

Lucifer. Mark Pellegrino said “if you didn’t hate me before, you will after this.” And god, do I. Most of the season I just found him annoying, whatever vessel he was in, but now I just wish him a slow and painful death, preferably at the hands of Team Free Will, because being locked in the apocalypse AU is far too good for him.

The Nephilim. (okay, this isn’t chronological anymore, but I’m saving the most important for last) We didn’t get to see him until the last five seconds, and that was super creepy. The burning footsteps, the shady figure in the dark, the golden eyes, that smile… apart from that creepy evil smile, he actually seemed scared to me, curled up in that dark corner, but now I don’t know what to think. I really like the fact that he’s not a baby, because I didn’t anticipate that, and apparently none of the characters did either. He looked teen-aged to me (but let’s be honest here, we didn’t really see him), but the actor in the opening credits, Alexander Calvert, who must have been playing him because who else, is 26 years old already, so he might be grown-up. Just as an aside, I don’t like the name Jack in general, and even less so as the name of Lucifer’s child. I hope they’ll stick with something else.

Cas. (*clears throat*) Cas. (*starts sobbing uncontrollably*) CAS! Alright, I’ll calm down. Still this was one of the most painful things to watch in like, ever. I had my suspicions about Cas dying, but on tumblr people referred to it as the “annual Cas panic” and told everybody to calm down, nothing was going to happen, WELL LOOK HOW THAT TURNED OUT! When Cas came storming through that portal towards Lucifer and Sam had to drag Dean away from him and back to their world, I thought for sure that Cas would get stuck in the apocalypse AU, and when he popped out again, I was so happy and relieved, and I guess that’s why it hit me so much harder when Lucifer stabbed him from behind. I’m not kidding, I screamed. Like, loud. I don’t think I’ve ever screamed at my TV before, but this time I did. I was in complete shock for the remaining minutes, and Dean collapsing next to Cas’ body broke me completely. Crowley’s death may have been painful, but it was nowhere near this, because at least his death made sense, whereas Cas’ death was uttlery pointless. It was just Lucifer breaking Daddy’s toys and sewing destruction. Cas was killed in front of the people he calls his family, the people he loves most in the entire world, and who love him just as much as he loves them, but he never really knew that. And Dean’s reaction makes it so much more painful, because you can literally see his world shattering when he screams “NO!” when Lucifer stabs Cas, and you can see everything breaking inside and out as he looks at Cas’ body and collapses next to him, not caring about anything else, while Sam runs off looking for the newborn Nephilim.(According to Jensen, we haven’t even seen Dean’s full reaction yet) As painful as it is, this just stresses Destiel (and fits perfectly with @tinkdw ’s break up theory), and honestly I can’t wait for Dean’s reaction when Cas comes back (after two days we basically have confirmation that he’ll be back :D). Even before Jared’s whoopsie at JIBcon and Misha’s tweet that “Cas has a future”, I was pretty positive that he’d come back, although there was something seemingly final about his death: this is the first time he’s died an actual “angel death”, white light/grace, wings burned into the ground and all. It’s his fifth time dying (I think), and it was certainly the most painful one, including Dean’s reaction. They have come so much further in their relationship this season, with the mixtape scene and all, but Dean still hasn’t reciprocated Cas’ “I love you” from 12x12. Back then, when Cas was dying, Dean was in total denial (as I will be from now on till October, when I won’t need to be anymore hopefully), but now he has to face this, he has to face Cas’ death, and he has to face his feelings for Cas. And as painful as that might be at first, you bet he won’t hold himself back anymore when Cas comes back after this.

Observations on Coraline

I was re-watching “Coraline” for about the twentieth time today (it’s my favorite sick-day movie) and, as with any movie possessing clever details, I noticed a few things that I hadn’t before. (Spoilers ahead.)

There was a particular sequence near the end that really struck me, when Wybie comes to ask Coraline to return the doll. As Coraline rants about the sinister goings-on in the Other World, Wybie looks very uncomfortable and remarks, “You and Grandma been talking?”

You and Grandma been talking.

You and Grandma been talking.

Wybie has heard this story before. Perhaps Grandma Lovatt goes on about the past when the moods strikes her. Clearly, she has talked at length about her lost twin sister, enough that the family is familiar with the story of her disappearance.

Perhaps it’s even become something of a gallows-humor family joke. Perhaps it’s something Wybie’s parents roll their eyes over.

“Now Mom, we all know she wasn’t really stolen. If she was in that house, they would have found her. Now stop scaring the boy.”

Wybie has literally heard these stories all his life, has heard his grandmother talking about something sinister connected with a doll, and a shady figure that “stole” her sister. He even shows Coraline a picture of the two girls with the doll when it looked like Grandma’s twin.

And then it hit me.

They were twins. They were TWINS.

Grandma Lovatt has been to the Other World too.

Which one of them went there first, it’s impossible to tell. Perhaps only one went as first, then the other grew curious after hearing stories of a fantastical world where everything was perfect. After all, twins so often do everything together when they’re young.

So what happened? Did they argue over the doll? Did Grandma sense danger and hang back on a return trip while her sister ran ahead? Or were they trapped there together, and only Grandma managed to escape?

However it happened, I think Grandma Lovatt has seen some shit. She must have some idea of what actually happened to her sister.

Why else would she lock and wallpaper over the door before renting out the house, and even then refuse to rent to families with children?

Why else would she warn Wybie about the doll and forbid him to ever go into the Pink Palace?

And this isn’t even touching all the headcanons I have regarding the book.

Scrolling through my dash and Neal Caffery came up so my brain went well, guess you’re having White Collar AU thoughts now.

I’m imagining a world where Dirk Gently is a criminal informant for FBI Special Agent Farah, who successfully tested into the FBI on her first try and ended up as head of the Seattle White Collar Division at the ripe young age of thirty. She’s got a string of arrests under her belt and her team both respect and fear her with equal intensity, her superiors keep making vague noises about moving her up the chain of command but she’s very much okay staying where she is, thank you but no thank you, she’s here to make a difference and that’s what she intends to do. She wasn’t heavily involved in the case that put Dirk behind bars four years ago (it was mainly a CIA affair, he’d steadfastly maintained his innocence right through the trial and sentencing until the very last minute, she remembers his face when the judge pronounced him guilty and it still haunts her sometimes) but she’s familiar enough with the details that the authorities feel comfortable calling her when Dirk goes missing from his jail cell with only three months left to serve on his sentence.

She ends up finding him in the woods, fifty miles from the supermax prison where he was being held. He’s vaguely confused about why she’s there but he’s adamant that it was just a misunderstanding, he opened the wrong door and got lost in the woods, he ended up where he needed to be despite the fact that it really wasn’t where he intended to go.

“Dirk, it took you an entire day to walk here”.

“There’s a barricade along the road Farah, I honestly didn’t even notice that I’d left the prison”.

So she goes to take him back to his cell (she calls her boss on speakerphone to update him, Dirk uses it as an opportunity to ask weird and personal questions until Farah threatens to put him in the boot of the car) but then Dirk’s yelling that they need to pull over, they need to pull over right that very second. Farah does, and they end up stumbling over a box containing the very evidence that the FBI needed to close a particular case that has been stumping Farah for months.

Dirk mutters something about having a hunch, that’s all, and suddenly Farah is inspired. He doesn’t deserve another four years in a cold lonely cell, he’s a lot paler and thinner than last time she saw him, and he looks bloody awful in his orange jumpsuit (she can’t work out why no-one called the authorities about a dude in prison garb wandering down a major Washington State highway, she’d think that the universe wanted him to escape only that would be ridiculous).

He’s not a huge fan of the ankle monitor but he’ll take what he can get.

For the first couple of months their interactions are generally Farah asking “how could you possibly know this detail about this crime we’re solving, why do you have connections to the city’s biggest crime syndicate, why do you own all these missing goods?“ and Dirk avoiding all questions with “I have the right to remain silent” (and occasionally “please can I go back to my cell now, there was less murder there”). The CIA keep trying to headhunt him and Farah joked about it once until she saw that he’d gone white as a sheet (she makes a note to look into it later, but they’re snowed under with cases and she never quite finds the time).

Farah’s team end up doing a bit of work with the local Missing Persons unit, she keeps trying to Estevez for the FBI but Estevez just wants to find missing people. It turns into a running joke every time they see each other. Farah surreptitiously pins FBI badges on Estevez’s jacket while he’s not wearing it. Estevez refusing to bring her coffee in the morning because the FBI has a budget double that of Missing Persons, she can buy her own damn coffee if she needs caffeine that much. Zimmerfield used to do The Eyebrows™ on rare occasions but it turns into a weekly occurence once they start working with Dirk on cases.

The Rowdy 3 are a vigilante gang that aren’t even under Farah’s jurisdiction (she does white collar cases, not these-dudes-trashed-a-laundromat-that-ended-up-being-a-front-for-literal-Nazis cases) but they somehow keep getting away, and even manage to acquire another member in the shape of a tiny brunette in a too-big leather jacket (Farah’s traitorous mind keeps going to call her adorable, she’s not adorable, Farah is a Special Agent and Special Agents do not use words like adorable to describe violent anarchist ex-drummer punks). But she does her research and then she realizes.


Amanda’s last name is Brotzman.

Farah’s heard the name before and it worries at her for ages until she works out where exactly she’d heard it. It was during Dirk’s trial four years ago, something about a guy that Dirk had been supposedly working with (Todd? Tim? Ted?) who they’d thought might have been involved in the case until Dirk turned around at the last minute and said that the whole thing was him, absolutely just him, no involvement from anyone else, how dare they even suggest it. Dirk’s complete about-face had seemed weird at the time but Farah hadn’t questioned it, it wouldn’t be the first time that a suspect cracked under the pressure of a high-intensity high-profile trial. Now she thinks that it might have been motivated by a desire to protect someone else (it would be a quintessentially Dirk thing to do and Farah’s heart aches for him).

Eventually she ends up discovering that Dirk was set up by the CIA. A special branch (she discovers it’s name, Blackwing, but not what it was set up to do) had requested (dictated commanded forced) Dirk’s involvement with some pretty shady activities and Dirk had complied, not realizing the extent of what he was being asked to do. When he eventually tried to escape, the CIA pinned the whole thing on him and left him to rot in a supermax prison cell until Dirk somehow had a hunch that they were going after Todd.

And Farah is pissed.

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Cris, when Niall was on with Grimmy he said that the boys aren't coordinating their releases and sometimes there's overlap. Do you believe that? Because it sure seems to be coordinated, especially now that it seems some contractual obligation expired in April, which is why they can all release stuff now.

I have no idea what to think. I tried to write out a long answer and every thought I had contradicted the thought prior!  

They’re a Mess™️ and Shady™️ and I can’t figure out what the hell they’re doing 😂

Scared to Ask // Spencer Reid x Reader oneshot

Prompt:  Reid being scared to ask you to move in with him

Requested by: Anonymous

Word Count: 1205

You waited outside of your apartment building for Spencer to show up since he had called to let you know he’d be arriving in five minutes. Your neighbors waved as they walked into your shitty apartment complex, because it was shitty considering that the rent in the city was enough to burn a whole through anyone’s wallet. You barely managed to scrape by only because you juggled your internship at the FBI with a part time job serving coffee.

You sighed as you wrapped your arms across your chest in an effort to warm up. You could see your breathing due to the cold weather and momentarily wondered whether you should have waited inside for him. That thought was soon dispelled as you saw Spencer’s car turn onto your street. He stopped right in front of you and you didn’t hesitate to jump into the warmth of his running car.

“Y/N, were you waiting outside this entire time?” he asked alarmed. Your nose and cheeks were red from the harsh winter and he could see the slight shiver you gave underneath your jacket.

“Yeah,” you admitted sheepishly as he pulled out onto the street. He was your ride to work most days- or at least days when he was actually home. His job was demanding and your internship was no where near the level of his. You two had stumbled into each other various times in the break room and it wasn’t until he had noticed you reading quietly in the corner that he had summoned up the courage to introduce himself. You had smiled and shyly put your book away and he immediately knew that he had found someone interesting.

The two of you formed a friendship for a few months before it became something more one night after a round of caffeine induced giggles. Spencer’s lips had found yours that night and that’s where they had remained for the past year.

“I’ll see you after work,” Spencer said as he gave you a quick peck. You smiled and nodded as you watched him walk out of the elevator towards his desk before the doors closed. You got off on your own floor and headed towards the small cubicle you had been assigned to. You worked for the LEBU unit, otherwise known as the Law Enforcement Bulletin. You were a writer and it was your job to keep everyone informed of anything significant that happened in the FBI.

Emily could tell Spencer was on edge that day with his constant drumming of his fingers against the desk. He’d been like that all day, seemingly distracted whenever someone spoke to him.

“What’s wrong Reid?” She finally asked when everyone had left for lunch. He looked up in surprise that she had stayed behind.

“I’m going to ask Y/N to move in with me.”

“That’s great!” she beamed. Everyone was supportive of their relationship as the two seemed to make each other incredibly happy. 

“I’m not sure that she’ll say yes,” Spencer admitted. He hoped that you would but you were the type of person to want to earn your things. You didn’t appreciate things being handed to you, and you had made it clear to him before that you simply couldn’t afford a different apartment. 

“I’m sure she will. She loves you,” Emily assured. Spencer nodded, beginning to believe the fact that you would say yes. 

The day seemed to pass by fairly quickly and you were surprised when Spencer showed up on your floor. You quickly saved everything you had been working on and grabbed your things, following his tall figure out the door.

You decided to stop at a diner for some much needed food and you couldn’t help but smile as Spencer laced his hand through yours as he sat across from you in the booth. You ordered your food without looking at the menu- you were regulars here and had already picked out your favorite meals.

“Spence, what’s wrong?” You asked as he stared at you with concern in his eyes. He pulled away from you as he leaned back.

“Nothing,” he replied. The look in his eyes didn’t change and you sighed.

“I’m no profiler but I know when you have something on your mind,” you said with a raise of your eyebrow. “So tell me.”

Spencer fidgeted with his jacket as he looked around the diner. There was no one else but an elderly couple eating soup and salad on the other side. He grinned at the sight, imagining the way the two of you would be at that age.


He turned to look at you and sighed deeply. To be honest, there was only one thing he disliked about you and that was where you lived. Your apartment was far from your work and he couldn’t help but notice the shady figures that seemed to hang around all day. He had even had Garcia look up any recent events around your neighborhood and had nearly had a heart attack at the amount of assault reports that had been filed. He worried for you.

“I don’t want you to take this the wrong way,” he began as he nervously rubbed his palms against his legs. “But where you live isn’t exactly a safe place.”

“Spencer, we’ve been over this before. I don’t make enough to afford a different pla-”

“That’s not what I meant.” He interrupted with a nervous grin. You furrowed your eyebrows in confusion as the waitress set your food down in front of you. You both ignored the delicious scents that rose to your nose, giving priority to the current conversation.

“Well what did you mean?” You asked hesitantly.

“Move in with me.” He smiled encouragingly as your eyes widened at his suggestion. “I live closer to work and I have plenty of room. You could get to work easily even when I’m not home. And most importantly, you’ll be safe.”

“You’re really asking this?” You asked in astonishment. You had spent enough nights at Spencer’s apartment to know what he was saying was true but still a part of you didn’t want to feel like an inconvenience.

“Yes. I…” He grabbed your hand in between his and gave it a gentle squeeze. “I love you. And it would make me very happy to have you around to brighten up every day.”

You pretended to contemplate his proposal causing a slightly panicked look to cross Spencer’s face. He had built up your reply in his head all day. He had pictured you agreeing right away with a happy smile. You did love each other after all. You chuckled at his expression and squeezed his hand in reassurance.

“Yes. I’ll move in. But I have to warn you that I do tend to be a blanket hog,” you replied with a laugh. He let out a breath he hadn’t realized he’d been holding at your agreement to move in.

“I already know that,” he chuckled. The two of you ate happily- Spencer already making plans of where to set up your things and talking about the movie nights you’d have every weekend. You smiled at his excitement. It was nice to be loved by a genius.

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And another one for the allstars banters: I would love to read Blackwall and Sebastian talking about life goals, believes, compassion and being lonely (Sorry this already sounds pretty long and broody in the ask :D )

Blackwall: I’m sure you get this a lot, Sebastian, but why did you join the Chantry?

Sebastian: A number of reasons I suppose. My faith, primarily. And I wasn’t of much use to my family as a third son. I may have made some… errors in judgement regarding how I spent my considerable free time.

Blackwall: Hmmm. I can relate.

Sebastian: Were you thinking of taking vows?

Blackwall: Maker’s balls, no.

Blackwall: Er, sorry. I just meant. No. I don’t have plans to become a brother in the Chantry.

Blackwall: Listen, I didn’t mean to sound judgmental when I said I had no interest in taking vows, Sebastian. It wasn’t a commentary on your life choices.

Sebastian: No offense taken. It’s not a life made to suit everyone.

Blackwall: In my younger days, I may have, well. Let’s just say I passed some time with a Chantry sister in a way that makes it difficult to…

Blackwall: Once you’ve heard the chant of light cried out in a certain context, it’s hard to unhear it during services.

Sebastian: That’s certainly… understandable.

Blackwall: Forget I said anything. That was… I didn’t mean to be crass. Something about you makes a man want to confess things.

Sebastian: I wasn’t always a blushing Chantry brother, Blackwall. The Maker cannot forgive a sin until it’s been committed. I may have taken that to heart too well in my youth.

Blackwall: Didn’t we all?

hargreaves1999 replied to your post “¦ has anyone written a dark!Theseus fic yet? Probably not. Why would…”

Wow. That was intense! I’m such a goner for the Scamander brother relationship and Theseus doing everything to protect his little brother. So you can guess that you hit all the right buttons with this. Thanks for writing. Is Percival Graves alive in this ‘verse? And did he know Theseus?

Is Percival Graves alive in this ‘verse everything I will ever write or think of or dare breath word about YES

Yes, Graves is alive, and yes, he knows Theseus. Well. Sort of. He knows Theseus well enough to know that something doesn’t add up, but he also knows well enough that if he tries to out Theseus with anything less than 100% ironclad proof the British Ministry of Magic will laugh in his face, so the friendship between Theseus and Graves consists of Theseus dropping obscure hints and sending racy postcards from parts of the world he definitely doesn’t have clearance to visit while Graves tries to piece things together and maybe also remind himself that Theseus is not in fact a friend, he’s an international criminal doing god only knows what that Graves is trying to uncover with an eye to arresting him.

Be that as it may, he can’t say he’s surprised when a shady figure shows up a month into his captivity and slips him a rough-hewn wand. He doesn’t know for sure that the wand is stolen or illegal, but it’s definitely stolen and illegal.

“The darling’s in town,” the figure drawls. “And your replacement is making life difficult for him.”

Just that. No instructions. No hint as to who ‘the darling’ is (and though Graves knows enough about Theseus’ work to have heard of the darling, Theseus has always been cagey about the details) or what Graves is expected to do - or even how the frick the drawling shadow found him.

Not that the shadow helps him out much. Just slips him a wand and a cryptic message and leaves him to it, and that is most definitely not the usual form of apparition because Grindelwald’s warded against that, so what the fuck. Likelihood that Theseus is working with vampires dramatically increased. Success of operation to eradicate vampires from New York severely called into question. 

Of course, Newt was only in New York for a day before he got in trouble with Grindelwald; it takes Graves most of the next to channel his way through the layers of wards keeping him contained, and that drains his magic enough to leave him almost comatose. Graves’ dramatic rescue attempt of the mysterious darling concludes with Queenie honing in on him like a psychic bloodhound while Tina bosses about the trio of aurors assigned to them and Newt hovers and tries to look inconspicuous. Still, it’s better than slowly dieing in the cell which would have been Graves’ other option, so he calls it a win.

Until he limps back into the office and finds an elegantly scrawled note slipped between the papers on his desk:

Gnarlack of the Blind Pig betrayed the darling. Deal with him.

He blinks at it, mind still sluggish from healing potions. “The darling,” he repeats aloud. “Newt Scamander. Newt fucking Scamander. Newt - “

He firecalls Theseus.

“Newt Scamander,” he says, verging just on the edge of hysterical because suddenly so many things make so much sense but the idea that Theseus has built an entire empire around one man is insane.

Theseus looks at him levelly. There’s none of the usual humour and good cheer in his face, none of the easy movement and expansive gestures in the way he sits still and unblinking. “He’s my brother,” he says, calm and even and so very close to shattering apart that Graves doesn’t even push.

He has his proof. In Newt, he has Theseus’ greatest weakness. He has evidence of Theseus working in New York, in Graves’ city.

But he doesn’t push.

Because… He’s not quite sure why. Maybe it’s the ache of betrayal that still stings, the bitterness of being replaced and no one noticing. Maybe it’s a twisted kind of sympathy, one almost broken man to another. Maybe it’s Newt and his innocence, maybe it’s a lot of things.

The silence stretches too long. The chance for Graves to protest passes in a way that feels strangely final. Inescapable. Theseus just nods. “Would you like Gnarlack framed?” he asks, light and casual as though offering Graves a cuppa while Theseus has the kettle boiling. “It would be a simple thing to out him as a Grindelwald supporter, if that would help you arrest him.”

“No,” Graves says. “No, I - I’m not crooked.” He’s not too sure about that now, but he’ll hold on to as much truth as he can from it for as long as he’s able. “I’m not part of your network, Theseus.”

“I understand,” Theseus says, and that’s it.

In the end, Gnarlack is arrested for a completely different crime, and though the evidence checks out just fine Graves takes great pains not to look too closely just in case. Newt leaves New York and Graves tells himself he’s glad the darling is gone because maybe now he can forget it, bury the whole thing in the same battered casket that holds his conscience and what’s left of his faith in humanity.

Six months later he gets another message.

Grindelwald has eyes on the darling. 

He grips the note too tight and the paper hisses at it tears. His scars flare up, hurts and grudges too recent to have healed over, and all he can see is Grindelwald’s smiling face as it warps and morphs into his own.

The ICW has dithered and gone in circles, talking themselves into dead ends and strangling themselves in their own laws, and Graves is tired of words.

(In an office in London a golden war-hero waits for news of his latest recruit. He toys with a stoppered vial, tilting the glass and watching the pearly liquid shimmer inside. If things go to plan he won’t need to use it, but if Graves proves resistant… Well. The promise of revenge is not the only means of controlling someone, and there are far stronger bindings to be had. Grindelwald will die and Graves will get his revenge, but Newt will still need protecting and what better bodyguard than one in love?

He tilts the vial back, narrowing his eyes at the play of light over the potion’s surface.

After all, Newt is so easy to love.)

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Kind of a sad request. SS getting caught cheating. Either by drunk mistake or intentionally?

Sole took a drink from their glass and smiled at the person sat next to them. The two of them had spent the night together, laughing and joking in The Third Rail and generally were having a nice time, relaxing listening to Magnolia’s songs. The strong smell of alcohol hung around the two, sitting in a seat close to the wall, their rosy cheeks illuminated by a flickering light that hung overhead. Sole’s friend breathed out smoke from their cigarette and grinned as their partner leaned in to kiss them passionately. What the two didn’t realize was that in the distance, a shady figure stood in the background, watching their display from afar.

Cait: When she sees Sole and this mystery person first kiss she scoffs, half choking on tears and half in disbelief that her Sole was actually doing this. Cait brushes hair out from her eyes and prepares herself to march straight over there and mess this person up. If it wasn’t for Hancock, she would still have no clue that this, cheating, had been going on every time Sole popped out to Goodneighbor without her. “What the hell do you think you’re doing!” she yells, walking over to the two lovers and causing a lot of people to turn their heads and stare at the dramatic scene. Sole pulls away from the kiss quickly, their face paling. Oh God.

Curie: Curie stays in the shadows for a little while, watching Sole and this strange person. She hesitates to make a move and stands awkwardly, her hands becoming sweaty and her heart thumping heavily. How could Sole do this to her? Whenever they went out for a little while and she didn’t come with them, could this be where they were this whole time? After a while, and a lot of heavy thinking, Curie makes her move and she shuffles over to the Sole and the person. “U-Uh. Excuse me?” she begins, keeping her hands very close to her sides, her small frame shaking slightly. Curie watches Sole’s face paling and they quickly explains with a stutter that it’s not what she thinks. On the brink of tears, she demands an explanation for this behavior.

Paladin Danse: An intense anger starts to build up inside of him as he stares on at this almost sickening scene of his Sole and this, this person. He clenches a fist and is ready to walk straight up to the two and demand to understand what is happening - But then it hit him. Danse relaxes his hand at his side and he takes a few steps backward as his face falls. Of course, of course this would’ve happened. At the end of the day, Danse was a synth, he couldn’t provide the loving relationship and the satisfaction Sole needed - He just didn’t know how. “Love” was just another anomaly in his programming, surely. He smirks to himself slightly, a sudden pang of emotion tightening his chest. They couldn’t love a machine.

Deacon: When the two first kiss he lets out a gasp, trying his best to keep himself silent. He lets them continue for a while and he wonders whether he should approach them. This whole cheating business was pretty predictable, I mean, Sole learned to lie from the best right? Deacon laughs it off and he turns his head to look away, still leaning against the wall in the cover of darkness. A few drifters caught his eye and they stared back at him, noticing his solemn expression. Deacon simply adjusted his glasses slightly and placed his hands in his pockets in reaction to them. He knew that they couldn’t have really loved him as much as he loved them. He didn’t blame them really. Psh. After a while, he simply walks out and avoids them for a long long time - Understanding that they clearly weren’t happy with him.

Hancock: He’d been watching these two for a while now. As soon as they kissed that was fucking it. They had gone way too far and his suspicions were true. Hancock strides up to them and breaks them apart. With a strong grip, he grasps the collar of Sole’s new partner’s shirt and with full aggression, the angry ghoul pinned them to the wall - holding his signature knife firmly in the other hand. “Tell me what the fuck you were doing with my gal/boy you bastard..” Hancock says, spitting in their face intentionally. The whole bar falls silent as they watch the mayor’s violent display right in front of their eyes. Sole keeps quiet as they watch their friend stammer out words of apology, trying not to get killed. Eventually, Sole has to intervene to prevent Hancock from stabbing them and suggest that they sit down to talk about it like proper adults.

MacCready: MacCready is hurt. Hurt really bad. It was one thing to lose your lover in death, but it felt like it was ten times worse in life. Did they really dislike him that much? To turn around and stab him in the back and lie to his face? He sighs and wonders to himself what the hell he did to deserve this. Sudden anger surged through him and gripped tightly on his cup, almost breaking it in the process. Whoever this person was, why did they think that they had the right to shove their tongue in Sole’s mouth. Sole was his. He loved them, and, well… He wasn’t too sure that they loved him back but boy, did he love him. MacCready puts his glass down and gets up from his seat in the corner to give that.. that, idiot a piece of his mind.

Preston Garvey: “General…” he breathes out, immediately cursing silently to himself to shut himself up. What were they doing? Why were they with this other person. What the hell did he do to disappoint them? He tried his absolute best to provide them with love and satisfy them and all of this time, Sole had been seeing someone else behind his back. Preston felt used. He loved Sole so much but it was evident to see that they didn’t love him back. He could see the smile on their face, how happy they were with this other lover. Preston calls out Sole’s name one last time silently, catching the attention of a few people in the Third Rail, before he pulls his hat down in front of his face and walks out.

Nick Valentine: “Well, the rumors were true, huh?” Nick says simply, standing over Sole and their rather close friend - Making them both jump in shock at his presence. Sole’s partner smirks at Nick and rather rudely asks what a Protectron was doing in the Third Rail snooping on their business. What an asshole. Valentine watched as a rather pale Sole gave this person a punch on the shoulder to shut them up. “Real funny,” the Synth began, “What exactly do you think you’re doing?”
The person makes another rude remark and very quickly Nick loses his patience and punches them across the face, causing the room to fall silent. “Couldn’t hang around me for more than five minutes huh?” Valentine mumbles to Sole, looking at them with his bright eyes. The yellow orbs flickered to the side of the room and before Sole could reply, Nick walked away and out of the bar to reflect on the situation with a smoke break.

Piper: Walking to Goodneighbor, Piper had a fiery attitude, she knew exactly why Sole kept slipping away every now and again and she knew exactly where to find them. However, now that she was actually stood in the Third Rail and she just witnessed Sole cheating right in front of her eyes, she had no clue what to do and just wanted to break down and cry. “B-Blue?” she tries to call out, using their nickname. Sole ignored her, not hearing that she even entered the room. 
Her voice cracking, she whispered Sole’s nickname one more time before beginning to sob silently. Was this really it?

X6-88: He knew Sole’s sudden disappearances were too unusual. And look at them now. Laying in the filth of this town, all over some drunken whore as if what they had was something special. It was hard for him to come to terms with feelings such as love but when he looked at this slob of a man/woman he felt repulsed and jealous. He just has to take care of the situation with a single bullet to the partner’s brain. 

Hey, I’m back guys, sorry if this isn’t the best I could come up with, I’m a little tired since everything kicked off at home and I’m just getting back into the swing of writing large amounts in a short amount of time. Thank you for supporting me as always, hope you enjoyed this one!

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sehun request where he's known all over in seoul for his bad reputation (e.g. mafia member, drug dealer, assassin).. he meets a girl by chance during one of his "missions" and being the shy fragile girl she is (total opposite of him), she sparks his interest? i was hoping to get at the "she changes him" vibe if that makes sense! thank you for taking the time to do all of these requests- the amount of time and dedication you put into them make me smile all the time. i love you! hwaiting~~

ok i think somewhere along the line this got tOO LONG and tOO DEtailed, but i hope it’s ok??
here’s some mafia!sehun who meets you during a mission of his and well takes interest in you (but it spirals a bit out of control?)
warning: this continues adult language, mention of drug/alcohol use & violence! also, chanyeol is a durg addict in this.

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