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1. Who is your favorite singer/band?
uuuuuuuh sleeping with sirens or parachute ouo;;;  I tend to swap back and forth between only liking music from video games, and then liking random other little bands or specific songs for a VERY short amount of time

2. What is your best childhood memory?
Going to get my dog from the pound and using my birthday money, and every penny I could save up, to buy him.  He died but God I loved that dog. :3

3.  What was your favorite tv show/cartoon as a kid?
SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS, although when I was reeaaaally little I wasn’t allowed to watch it. ;w;

4. What’s one thing you could not live without? 

5. If you could be one person for a day who would it be (real or fictional)? 

6. If you could spend an entire week with a user on tumblr which one would it be?
Probably or  THAT’S RIGHT, WITH SALLY!!!

7. What’s the one place you want to visit more than anything (real or fictional)?
I’d really just like to go the beach and play swapples :3

8. What is your idea of a perfect day?
Everyday, my idea of a perfect day is not trying to control everything, but just enjoying the days that I have. c:  Sure not everything is “perfect”, but I’m still very happy o:

9. If you could be on any reality TV competition which one would it be?
I don’t want to go on one ;oooo;

10. What’s your opinion/view on gay rights?
I don’t really think it’s any of my business if a guy wants to marry a guy or a girl wants to marry a girl.  It doesn’t really affect me, and if it makes them happy, then I have absolutely not problem with it :3

11.  What’s your favorite pastime?
Drawing, gaming, or mucking about with friends I guess ouo

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……uuuuuh light blue and black o.o;;;

2/ How much swag could a swag swag swag if a swag swag could swag niggas
none, because a swag can’t swag swag even if he could swag swag like a swagging swag

3/ What is your opinion of lemons
I like to eat them with sugar :3

4/ What is your favourite type of bird that isn’t the Ash Breasted Tit Tyrant?
A…parrot o:?  

5/ What emoticons to use the most? :3
:3 X3 XD o:? :D  ^-^ ^o^ ~3~ ~o~ >o>!  <w<!

6/ what is your favourite weather?
Warm and sunny, with some occasional warm rain showers ^-^

7/ Loudclaw or Snowy? Pick your favourite :D

8/ Who is the nicest user on CI in your opinion?
Truesilva (Sealva), because even when he’s upset about something he still tries his best to make everyone else happy.

9/ Are you afraid of spiders?? (its ok to be afraid i am too)
Nah, I like spiders o:

10/ What is your favourite Sonic game and why?
Probably sadx because it’s one of the few I haven’t overplayed o-o

11/ Real time or turn-based RPGs?
Real time



2.  How many bolty’s does it take to ruin a lightbulb?

3.  Donald duck y/n (Say yes)

4.  Five fishermen walk into an art museum but only two come out, what happened?

5.  As a doctor is is very important that I ask, how is your pikachu?

6.  Do you like Zuko?

7.  Do you prefer raccoons, seals, pandas, or foxes?

8.  How do you pronounce “roof”?

9.  Have you ever done a faceplant while attempting to play tag?

10.  Does the fish walk forward or back?

11.  Have you payed back your loan from the fish slappers yet?  They’re very intense loan sharks.  

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jaz you got to the top real quick like dang and jacob and cree you guys have been in the top 3 for like 14 months straight and now youre on the chopping block gotta step up yo game