shadowwolf64 speaks

The Doctor

So every time I watch this part, its like a stab to the heart whenever I watch this part of the special and I sit there hugging my knees and just waiting for the tears (that never come mind you, this show has forever run my tear ducts dry). And I sit there, sad and heartbroken and say “I don’t want you to go,” before I fall over in pure sadness.

And then you get this guy (who is utterly brilliant mind you) and its like, ‘who the fuck are you?’ And maybe its just the sadness or the sudden ache of loss but your kinda skeptical when you see the new Doctor ( I was skeptical of Tennant when he took over for Eccleston, I sat there and was like “Who the hell is this joker?”) But Matt is an amazing Doctor, and I love him just as much as I loved Tennant as the Doctor. 

Each actor brings something different to The Doctor and I really love all three of them. After all their are portraying the the same character, The Doctor, and even though he is different its still the same man overall. Eccleston, Tennant and Smith were all brilliant choices for the Doctor and I love all three of them to pieces.

This is not how I intended this post to go but oh well xD Now for more of the wonderful Doctor