annual sappy end of year post~

Well, this year has had its ups and downs but overall it was pretty awesome! Thank you to all my 390 followers for putting up with me! I love you all!<3

Vanessa- Thanks for putting up with all my Larry Stylinson and Teen Wolf cries. You’re my best friend on here and I’m so glad we still talk! I love you!<3

Sofia- Even though we don’t talk that much, I still have to include you on here yet again because I consider you one of my friends! Happy new year! :)

Elise- Even though we’re not that good of friends, we have talked before and I consider you one of my friends, and you’re my favorite Larry shipper :D Happy new year!

Meagan- Saving the best for last! I know we’ve kinda drifted apart this year but you’re still my best friend and I don’t know what I’d do without you. I love you bestie happy New Year!!<3

Thanks again to all of my followers! HAPPY NEW YEAR!<3

shadowstar556 replied to your post: i tried explaining to my mom …


i am literally crying just thinking about it because i really don’t want the entire movie spoiled for me before i watch it and i don’t want to watch it online and my mom was all for me going but my dad said no and i don’t think i can take having to be off the internet for two days just because people won’t tag their shit but there’s literally nothing i can do about it i’m crying so hard right now

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can you post your most reblogged and liked blogs?


you should follow all of these flawless bitches 

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y r u such a bitch, you never answer any of my asks but a robots

To be honest, the robot is more important than you right now. Not going to answer your question because you’re being bitchy to me. I didn’t answer your question because you kept being rude to me in my ask box, why would I answer to that?