Shadows || TheSnakeChimera

Running. He couldn’t remember why. Or what from. But he was running. The caged halls behind him were quickly growing darker, not that it was much easier to see ahead of him. Voices called out, crying for help or some release from their suffering. Anything. Sounds. Snarls. Something threw itself at one of the cages and he jumped off his path. No sooner had his shoulders hit the cold iron of the cage behind him when a large hand grabbed one leg and a horrible, searing burn shot through his other. He was dragged to the ground before he even had the chance to react.

Dolcetto’s arms tensed. Unaware of who was wrapped in his arms, he curled more into himself, twitching in his sleep and shivering. His right leg pulled closer to him as he ducked his head and exhaled in a thick gust. 

In a blur of motion, he was suddenly across the hall. Staring into the shadows of the cage he’d nearly been pulled into. Beady black eyes stared back at him. …and even though his face was horribly misshapen. Disfigured and twisted. He recognized him. …no…


Why him. …how could they do this … how could he do this? … the trail of thick, black blood from the chimera’s jaws to his torn leg grew wider. He’d only just began to drag himself further away from the cage when another hand latched around his neck. And he was lifted off the ground.