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Nihilego is a fantastic combination of two terrifying things: jellyfish and parasites. Nihilego’s pokédex entry states “it’s unclear whether or not this Pokémon is sentient,” and that’s as good of a description of a jellyfish as any.

Jellyfish don’t have brains, bones, hearts, or blood. They don’t have a respiratory system (lungs or gills) to breathe, but they do absorb oxygen through their skin. Some are microscopic, and others longer than a blue whale. Some of them are immortal and can de-age themselves. They’re made of 98% water, they barely have a nervous system…and yet these creatures have been around on our planet for more than 650 million years, so they must be doing something right. In fact, jellyfish are the oldest multi-organ creatures on the planet. Despite everything they lack, jellyfish do have some organs: a mouth and a digestive system, and reproductive organs, for example.

There are over 2000 different species of jellyfish, so let’s just narrow it down to those who, like Nihilego, are also parasites: the myxozoans. Myxozoans are in the same phylum as jellyfish, Cnidaria, but are curious little organisms who go one step beyond jellyfish, not even having a mouth or guts. And like many parasites, they literally can’t survive unless they are infecting a host. They do still have stinging tentacles, though, so I guess that’s good.

Myxozoans live inside the bones and cartilage of fish, where they can reproduce inside and cripple their host, or even to some extent, control the fish. Some Myxozoans cause neurological damage that causes a fish to uncontrollably swim in circles. 

When their hosts die, myxozoans use their little jellyfish stingers to sting, therefore infecting, a new fish. 

As shown in Pokémon Sun and Moon, Nihilego has some adverse neurological effects when it infects a host: namely, what it did with Lusamine. If Nihilego is like a Myxozoan, it needs to bond with a human in order to reproduce: and it likely would have killed Lusamine if it could have completed the process.

Nihilego is a jellyfish-like parasitic Myxozoan. It does not have a brain, a respiratory system, a mouth, or guts. It infects hosts and often causes neurological damage.

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OKAY: But consider this. The Yuus and Bracelets are revived as Z-Arc and Ray and the Dimensions are fused. The 8 are dead. Everyone's depressed until Z-Arc's dragons start talking to him in all too familiar voices.......

Oh man, oh man that would both be sad an interesting.

And I, kinda of want to write something with that now.

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Favorite screencap you have of each gem? Also, favorite fusion?

Each gem? Hooooo boy, alright, prepare for a long-ish post. (I’m not going to include fusions in the screencaps because they’re not in many episodes)

I’ll do Crystal Gems first and I’ll start with Pearl cuz she’s my favorite out of them (I also have the most screenshots of her other than Peridot). Idk if i need to explain why this screenshot is so great haha

Now Garnet :D so badass (I know she’s a fusion but she’s a main character who’s amazing)

Cute smol Amethyst, omg, also running on all fours

And Steven of course! 

Suppose I should include Rose Quartz as well then…

Have this one too just because I love it

Oh, and can’t forget this one… (I have more but this will already be super long)

Ehehehe time for the Homeworld gems now *evil grin*

My favorite picture of Peridot right now, I even made it the icon for my main blog, just because… look, she’s chewing on her finger, oh my gosh. She’s an anxious wreck, like I am most of the time. I chew my fingernails to death, I connected to this scene so much.

but if you want a cute tiny Peri to brighten your day, here you go! :)

My favorite for Lapis Lazuli, I mean look at that determination in her eyes. Smol cinnamon roll finding her strength.

For Jasper, it’s gotta be the “Wtf why are you singing at me” face. It made me laugh when I first watched Jailbreak. 

Oh man, it’s… it’s just so difficult for me to decide on a favorite picture of Yellow Diamond. I mean… there are just so many, I couldn’t decide for so long (I didn’t need to include her, I guess I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to be sarcastic).

And now, finally, favorite fusion… I think I’m going to have to go with Opal. I’m sad that we haven’t seen a lot of her (or any fusion I suppose…) but I seriously love her weapon. And the gem itself in real life. And she’s so powerful and cool. I like Sardonyx a lot too, but I think Opal wins. If Peridot ever fuses, this answer will probably change.

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You ever think about how Placido and Antinomy both had a chance to be knocked off the cliff and join Team 5D's, and that it was only ironic that the more skilled one was the one to go to them?

I’m not sure who you mean by ‘the more skilled one’ but I know I think a lot about Antinomy and how I wanted him to survive because I liked him as a character and because it would have been interesting to see how knowing who he was would have changed his relationship with the other characters. I don’t really like Placido so I don’t care much about him but him joining team 5ds would have been a damn good twist

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LOL, The other day a friend from Chicago was like "Let me live in CA" after I said it was 70 F and I was freezing

Those northerners… lmao. In comparison I know that is a much more ideal temperature than what they’re used to. but it’s 60° F in my house right now and I’m dying

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I've seen someone ship-shame Symmrat specifically, saying Junkrat is a disaster of a man and that there's other ladies + Lucio of all people to ship Symm with and I laughed. She canonically hates Symm and Junkrat is a 3-Dimensional character.

The whole thing is silly, honestly. I don’t know why others feel the need to stick their noses in ships they dislike. It’s ridiculous. Coming up with long winded excuses as to why one character shouldn’t be shipped with another character (and yet ‘all of these other characters are fair game, just not that one because x’) is equally stupid behavior.

I feel this is especially true when there are zero canon relationships (that we know of) among the OW roster aside from Widowmaker, who once had a husband before she murdered him. And that does not imply she couldn’t have a relationship with Tracer or Reaper or with anyone else out of the OW roster. I don’t particularly like Widow, but many folks do, and I don’t see nearly the amount of controversy over her being shipped with others due to both her occupation as a Talon-hired assassin and the obvious pleasure she takes in her work.

But I’m biased, of course. I love Symmetra and Junkrat as individuals and I love them both as a couple. Lots of people have bad things to say about my OTP, but I find it’s just easier to do my own thing and ignore everyone else. And maybe complain about gross behavior from other people I happen to see every now and again.

As an added note, while I don’t ship Lucio with Symmetra, I would love to have them be friends. I wholeheartedly believe once Lucio finds out about Symmetra’s past and how Vishkar chose, groomed, and manipulated her from such a young age into their perfect image of an employee and assimilated her into their corporate empire, he would be absolutely livid and make it his mission to help her get away from them (if she were in the process) or to offer her support and help her recover post-Vishkar. He is a kind soul with a loving heart, and I believe he would forgive Symmetra far sooner than she would forgive herself.

I have entertained thoughts of this for the fic, but I don’t know if any of them will come to fruition just yet.


Although it was disappointing to read how it seemed almost impossible to recover Bruno back and seeing Yusei as depressed as Z-One would have been, but I was SO HAPPY to see that Aporia was recovered after the Arc Cradle. It was a brilliant idea to have him contain in his D-WHEEL and consoles Yusei about this matter, seeing that he’s the only one fit to give him advice concerning Bruno. They both cared about him, but Yusei sees him as the only friend he can actually relate to being mechanics or in other aspects. It must have felt like he was forcefully ripped away from the person who truly appreciated him and his insight, the one that helped him reach greater achievements that he couldn’t have done on his own. Yusei must have felt he owed Bruno so much and that’s why he’s desperate to save him.

And as for Clear Mind being his best bet, I’m questioning if he’s able to when his mind is in distress of his friend’s death, because it reminds me of the time when Placido brought up the detail of his father being the blame for Zero Reverse and causing some disruption to his Accel Mode. Would Yusei be willing to accept the possibility that Bruno is dead or will he continue to believe he’s still alive somewhere? So many questions around it, but I’ll wait until you write another chapter!

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Could you explain why you love Jean so much?

I’m horrible at explaining things but I can try!

Okay like, when he first appeared I already thought “hey, this guy looks interesting. I wonder who he is.” and then, after the prison break, he just stands there in the spotlight and decided to be a sassy prick and that’s when I knew I lost. I have a thing for sassy characters, especially if they’re villains, apparently ha, but yeah it pretty much just went downhill from there.

For real, this man is THE WORST. JFC, he deserves whatever punishment the plot is going to throw at him because he’s done some VERY unredeemable things but… idk, I just can’t hate him? It’s kind of a love-hate relationship I guess cause one time I’m all “man I wanna kiss that nose” and two minutes later “MAN I WANT TO PUNCH THAT NOSE WITH A TRUCK”

But on the other hand he’s???? kind of adorable???? and such a nerd???? AND HIS LAUGH. it’s the laugh of an angel, man. a fallen angel freshly crawled out form hell, probably… but still an angel. and he’s SO CUTE WHEN HE CLAPS HIS HAND ALL EXCITED but then he’s a being a complete asshole again. idk, he’s a pretty good villain, if you ask me???? a horrible human being though, without doubt.

… does that even classify as an answer?

Wheeeeeee I finished it 🎉🎉🎉

Here’s my piece for the @ygoexchange Art and Fic trade! I was paired with @shadowskiel.

This is based off of @shadowskiel ’s fanfic on AO3 and titled “Over Accel.” It’s only got one chapter, but it’s a pretty cool idea of a fic and I hope Skiel decides to add more to it eventually!

Hope you like it, happy dueling ❤

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Oh my god I was kicked out of the shop because I was taking images of the gems xDDD totally finding a misc gem shop and picking up some Malachite and Jasper one day.

Omg… I wonder how many gem shops are having to shoo SU fans out of their stores…

“Ugh, get the manager, there’s another person crying over the Rose Quartz crystals.”

“Damn it, that’s the third one this week.”

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When you realize episode titles could mean Centipeedle getting healed or at least returning, Malachite defusing, evacuation from Earth and most importantly, the corruption of Amethyst.

In times of distress caused by realizations from your favorite show, it is advised that you cling to your distress buddy. If you do not have a distress buddy, find one ASAP as the heavy feels are soon to hit. The best distress buddies are either the type of people that are sympathetic but calm in the face in feels or not in the fandom so they can calm you down easier (tho their lack of caring about the subject might just exacerbate your mental state, make sure they at least have the capacity to feel sympathy for show-related feels). 

Remember kids, fandom safely. - Mod Sparky