Shadows have shadows

For eighteen years I have been the shadow of your shadow.
I said this out loud in the shower.
It was spoken word at its finest.
I said things like
In the winter I was still the shadow of your shadow
But the shadows were everywhere
In the trees, the clouds, the pavement and the streets.
I told my make believe audience not to feel sorry for me.
Because it was a choice all my own.
I chose to sulk and drench myself in misery and
I created this shadow to attach to yours.
I also said that there are people in my shadow.
People I have pushed aside or buried down deep.
The most terrible fate of being the shadow of a shadow.
Is that you are not alongside the person
Above or below.
You are hidden behind darkness and the ultimate disguise.
At one point a few sentence came out in a steady stream
I rapidly spit out words and shower water to say that
When our shadows are distorted and out of proportion
Those are caused by the shadows of our shadows.
The people trying desperately to attract our attention.
It’s only when we realize this that we escape our shadows
Under the covers of our beds with our eyes closed and shut tight.
Shadows can only touch us in broad daylight.
So it is easier for us to be dark and dull people always hidden away.
The shadows of our shadows remain our night terrors
Illuminated as dark figures during the day.