INCYAL- bkgrl

The Lockwood Men- a lost heritage

New Orleans 2012 AD

“You are closer than you think….” the words spread out before him like a timeline of hidden truths. His whole life, he’d wondered who he was always feeling as though he were on the outside looking in.

Always running towards something, grasping for some sense of belonging. And it- rather they- had been following him all along. The mirrors of his past, the key to his future.

They followed the hunters as he would, for they were all connected. He was them, as they were he and as they had failed the hunters before he feared he would lose Caroline now. 

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Chapter 11 Part B INCYAL

Killy-> Heartbeats

“You may not wed me, Kol…” she pressed his fingers against her right 4th finger, before tracing a circle of an imaginary ring around it, “But I have wed you. Perhaps not in a church and not with the father’s blessing but wed you all the same.”

Kol swallowed, unsure what to say.

Why did she want him so terribly? No one ever wanted Kol. He was always an afterthought, if even that. He wasn’t entirely sure that she was serious until Lilly finished, tying herself to Kol for the rest of her existence, “Where you go, I will go. Where you stay, I will stay. Your people will be mine. When you die, I will die. And there I will be buried.”

She was giving him a promise no one had ever offered before and he realized he’d never want again.

So this was what drove the masses mad with want? Sent men to their graves without thought. Kol once thought that hope was possibly the most ridiculous of human emotions and possibly the most dangerous. But he was wrong. Love, in its idiocy and perfection was the most potent in every way.

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Lyanna I (New World, 996 AD)

With the girl’s blood still warming her undead son, she cast what she didn’t know would be the last spell of her human life, saving Lyanna’s, by binding her soul to the doppelganger that shared her blood line. 

 If Esther couldn’t kill the Petrovas, for fear of what deviation the spirits would take in punishment, she’d make sure the doppelganger would have someone to protect it. Whether that protection was in the form of a worthy adversary or even just a distraction, it didn’t matter.

I’m Not Calling You a Liar by bkgrl

The last time Klaus had seen her (Caroline) it was 1922 and she was bleeding out, calling his name, with a stake in her hand. Esther’s curse involved a doppelganger and a hunter, who would spend the next 9 life times and 1000 years, distracting, stalking, killing, loving, annoying and torturing Niklaus Mikaelson, forever thwarting his efforts to break the moonstone curse.

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