“My character is a bosmer who was born under The Shadow sign, and when she discovered about shadowscales she’s secretly glad that she wasn’t born an argonian. I wonder about people who made shadowscales character before they know about shadowscales though. But then again maybe not everyone create a backstory of their characters…?”

Oblivion confessions

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Somebody answer me this.

The Shadowscales are a special part of the Dark Brotherhood. In the Argonian homeland of Black Marsh, those born under the sign of the Shadow are taken at birth and presented to the King of Black Marsh. A Shadowscale hatchling is then trained in the arts of stealth and assassination by the Dark Brotherhood, and lives a life in service to the mighty kingdom of Argonia. Any Shadowscale who lives to come of age is accepted into the Dark Brotherhood as a full member of the family.

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Let’s assume that the population of Black Marsh is 3 million. Let’s assume that they have an average birthrate of 14 per 1000 people per year (human statistics - they would probably have more, since they lay several eggs/birth several young at once). That makes some 40,000 kids per year. Let’s further assume, because we haven’t been told different, than Argonians can birth young at any time, just like humans. That means, statistically, a twelfth of those kids - 3,333 - are born under the sign of the Shadow, presented to the “King of Black Marsh” (I’m ignoring the Arena-ness of that tile for the purposes of this post) and either become shadowscales or die in training. Each and every year. Ignoring all the other problems with the Shadowscale idea, how does that number make any sense? 


#1 of the Seraphina Series by Rachel Hartman

Genre: Fantasy Fiction - Teen

Mature Content: None

Dragon Content: Major character, but not in the way you might think

Movie: No - Too new a book

Illustrations/Map: No - which is weird as the writer is a graphic artist

Opinion: Yay, a Teen fiction about dragons! Bonus that it is not centred n romance! And I didn’t guess what would happen, which was such a relief. This is an amazing debut novel, the prose is so good - why are not all Teen fiction written like this, it is beautiful! The ideas about dragons are really fresh. Basically the writer couldn’t draw dragons so she got them to transform into human form instead. They bring a new element to an otherwise pretty stereotypical world. Everyone will like this - it isn’t a cheesy love story nor is it a long fantasy epic that you have to trawl through. My biggest problem with the story is only that it hasn’t stayed with me after time, but this is probably because I have only read the first book and need the rest to hurry up and get written

Plot: Seraphina lives in Goredd, a human realm which dragons come from their country in human form as teachers and such, as they are very clever and mathematical. However, dragons are very unfeeling and find emotions hard, it is like a taboo for them, so there are tensions between them and the humans. Seraphina is very musical, and gets a job at court, where there is a big hoo-haa as the Crown Prince has had his head chopped off and the dragons are implicated. Someone is causing trouble, and can Seraphina find out what is going on? Yes. She can

Rating: 4.7/5 - Just want more of the dragons

Series: #1 Seraphina, #2 Shadowscales (2015) #3 ????

Be on ever vigilant guard, Soldier! See the lizard who stands on his hindquarters, laboring in the tavern, the field, or the fen of his homeland? Spot the meek and lowly Argonian with a simpering guise and a lilting tone of appeasement? He may not be as he seems, friend! After recent incursions close to Black Marsh, and the death of Captain Turpilinus Baibius under circumstances most vexing, we have reason to believe Shadowscales are active in this region. But what of this clandestine group and its dark purpose?

Shadowscales are reptilian kith born under the sign of the Shadow. Plucked at birth and offered to the detestable Dark Brotherhood, these hatchlings are a boon to their cause and are expertly trained in the arts of furtiveness and subtle bloodshed. When fully formed, they are embraced by these Sithis cultists and accept warrants for assassinations, just as their higher race kin have infamously done. Now that Shadowscales are incorporated into Argonian society, their targets benefit only the lizard-folk. How such targets are determined is still unclear.

It is believed the Shadowscales follow the identical five tenets of the hated Brotherhood (your Lore Master has the necessary texts to further your education on these matters). Through capture and torture of suspected members, we know that an order is never disobeyed or refused if given by a superior. A fellow Shadowscale is never a target of these cutthroats, and Shadowscales deserting the Brotherhood are hunted and slain. As our dealings with the Morag Tong have taught us, an assassin’s guild functioning as an adjunct to an official government is a powerful threat: now the Argonians have organized such a force, which must be watched, infiltrated, and utterly confounded until broken.

- Beware the Shadowscales