Guys, I need your help! That picture of my teacher dressed as Fylnn Rider for Halloween needs to be deleted now! He says it’s getting out of hand now and wants it gone. Someone, including myself and the teacher, can get in trouble because of all of the attention and inappropriate comments that it’s getting.  I have deleted it from my blog but I can’t do that for everyone else. If you have reblogged it, please, please, please delete it from your blog! If you see it floating around, please don’t reblog it (if you haven’t already) and please ask the person who reblogged it to delete it. I can’t stress enough how soon this needs to be gone! I need this announcement to spread like wildfire! If anyone has any questions, please ask. Even if you have no idea what I’m talking about here, please reblog this announcement anyway so others can see it. I need the Halloween post gone!!! Please and thank you.