shadows wip


continue with GALATHYNIUS FAMILY <3 

-Aelin, Rhoe and Evalin-

I’m so happy that many fans of TOG enjoyed the sketch with Rhoe and Aelin <3 thanks <3 

(I working with digital art, I’m still at the beginning.and i am not satisfied with the result but I like the figure of Evalin )


A bunch of doodles of my fav characters from various books I’ve been reading:

Six of Crows (Kaz, mostly), Vicious (Victor Vale), Shadow of the Templar (Jeremy Archer) and Shades of Magic (Kell)

I’m trying to finish at least some of these properly, whenever I can stop reading long enough and don’t have work.

Some extras from yesterday’s comic I wanted to share…

The 3D model I made to keep details consistent on Vio’s excessively complicated chair:

Closeups of small/background elements:

On the left: confused and upset Lonks.  On the right:  I figured some of you might appreciate a closer look at that last panel :)

OK i know you guys prolly gonna hate this, but i’m sick and i wanted some baby hufflepuff/slytherin chemistry and now i can’t stop so have some korrasami



Hi! So this is the last WIP for now. I guess some of you have already fed up with it! So as me, really)

Ma-aybe if I don’t have anything to show you for a long time I’ll post the rest, so plz tell me if you would like or not to see other wip some other day. But for now I’ve got several artworks to show.

aand once again thank you for showing interest to my drawings!

Inktober #18 - Vampire AU Cherik, as prompted

Some of my favourite relevant fanfics, where at least one is a vampire:

- Vampyr by shizuke
- And the Gunslinger Followed by musical_emjay
- The Beginning by beren
- Dear Neighbor Mine by issabella
- Does Not Ebb by StarkMad
- vampire au ficlets by madneto

Below cut is the first vamp au pic that I refuse(d) to post:

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Yessss, this may be my favorite new button design that I vectored~ I’ll be interested to see how many people actually recognize it lol (but I really don’t care, I sort of just wanted to make one for me XD)Ratbag was a surprisingly good character, totally wasn’t expecting it~