shadows on your side

your shadow side + your fears
  • While our Rising is seen by everyone, including yourself, your 12th House can show what you secretly hide from yourself and others due to your fears.
  • Pisces in 12th/Aries Rising: You are seen to be confident, brave, courageous, and impulsive, but sometimes, you really don't know what you're doing. With the hidden confusion in you, you fear that you will lose your identity and your direction in life.
  • Aries in 12th/Taurus Rising: You are seen to be stable, comforting, slow, and steady, but sometimes, you can find yourself being impulsive, reckless, and irresponsible. And due to that, you fear being out of control.
  • Taurus in 12th/Gemini Rising: You are seen to be talkative, humorous, quick, and witty, but sometimes, you just want to sit down and relax. However, you feel that if you stop and rest for just a second, you'll become useless, dull, and unintelligent.
  • Gemini in 12th/Cancer Rising: You are seen to be emotional, nurturing, sweet, and gentle, but sometimes, you just want to voice your true thoughts. However, you're afraid that your words will hurt and emotionally damage others, for you know how they feel.
  • Cancer in 12th/Leo Rising: You are seen to be fabulous, charismatic, strong, and charming, but sometimes, you want to tell others how you truly feel. But you fear that your shining, beautiful image will be ruined in the process due to vulnerability.
  • Leo in 12th/Virgo Rising: You are seen to be reliable, reserved, intelligent, and quiet, but there is a deep part of you that wants to shine. However, you struggle to because you're scared of all the mistakes you'll see when you show yourself to the world.
  • Virgo in 12th/Libra Rising: You are seen to be charming, charismatic, beautiful, and graceful, but there is a deep part of you that is judgmental and critical. However, you can't reveal your true thoughts because you fear that nobody will like you afterwards.
  • Libra in 12th/Scorpio Rising: You are seen to be mysterious, quiet, thoughtful, and passionate. There is a part of you that wants to be liked and loved by others, but you fear that your deepness will be sacrificed if you try to please others.
  • Scorpio in 12th/Sagittarius Rising: You are seen to be adventurous, reckless, blunt, and humorous. You want to find and decode the mysteries of the world, but you're too scared to sacrifice your optimism when you find that the world is cruel.
  • Sagittarius in 12th/Capricorn Rising: You are seen to be mature, responsible, practical, and independent. However, there's a part of you that wants to be free, but you're scared that you'll never attend to your responsibilities due to a small taste of freedom.
  • Capricorn in 12th/Aquarius Rising: You are seen to be innovative, quirky, logical, and popular. There is a part of you that wants to be responsible and practical, but you fear that with if you grow up, you'll lose your unique, iconic individuality.
  • Aquarius in 12th/Pisces Rising: You are seen to be compassionate, dreamy, creative, and sweet. However, there is a part of you that wants to be logical and concrete, but you fear that you'll never utilize your creativity if you only stick to the hard, cold facts.

Group: BTS


Requested: Anonymous said: can you make a scenario where Jung kook’s gf feels like someone is following her and she call guk to come and get her

Excerpt: “Please come get me. I’m scared,” you sobbed into the phone, reality finally dawning on you,

“Calm down, where are you what’s going on?” Jeongguk’s low, calm voice began to calm you down

Genre: fluff, slight angst

Length: 1.1k

A/N:  slightly based off an anime scene that I saw eons ago and honestly cant remember the name although it was super cute

[UPDATE] the anime is called ‘say i love you’ and thank you to everyone who recognised and commented it as it’s been annoying me for a while that i forgot!!

Originally posted by bangtanboys-official

“Thank you for staying so late, Y/N,” your manager called as you left café, the cold night air nipped at your features and you pulled your jumper sleeves further down your hands. As you looked around, standing in the shop light as you tried to untangle your headphones, your eyes locked onto a figure standing in the shadows slightly to the side opposite the shop.

You blinked, your heart beginning to race as your eyes began to get used to the light, the figure becoming more defined and all of a sudden your heart dropped. The man was a customer who always hung around, managing to accidentally brush hands with yours and often sat in the shop a long time after he’d finished his coffee. You recognised him because he was wearing his suit, and it always surprised you that he never seemed to work spending all his time in the cafe his eyes following you around the room; they were doing the same now.

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Imagine: Falling for the Joker’s Son

The clown prince gripped the steering wheel tight with one hand and kept his other on your bare thigh. His gold bracelet he inherited from his father almost made you jump at the cold touch. But he had a firm grip on you, keeping you in place.The sky was almost pitch black over Gotham besides the green lights shining from where his club was. Harley and Joker’s son and heir was carving out his own piece of history. His very own club downtown from his parents was all his, he was feeling more powerful than usual tonight. You could feel it radiating off his body… but

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Do Kyungsoo // Calamity

Summary: Kyungsoo is the owner of a coffee house, and extremely adorable and fun - and he’s also one of your closest friends. It’s just such a shame that you had to ruin everything by falling in love with him. playlist 
Scenario: angst, barista!au
Word Count: 4,740

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where are your emotions tied to?
  • moon in 1st: yourself, your ego, and/or identity
  • moon in 2nd: your most valued possessions, values, and/or self-worth
  • moon in 3rd: your mind, voice, and/or siblings
  • moon in 4th: your family, upbringing, and/or past
  • moon in 5th: your hobbies, children, and/or dating affairs
  • moon in 6th: your pets, health, and/or work
  • moon in 7th: your romantic partners, "shadow side," and/or open enemies
  • moon in 8th: sex, your transformations, and/or your secrets
  • moon in 9th: your travels, learning, and/or philosophy
  • moon in 10th: your career, ambitions, and/or public image
  • moon in 11th: your friends, community, and/or hopes
  • moon in 12th: subconscious, your vulnerability, and secret enemies

Hi all! As you know we recently hit 400 followers! I just want to briefly mention again here- THANK YOU for all the support :) Anyway lets get on with the story! I spent ages rewriting this and the dialogue to make it as characteristic as possible, and because it contains themes which I can relate to and wanted it to be as real as possible. I hope you all enjoy a little Spock X Reader.

PROMPT - @trekken81 song prompt challenge- Jason Walker Echo. I recommend that you listen to the song to understand the story. Listen here:

PAIRING - Reader X Spock 

WARNINGS - Mentions of Depression, Loss of life and a Vulcan Kiss.

POEM: The beautiful and amazing @internationaltaste created a poem inspired by this story! I really recommend that you give this a read, the way in which she carries the narrative through her astounding descriptions is outstanding. I was blown away and teary eyed as I read this, as you honestly do feel all the emotions she takes you through. Thank you so much for creating something inspired from this story, it really means so so much to me, and I love this poem with all my heart. (CLICK HERE TO READ)


You opened your eyes slowly with a groan, your back arching as you re-positioned yourself gradually. Rolling across the cold tiled floor, you took in your surroundings slowly. At first glance you recognised your quarters, the dark shadows swirling around the corners of the room menacingly as the darkness of space swallowed your surroundings whole. Ignoring the strange sense of apprehension which settled in your stomach, you shifted to press your palms beneath your chest and against the floor.

With quivering arms you slowly levered yourself upwards, your elbows screaming in response as you finally reached an upright sitting position, your head pulsating at the menial action.

“Lights at twenty percent.” You commanded softly as you pushed your back up against the foot of your bed. With a shuddered breath you closed your eyes lightly, your mind struggling to focus as it remained a jumbled mess of images and sounds. A frown creeped across your features as you struggled to recall anything prior to waking, but no matter how hard you scratched away at the surface, nothing moved to the forefront of your mind.

Cracking open an eye you sighed as you glanced upwards to the lighting above you; the distinct lack of overpowering white light causing a nervous chill to settle over you.

“Lights at twenty percent.” You repeated again, your tone more forceful than before. However once again, the system remained unchanged.

Flexing your fingers, you shifted suddenly using the momentum to rock up and onto the balls of your feet. Taking a moment to steady yourself, your eyes narrowed in on the access panel beside the door to your quarters.

You had barely moved a step when a soft rustling erupted from behind you, the layers of nervousness and apprehension which had rested in your stomach erupting to life once again; sending your mind into overdrive.

Eyes wide, you struggled to ignore the hairs which stood abrupt on the back of your neck. Pivoting slowly to face the strange sound, your eyes widened dramatically in response to what laid sprawled before you.

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I want to marry the sun. It’s the one thing in this world I can depend on, that I know will always be there. I can’t touch it, but it seeks me out. The warmth I feel on my skin is because of the sun, and the freckles on my face are marks of love. The smattering across my cheeks and nose is a reminder of its eternal presence.

I can’t stare at the sun, because it’s too bright. Isn’t that the way love is supposed to feel? Like if you stare at it for too long you have to look away, because it blinds you in its glory. Love should light up the sky and take your breath away.

True love should give you everything. It should be the beginning and the end and all that is in between. That is the sun. When we are nothing but a tombstone weathered into an illegible sentiment, the sun will remain. When I am no longer walking about this earth, the sun will go on. Maybe it’s a daunting thought to others. For me, it’s comforting.

When I close my eyes and see the red through my eyelids, I smile. Because there is no such thing as true darkness when the light is at your side. It chases away the shadows, and any creatures lurking in the depths of my mind cower in its wake.

When the sun is gone and the night approaches, they come back. They beckon and taunt me. Tell me the thoughts I try so desperately to shut out. It’s funny really. We’re afraid of the monsters in our closets when the real ones dwell in our hearts. The darkness laughs in my face and brings horrible thoughts to life. In those times, it’s difficult not to resent the sun. After all, it left me when I needed it most. And as if it knows I call for it, knows I am close to breaking, the sun comes back, lighting up a world cloaked in shadows.

People say that the sun is a star, but I’m convinced otherwise. If the sun were a star, then it would be like billions of others. Unremarkable. How could something that gives me everything be so ordinary? It grows love in a world of hate. Its gentle touch on my neck and shoulders is the only reassurance I need to go on. The sun gives me strength. It seeps through my skin and floods my veins with sweet honey and warm embraces.

Some cannot handle its touch. They see it as a nuisance. But truthfully, I’m amazed. Something millions of miles away has the ability to leave a mark on my skin. We pass hundreds of people every day, none leaving marks. None influencing. We’re like planets, all of us. All caught up in our own gravity. We never truly step out of our borders, not with anyone. Yet the sun, in its mighty defiance, dares to permeate the walls we so effortlessly put up.

I wish I could be like the sun- bright, strong, influential, important. Instead, I will just marry it. I will attach myself to it in hopes to become its reflection. And one day, even if it’s just one, I will light up the sky. I will leave the marks. I will do the influencing.

—  highkeynessian 
Gift Of Privacy

Seth Clearwater imagine requested by anon! “hello!! i was wondering if you were up for writing a seth clearwater smut? it would start off with him and y/n dating for a few months now, and seth finally tells her he loves her, and they make out and stuff in his house, then it builds into the sex? if you can, please make the beginning super fluff. thank you!!” Hope you like it!


You clung to Emily’s shoulders as she hugged you goodbye, the scent of her chamomile shampoo perfuming your senses as she repeated your plans for the next couple of days (lest you forget); you’d be staying with her and Kim while the wolves were off fighting the newborn army out for Bella Swan’s blood. It was the safest option for you; Emily’s house would be guarded by Colin and Brady in shifts (the other would be running border control to ensure the rest of La Push was safeguarded), which put you in the best possible position to avoid any stray vampires that might run through the Olympic Peninsula en route to tear at the Cullens… and your boyfriend. Sam, Jared, and Seth were aggressively on-board with the safehouse idea; not only would they worry less about their imprints being targets, but they would be able to keep a steady eye on you through the minds of their younger pack-mates. Also, they knew you’d all be well-fed, a perk none of the wolves thought lightly of. Seth’s hand closed around your own with a comfortable familiarity as Emily’s scarred lips pressed a parting kiss to your cheek, her slender fingers guiding you gently to Seth’s side as you both began your departure from the pack’s bonfire amidst a chorus of happy farewells. The heat of his fingers interlaced with your own, his temperature burning brighter than the fire sending amber sparks floating towards the night sky. His pace was shortened to match your own, his impossible growth spurt somehow still raging on, his warmth seeping from his uncovered skin to melt against your side. His eyes, so bright in such all-encompassing darkness, glowed from within as if they had harvested flames from the fire, his smile warm enough to match his overwhelming heat. His hand sent a happy pulse through to your palm, his fingers squeezing gently in the spaces between yours.

“You tired?” he inquired, his husky voice a mere whisper on the salted wind that blew in from the sea. You shook your head, focusing intently on the ground before you; you weren’t blessed with the supernatural grace your boyfriend possessed, and the darkness only made it more difficult to keep vertical… but more than your desperation in the department of remaining upright, you couldn’t bear to meet his eye for fear you would break down. Seth wiggled his fingers between yours, unbothered by the coming storm, leaning gently against your frame, his eyes all but begging for your attention. After finding you unresponsive, he quickened his pace, turning quickly before you, his hands smoothing over your shoulders. “Hey, what’s going on?” he breathed, his fingers delicately tilting your chin upward to meet his stare. “Y/n, talk to me,” he begged, an easy smile painting his features with a sense of ease you had to admire under such frightening circumstances. You sighed, expelling breath carelessly from your lungs, glancing behind you to ensure you were out of distance and far enough from the fire before you responded.

“I’m just… Seth, I’m just… worried about you, okay? And before you tell me it’s going to be an easy run and “you’ve done this before,” I have every right to be worried when you’re facing-off with a bunch of indestructible, immortal vampires while we’re all sat here with nothing better to do than make muffins.” Seth rolled his eyes, biting his lip to keep from smiling at your comical choice of words. Your hands smoothed over the planes of his chest, drawing his attention back to your face, his eyes alight beneath the electric touch of your skin on his. “Seth, I’m serious. I’m really, really scared. I don’t want to think about the possibility of you not coming back.” Seth’s grin was genuine and unhindered as it spread across his face, his eyes sparkling brightly as he brought his lips to your forehead, his arms winding around your body, holding you to the warmth of his chest. You sighed into his embrace, trying to memorize the scent that rose from his skin, the softness of his upper body beneath your fingertips, the rise and fall of his breathing against your cheek.

“Believe me, Y/n, I’ve got plenty of reasons to come home.” His palm smoothed over your hair once before shifting easily to your side, extending his hand for you to hold, winking when you accepted. “For example,” he began, stepping off the gravel of the road in favour of the street that lead to his home. “Those muffins you mentioned?” you rocked your body against his, stifling your laughter as he groaned with admiration. “Those alone would have me running back. My mom made me promise to come back in one piece, so I owe it to her,” he rambled, his thumb smoothing circles on the backside of your palm as you both approached the front door of Sue Clearwater’s single-story home. The weathered blue siding was visible only in the halo of light emanating from front porch’s lamp, the rest of the house melting to an inky black in the shadow of the night. He parted from your side, if only briefly, to swipe his hand beneath the welcome mat, returning with a key he used to unlock the deadbolt, holding the door open as his unoccupied hand ushered you inside. You stood in the darkness of his living room, your eyes searching blindly for evidence of the furniture you knew occupied the floorspace, kicking your shoes from your feet, hearing Seth do the same. Seth hit the lights, illuminating the vacant space, his hand snaking around your waist as he angled you in the direction of his bedroom. “Mom and Leah are coming back in an hour or two. She’s gotta talk with Billy, Sam, and Old Quil about the defense, and Leah said something about running perimeter with Colin, Brady, and Jared before she came back, but just in case that’s soon… I mean, every chance at privacy, right?” he laughed, watching your eyes roll as you recalled the many, many times Leah had complained about your “public displays of affection” in their shared family spaces. You waltzed forward, Seth’s hand extending to open his door before you could think to touch the doorknob, his laughter in your ear when he saw your surprise. You stepped into the familiar room, flicking on the light switch, Seth’s hand clapping over yours as you both raced to be the first to shed light on the minimal furnishings within. He backed you against the wall, kicking the door closed as he moved, his arm lingering by your face as your spine melted into the aged nay paint of his bedroom.

“You sure those are the only reasons you’re coming back? Muffins and your mom?” you breathed, Seth’s eyes burning intently on your own, his lips upturned in the corners to hear the sarcastic lilt in your voice. “Because if that’s the case I can head home right no-” his lips were on yours in an instant, his body inching towards your own until your chests were pressed together, you weight lifted onto your toes as his hands found your waist. He separated from you, too quickly for your liking, his exhale rushing over your face, his smile carrying the confident ease you’d come to recognize as a staple in the boy. His hands tangled in your hair, his forehead resting gently against your own, his eyes occupying every inch of your field of vision.

“You already know you’re the first and most important,” he emphasized, his eyes widening as he stressed his words, “reason I’m coming back. I thought that was a given,” he chuckled, his laughter increasing in volume to see your smile. “But since I see I need to remind the woman I love how important she is to me…” he separated from you, his forehead no longer spreading heat through yours, though still he moved closer, his lips hovering a breath away from your own, the both of you stalled in the aftermath of so simple a confession. Your hands stilled on his chest, his heart thrumming beneath the pads of your fingertips, his breath pushing and deflating against your palms. His eyes, so warm, so honest, bored into your very soul, your breath flowing as if between you was shared only a single pair of lungs. You breathed as one, neither one of you willing to break the silence, Seth’s heat flowing freely from the exposed skin of his chest to warm the limited space between you. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, Seth shook his head a fraction of an inch, his eyes full of adoration. “I love you,” he whispered, an oath on his lips as they pressed to yours. Your fingertips lifted to graze the hardened line of his jaw, feeling him shudder beneath your touch as his hands dropped to spread along your waist. Though you had found yourself in many a similar situation within the same walls of Seth’s bedroom, you felt yourself alight with sensations foreign to you before this moment. Suddenly, Sue and Leah’s absence seemed more a gift than an inevitable interruption.

Your hands reached along the bare expanse of his back, your fingertips trailing over the even bands of his muscles, feeling his body tighten and relax beneath your silken touch. You ran your palms over the ridge of his spine before retracting your touch, Seth’s groan audible even when his lips were otherwise occupied against your mouth. His hands tightened on your waist as your fingers tangled in the short strands of his hair, tugging gently at the nape of his neck, his lips separating from yours, his eyes clouded, the heat fogging his vision somehow visible in the deep chocolate of his irises. His tongue darted over his lips, a hesitation your proximity could not bar from your notice, his eyelashes fluttering as his gaze devoured your face. You ran your fingertips through his hair like a ghost, stroking his neck where the smoothness of his skin met his hairline, his eyes rolling back as his body quivered.

“Hey,” you whispered, breathlessly forcing your whisper to life, Seth’s eyes opening to meet your own. You smiled easily, his lips mirroring your expression as you spoke, heat radiating from one body to the other, untethered and owned by neither of you… or perhaps by both of you. “I love you too.” His lips were on yours in an instant, his smile obvious even when his face was concealed from your view by the blank expanse of the inside of your eyelids. His mouth traveled to the corner of your lips, his hands roaming up along the sides of your rib cage, tickling as he went. You giggled openly, aware of the emptiness of the house around you, your laughter transitioning to gasps as his lips pressed against the underside of your jaw. You collapsed slightly into his arms, his hands on your waist holding you firmly to his chest, backing you against the wall once more. “Seth,” you breathed, feeling the heat of his hands traveling upward once more. He hummed his acknowledgment into the skin of your neck, your pulse racing under his touch. “Seth, I…” your voice trailed off rather pathetically as Seth’s hands ravished your waist, his lips at your ear, his chuckle a breath against your hair. “H-how long did you say we had before your mom comes home?” He paused then, his eyes wide on yours, his hands squeezing against your hips.

“You don’t mean…?” you returned his stare, your eyes burning through the modest space that separated you. “Don’t get me wrong, Y/n, I want to, but it’s… I mean, the pack will know as soon as I phase, and they’re not going to stop talking about it for…” He exhaled slowly, reading your unwavering expression, his eyes never once leaving your face. “Are you sure?” he inquired, his voice stronger now, his hands lighter against your skin. You nodded, your body pressing ever tighter against his.

“They’re going to have other things to worry about, right? As long as you want this…” he grinned, his eyes all but smoking with the intensity of his heated stare. You breathed steadily, though your heart was hammering wildly within the confines of your chest. “Good.”

“Good,” Seth mirrored, his hands on your waist tightening, his lips diving for yours once again, the tempo of his embrace somewhat altered, though it lost none of its former passion. You returned the quiet fervor of his lips, losing yourself in the thrill of his skin against yours, uninhibited for the first time in his arms. Your fingertips traced the curve of his shoulder, the plains of his chest, the smooth valleys of his abdomen… stalling at the waistband of his shorts. His breath hitched in your ear, his lips parting from yours momentarily, his hands looping beneath your legs as his body dipped. He lifted you effortlessly into his arms, your legs wrapping around his torso easily, your ankles locking behind his back, your lips crashing against his as if your time together were far more limited than your reality had graciously allowed. He turned, one hand molding to the curve of your bottom, the other feeling blindly along the wall until his fingers struck the light switch, enveloping your world in darkness. Seth walked almost aimlessly towards his bed, his hands winding up your back, his fingers tangling in your hair as his tongue darted over yours, the soft sounds of your kisses seeming to echo in the hazy air of his bedroom. Seth’s steps stopped abruptly as his knees struck the cushion of his mattress, his body bending slowly to rest you atop his bedspread, his lips ducking to your neck as he moved his body to hover over you. “Wait,” he breathed, his speech hindered by his lack of breath. He winced visibly, seeming to curse himself internally. “I don’t have any… I don’t have a-” he began, your thumb smoothing over his lower lip as his voice trailed off.

“It’s fine, Seth. I think it’s safe to say there hasn’t been anyone else, and there isn’t going to be anyone else for the both of us. Just… you know, when you’re done, just…” Seth chuckled breathlessly, his cheeks burning even in the darkness of his bedroom. He dipped his lips to yours, his body meeting yours in strange new ways, a hardness pressing against your center through your clothing. His hands inched towards the hem of your shirt, your back arching to allow Seth to remove your shirt with ease, slipping the garment over your head. You brought yourself up to meet his lips, pushing against the mattress until you were sat in his lap, your hands between your bodies untying the drawstring that held his shorts to his body, his breath hissing from between his lips as your fingers brushed against his growing erection. He unclipped your bra behind your back, your hands rushing the fabric from your shoulders. He slipped from beneath you to stand by the bed, removing his shorts and standing before you in his undergarments, his hands hovering by his hips, unsure what to do. You knelt atop the bedspread, your hands hovering beside his until he dropped his arms, your palms spreading over his waist. You ducked your fingers beneath his waistband and eased the fabric toward his knees, revealing the full sight of him. He sighed, the tenor of his breath an anxious note in the air as he stood, bare, beside his bed. He stepped free of his last remaining article of clothing, your fingers trailing along the sides of his thighs. His hands found your face, cradling your cheeks as his lips met yours, his body once more leaning over yours until the both of you were laying on the bed. His palms smoothed over your neck and stalled at your chest, his hands exploring the softness of your breasts, your breath releasing in quiet bursts of sound bearing striking resemblance to Seth’s name. He kissed further down your body, his mouth following his hands as he worked towards your underwear, his eyes lifting to yours as he slid the garment from your body, your hips lifting and falling as he removed your clothing. He swallowed, his Adam’s apple bobbing as his eyes raked over your body, his head shaking.

“You are so beautiful,” he whispered, his hands ghosting over your hips. You reached for his shoulders, pulling him over you, his erection prodding your entrance, your breathing hiking in time with his. “You’re sure?” he asked once more, your confirmation vocalized on a breathless whimper. His hand fell to the level of his waist, and suddenly the contact was so much more… secure. He lifted his eyes to yours, his bottom lip bitten mercilessly as he eased himself inside of you. Your breath rushed from your lungs, the tightness radiating throughout your entire body. You felt… almost claustrophobic, in a way, as if there weren’t enough space in the world to make you feel vacant again. Seth slowed, his movement stalled, his voice low and fragile. “Y/n,” he breathed, your eyes finding his again through the darkness. He moved once more, filling you with ease. You lifted your head from his pillows, your lips hungry for the taste of his mouth as he began to move within. His thrusts were slow to begin, setting a patient, steady pace. You couldn’t help but feel as though he were milking every moment in fear of never again finding so much time, the battle the morning would bring lingering on the horizon of your mind as he moved with you. His hands lifted you from the mattress, winding your legs around his waist, his palms aiding your rise and fall as his lips explored the edge of your collarbones. Your fingers ran gently through his hair, pulling his face from your chest and reassigning his lips to meet with yours. “Y/n…” he trembled, his brow knotted as he moved, his pace quickening, his hands guiding you with less and less intent. He bent forward, resting you against the mattress once more, his thrusts more erratic than before, your breathing hiking as the pleasure within your core grew.

You breathed his name, a low oath on your lips, your hands clasped tightly to his back as he thrust deep within you, holding onto his body for dear life lest a lack of contact send you hurtling off some great precipice. He slowed again, his breathing coarse in the space between you, his kisses becoming blissfully sloppier, the tension in your abdomen growing as heat spread throughout your limbs, your mind growing fuzzy. He rocked into you, his hips moving like liquid, his mouth pressing blindly into your neck as you felt your body begin to convulse around him. You exhaled lowly, your eyes painting the darkness with brilliant white you knew existed only in your mind, your mouth open over a breathless exclamation of Seth’s name. You were separated, suddenly and without warning, as Seth pulled himself away from your body, his head tilting backwards as he came undone before you, the evidence of his release unseen in the black of night. He collapsed beside you, your bodies tangling immediately, your leg slinging over his thigh to better cement yourself to his side. His fingers swept a strand of sweat-slick hair away from your forehead, the pad of his forefinger lingering against your temple. His smile was peaceful, easy, and warmer than you had ever seen it. His breath, still ragged, coursed over your face as he chuckled. You joined him, giddy in the aftermath of your intimate embrace, your hand smoothing over his chest as you settled against his pillows. You were quiet, then, the crickets beyond his walls singing sweetly into the crisp night air, the chill of which you were immune to with Seth by your side. You traced mindless patterns against his skin, watching goosebumps rise in the wake of your touch, your mind rallying back to the dangers that await the man you loved in the early hours of the morning.

“Promise me you’ll be safe,” you whispered, your words falling calmly against the heated skin of his chest, his breath rising and falling in steady swells, his arm pulling you closer to his side. Seth pressed his lips firmly to your hair, inhaling deeply before whispering his response into the darkness of the empty house.

“I promise.”

Hasty Decisions

Dean Winchester x Reader

1600 Words (sorry, this was supposed to be a drabble.)

Requested by @winchester-writes from the fluff/angst drabble prompt list. She picked #59: “Don’t you think you’ve done enough?” with Dean. 

HERE is the list of prompts picked from

HERE is the list of prompts completed (bottom of the list)

With gravel digging through your jeans, into your knees, you continued to kneel as tears poured down your cheeks, landing in the dust covered rocks. Your back ached from leaned forward for so long, but that didn’t matter. None of the pain you felt right now mattered.

Your lungs still ached for breath, your breath caught on a sob. It was torture, and you didn’t care. All that mattered was the scene that still haunted your vision, and the heartache that went with it.

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JD x Reader - Promise (FLUFF)

WC: 638 (short, I know!)
Warnings: swearing, talk of violence, suicide mention!! (The feels!)
Summary: following the plot of the musical, (y/n) fakes her own death causing JD to break (what if he didn’t go through with the plan!!)


“Come on out, (y/n)! It’s not like I’d kill you!” His voice trills from outside of the wooden closet doors. Though his tone is light, there’s anger and pain laced within it.

For (y/n), all was dark. The sliver of light from the bottom of the doors provided enough light to see your ex-boyfriend, Jason Dean, pacing about her bedroom. A large black shadow swept from side to side, ironically mimicking an expectant death. Your mind was racing, desperately grasping at straws to find an escape. In your head? Boom. Boom. Boom. Your heart beat, louder than any bomb. Knees buckling below your, you struggle like bambi to stand straight.

Suddenly, it hit’s you. Reaching up, trying to ignore JD’s manic rambling, you grab a pair of tights and began threading them across your body before hoisting yourself up.

“Fuck this!” He roars. “You have three seconds, (y/n), then I’m coming in there!”

You hang your head limply.

You hold your breath.

The door flies open and… silence.

Just minutes later, you hear a soft cry trail from the room. Fighting to ignore it, your force your eyes shut and take another large gulp of air. The game becomes harder as the cries escalate into loud, heart wrenching sobs.
“Why… why why why why why!!” You can hear him mutter to himself. “This is YOUR fault! You let her die… Idiot!” His voice picks up, the red hot anger bubbling within him.
You resist jumping out of your skin at the sudden noise.
Slowly, you open your eyes and raise your head enough to peak through your (h/c) hair. You watch, horrified, as the boy you love begins smashing his head against your desk with determination. A warm and salty tear pools in the corner of your eye and you can’t take it any more.

Without a sound, you retrace the fabric across your (s/c) neck and drop to the wooden floor beneath. Not knowing what to say, you simply walk over and sit beside him.
The added weight causes the bed to sink further, alerting him to your presence. As he looks up, you feel your heart crack into a thousand pieces, a magnificent destruction. His deep hazel eyes are riddled with red veins and rivers of tears are flooded down his face. His cheeks are red like blood and his dark hair ruffled into oblivion.

The boy pauses for a moment, as though inspecting you, proving to himself that you’re real. Suddenly, and without warning, he flings his arms around your body and clings tightly. The two of you sit like this for a while, his arms wrapped around your body and you’re around him.

You glance down and notice the sleeve of his black trench coat has rolled up slightly. Across his pale wrist, a small million of angry red lines adorn him. Some older than others, joining together like a tragic pattern. You bring his arm to your head, placing gentle kisses across each and every line in turn.

He sniffles, looking up to meet your caring gaze.
“Please…” he stammers out, voice raspy from the tears. “Don’t leave me… I I won’t d do it, I promise. Just… stay with me.” This time, you believe every word. The young boy in front of you was not the same as the one from just 10 short minutes ago. Every raging fuse has fizzled out, every wall broken down. Now, he was raw.

You saw the child in him. You saw every scar and bruise, every harsh word and abandonment. He looked so… weak.
You bring a shaky hand to his chin and lift it, as though you’re scared he’ll break. A small smile twitches on your face.

“ I promise, JD. Our love is god.”

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The Beginnings of a War

Summary: When the reader goes through a life of depression, Anti is there to be her light and Dark is there to be her drug.

Fandoms: Darkiplier, Antisepticeye

Pairing: Darkiplier/reader, Antisepticeye/reader

A/n: I’m actually really happy with this work for once. Who knows, maybe this will become a thing? Either way, I just want to say that no one is useless and I love every one of you!

WARNING: Mentions of depression and suicide. There are some triggering things in here.

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               Annoying, disgusting and unwanted. Those were simply three of the many things people used to describe you. Words that kept you up at night. Words that made you think of your mortality and how easy it is to end up six feet underground. Then you would be nothing but a name on a gravestone in a wave of other gravestones.

               It’s not like you’re important anyway. No one knew your name. You used to want to be somebody when you were young. Part of you still does but at the same time, you don’t want the attention. By the time you were old enough to do something, everything that could be written was written, everything that could be said was said, everything that could be made was made and everything that could be done was done.

               There was nothing left for you. All you were was a speck of dust in a sandstorm, a drop of water in the ocean. You were nothing. You weren’t known like you wanted to be. You were forgotten like the other hundreds of thousands of millions of people in this world. This realization made you more depressed and unmotivated than anything you’ve ever experienced.

               That was before he showed up.

               He had broken into your house after a fight with someone that he refused to name. He was bloody and bruised yet he kept the same shit eating grin on his face throughout the night. He threatened your life more times than you could count that night, but you helped him regardless. If he was going to kill you, you’d rather he do it quickly.

               People always said you had a kind heart.  Maybe that’s why you couldn’t allow yourself to commit suicide. You patched him up and sent him on his way with wounds that healed much too quickly for it to be natural. He kept coming back, though. The first time, he said it was because he was hungry, then it was because he had left something with you to keep hidden without your prior knowledge. Then the gifts started coming. He would leave them at your door with nothing but a note that had your name written in strange writing.

               Soon he started showing up with the gifts in his hands, staying for days at a time. That’s when you started growing attached. You would start to look forward to his visits. You even started smiling after so long.

               Six months later and you feel better than you’ve felt in years. He’s your light to guide you through the darkness. He’s like the remedy for your ailments. He would sit up late and talk with you over a glass of wine and a bottle of whiskey. He’d throw you over his shoulder and take you into the bedroom for a tickle fight when you cried and kiss every scar you had. He was the love of your life and you could only hope, with him being a demon and all, that he loved you all the same.

               “Because I love you and you’re perfect for my level of neediness.” He said one day when you asked him why he seemed to like you so much. You had been watching Disney movies and cuddling after a particularly rough day at you average job.

               He seemed to be the perfect man and you even questioned if he was real in the beginning of your relationship. You couldn’t help wondering if he was just a figment of your imagination, a perfect man made for your own survival. When you brought it up, however, he made sure you never thought that way again. It was an amazing night that you both shared.

               He told you everything, from his other personas to his horrific lifestyle, but he never told you what really happened the night you both met. Whenever you would bring it up, he would get quiet and leave for a while. Other than that, Anti was an amazing man.

               Then he came home, unconscious and dying, with a man you had never seen before. The dark suit was the only thing you noticed before he dropped Anti onto your floor and left without a word. Anti didn’t speak for an entire week after that. He became paranoid, sticking by your side and growling at any shadow that crossed his vision. It took an entire year for him to finally let his guard down. He left for a few days saying he had to ‘take care of things’ and you were left at home, alone.

               That was the day you met Dark. He showed up at your door, introducing himself and kissing you knuckles like a gentleman. Then he came in and you both shared a cup of tea. He insulted you the entire time. Your hands shook under the table as he confirmed what you already knew, bringing back emotions that you had locked away for such a long time. You couldn’t bring yourself to kick him out, whether it was from the fear of what he could do or from the feeling of uselessness that you had had once before, you couldn’t say.

               He left hours later, feeling satisfied with his mental torment and left you to be found by Anti. A note was held in your hands with the number for a burner phone that he owned. He knew you would call him.

               Anti came home two days later and found you in the same position that you had been left in. You hadn’t eaten, slept or moved since you had been left alone. Thoughts swirled in your mind about everything Dark had said. Anti shook you back to reality and you couldn’t do anything but look at him with a broken look and fall into his arms. At that point, he had been too late and you had reverted back to the old version of yourself. The version that looked out the window with empty, glassy eyes.

               Dark visited you in your sleep, causing you migraines in the night. You had called him then when you woke up from the pain, so he could tell you all of your flaws. You’d sit in the bathroom and listen without saying anything. Dark seemed to be the drug that constantly kept your life in a nose dive toward silent pain. Anti began to notice your missing presence while he slept, even though there was no point in doing it. He would hold you through your nightmares and you would tell him you needed to get water. He ignored the water bottle next to your side of the bed and assumed you just needed time to yourself. When you kept doing this, leaving the bed for hours at a time, he followed you. He began listening to your one sided conversations. It broke his heart and made his elfish ears wilt.

               Anti would bring it up in the morning during breakfast, but you never responded. You simply looked out the window with the same look you always had. The spark in your eyes that once made Anti’s evil heart flutter, was gone.

               Dark showed up one day without any reason. He wasn’t called or summoned by either of you. He was simply there to torment. He opened his arms wide and flicked his wrists. You stood from your seat. Anti gripped your wrist but you wriggled out and walked to Dark.

               “(Y/n)!” Anti glitched to your right. “What are you doing?” He glitched to your left. “Stop!”

               You embraced Dark in a teary eyed, pitiful hug. Anti stood frozen as he watched you and Dark disappear in a cloud of black smoke and once you both were gone, he crumpled to the floor.

               “I promise you Dark,” he said as the lights flickered and tears ran down his cheeks. “I’ll kill you for this.”

date the dark winged figure you see walking in the graveyard as you pass by in your car. the shadow clinging to the side of a tree. the feeling of constant watching after you check behind yourself when walking alone.

The Captain and The Recruit - Part 3.

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader.
Warnings: Language, Sexual Tension, impure thoughts, Slow Burn.
Word Count: 1.3k

A/N:Let me know if you want to be tagged in future parts.
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cartman: kyle ✡️ i love💕you babe💕👨‍❤️‍👨 you can run🏃all you want😤😤try to pretend you like girls💁but when we kiss😘😘there’s magic✨💖dont ✋let it go kyle✡️ 😢😭i want to hold 👬you👉every morning☀️🍳and love😘😍you👈every night😱😩😏😘i promise😤😤💪🤞you👈nothing ✋but love💕💖and happiness 😄😄I swear😤😤🤞by the moon🌑and the stars⭐in the sky🌦️i’ll be there💪kyle✡️i swear😤😤like the shadow👥😱by your👈side kyle✡️swear to god😤😤🤞✝️i’ll be there💪for better😄😄or worse😢😭to death💀⚰️till us part i’ll love💕you👈with every gay 😏👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨beat of my heart💓💓i swear kyle✡️

kyle: the fuck

Red-heads - Bucky x Reader

Request/Summary: Hi! I dyed my hair bloody red recently and i was wondering if you could do an imagine for bucky where you dye your hair the same color and the whole team loves it and he is shocked and speechless and the reader worries because she thinks he doesn’t like but he actually does?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word count: 1.4k

A/N: Requests are open and I’m absolutely open to anything (as long as it isn’t morally wrong)! I love speaking to you guys and receiving any type of feed back so please don’t hesitate to send an ask or message (:

(Sorry it’s a little scratchy I’m updating this from my phone and like I’m really not that familiar with most codes!!)


“Holy shit.”

Sams voice echoed throughout the kitchen, alerting everyone as their eyes shifted towards you. Everyone had their sights set on you, a small smile crept on your face as you stood there awkwardly while they all stared at your hair. “Well?”

“Good thing I went blonde a month ago, no room for two red-heads.” Natasha set down her coffee before walking up to you and playing with your hair.

“(Y/N), I adore it. I feel like it suits you well.” Vision had floated through the kitchen island before observing it as well. A smile appeared on your face when he complimented you. “Thanks, Vis.”

“Yeah, it’s not that bad. I prefer it over you’re old color.” Steve was leaning back in a kitchen chair with the same stone-cold expression he always has. “Always appreciated Captain!”

“So, you like the new Black Widow or something?” Sams voice hit you from behind as he walked up and poured himself a cup of coffee.

“Shut it, big bird. Looks nice, (Y/N).” Tony gave you a small smile before propping himself up and sitting on the counter.

“Suits you better than Natasha.” Clint was eating a donut on a bar stool while chuckling to himself. The former red-head grabbed a banana before chucking the peel at his head. “Fuck you, Barton.”

“Bruce has a thing for red-heads, Nat. Looks like you got competition.” Clint giggled to himself again like the dork he is.

“Hey don’t bring me into this, I mean yeah I think it’s beautiful but-” Before Bruce could finish, Tony cut him off. “You’re digging yourself a grave, pal.”

You thanked them all before laughing at how childish they are.

Thor had finally entered the kitchen along with Peter and Bucky. They all were drenched in sweat, you figured they were all working out. The moment their eyes landed on your hair, they froze. Thor had practically ran up to you like a toddler being offered candy.

“Lady (Y/N)! You look more ravishingly than before! I love it.” His innocent smile made you giggle, if it weren’t for the sweat surrounding his body, you would have given him a bone crushing hug.

The super soldier had your eye, but he avoided any interaction with you what-so-ever. He poured himself a glass of milk before heading to the opposite side of the room. When he passed you, his eyes stayed down and he didn’t look at you. He continued to stare at his feet before leaning up against a wall and eavesdropping on the ongoing conversation.

“It looks good, (Y/N)!” Peters high voice strung out before he chugged a whole cup of orange juice.

“Thank you, Peter, everyone. I have to say, I didn’t know how everyone would react.” You poured yourself a glass of milk before taking a sip. In the corner of your eye you saw a shadow staring right at you. Tilting your head to the side, only to see Buckys piercing blue eyes drill a hole into you. Despite the fact that you felt like he was disinterested in you or anything to do with you, you smiled and waved before focusing back on the current discussion.

“You know, (Y/N). Last time I saw someone with hair that red, it was over 70 years ago. Her name was Dolores, come to think of it, Bucky actually had a thing for her. Ha, he blew 3 bucks just to win her a stuffed bear. You always had a thing for girls with red hair, didn’t you, Buck?” The blonde super soldier finally let his lips curve up into a smile before glancing over at his old friend.

“Yeah.” Bucky muttered under his breath before he set down his empty glass of milk and walked out of the room.

“Soft spot?” Tony’s voice ringed out with a hint of amusement, obviously enjoying the annoyed soldier.

“I didn’t think he’d mind talking about her, we’ve done it before.” The small smile soon turned into his usual frown.

“It’s not your fault, maybe he’s having his own problem? Just let him have time to think it out and he’ll be fine.” You tried to stay optimistic about the situation, if anything it wasn’t your business.

You had to admit; you always had a thing for Bucky. Even if he was cold, mysterious and quiet, he always held your attention. You were intrigued by him and with every choice he made, he left you wanting more.

Once you finished your breakfast you headed towards the gym. Bucky wasn’t a close friend of yours but with your hidden feelings for him, you decided it would be best to see if you could at least help.

You reach the gym before entering and looking around for any soul in sight. The man was sitting on a bench, drinking every drop of liquid left inside his water bottle. You slowly walked his way before standing a few feet before him. He must of knew it was you the moment the door opened because not once did he look up from the floor.

“Hey, Bucky. I know we aren’t really good friends but I was just wondering if you were ok or if anything it bothering you-”

“Yeah, we aren’t good friends. So why should I tell you what’s bothering me?”

“Well, I just-”

“You just what? Why are you don’t here trying to help me when you could be upstairs talking about your new hair color.” His voice was left emotionless except when he mentioned your hair, all you could hear in those words was sarcasm and annoyance.

“I just wanted to see if I could help. I’m sorry, I’ll get going.” A frown was plastered on your face as you felt your weight shift to the back of your heels. His eyes met with yours once again, taking in the disappointment and sadness that leaked from your facial expressions.

The moment you turned to evacuate the room, he grabbed your arm. A shiver was sent down your spine as you turned back to face the man. His gaze was back on the floor but he someone showed a sign of remorse. He didn’t mean to hurt you; especially when he was trying to save you. He liked you a lot, and nobody knew it. Why? Because he knew that he would never be good enough for you. His mind was fried and he didn’t know how he could love someone when he can’t even love himself.

“I’m sorry.” His hand still held onto yours. This was the first time Bucky had shown you any type of guilt, it was a sign that he was trusting you more.

“For what?” A smile crept onto your face, you couldn’t help it, the man does that to you.

“Taking my anger out on you. I shouldn’t have. I’m just not in the best mood and I’m actually really confused because why are you smiling?” He looked at your (Y/E/C) eyes while squinting his in uncertainty.

“I know you weren’t in a good mood, hence why I was trying to help you, dummy. Also, I’m smiling because you’re going to let me help you, right?” He slowly nodded his head before looking at your hands and tightening his grip.

“I just… it’s hard adjusting to this life when I’m from a difference time period. I try to forget about it but somehow Steve always finds a way to bring it back.”

“He’s just trying to enjoy the memories. You can’t do anything about it, so either you can enjoy the memories with him or allow them to torture you. It’s your choice, not Steve’s.”

His blue eyes met with yours, neither of you broke eye contact. In a quick movement, he stood up and wrapped his arms around your waist and pulling you into his chest. You didn’t hesitate to wrap your arms around him and embrace his hug, and after what felt like a century, he pulled away. You knew he’d pull away eventually because you wouldn’t. Growing up your mother always told you ‘Never let go of a hug first; you never know how much of a hug the other person needs.’ and so you lived by it.

“You know what? You’re right, doll.”

“I know I am.” He smiled at you for the first time in many days. His once dark blue eyes full of sadness had turned into a bright blue as the happiness spread across his face. “Steve was also right.”

“Right about what?”

“I do have a thing for red-heads.”


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