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Divided We Fall (OUAT - Peter Pan x Reader) Part 5

Requested by @ajakral

Synopsis: Who said there were no girls on Neverland? Who said Peter Pan ruled over this world on his own? On the other side of the island, far from the mermaid lagoon, the echo cave and the skull rock – that’s where (Y/N) and her girls lived. Because behind every great man there is an even greater woman, what would the king be without his queen?

A/N: Doesn’t star any OUAT characters apart from Pan, Felix and Wendy.

Word count: 3.3k

Part 4 <<<


The last hour of training went by much more quickly than the girls expected, and it was mainly due to the fact that it stopped raining and the wind stopped blowing. (Y/N) dismissed them all before the end; much to everyone’s relief her mood seemed to have improved since the last time she checked on them.

She had no idea what happened for the storm to stop and the clouds to disperse so quickly, but the sun had never felt so delightful on (Y/N)’s skin. When the first ray pierced through the branches of the trees, (Y/N) raised her chin and closed her eyes to better appreciate its warmth. The sudden silence made her aware of the pounding of her heart in her chest and for the first time of the day, she breathed in and relaxed. Her shoulders were tense, her feet hurt and she was tired. She sat on the nearest rock and simply enjoyed the sun for as long as she could before it set.

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I just bought the book "Who Fears Death" by Nigerian writer Nnedi Okorafor.

I have been hearing whispers(lol) of her work and decided to check it out.

“Who fears death” is an African science fiction novel about a young African outcast.

Its theme is in a post- apocalyptic Africa after genocides and war. It centers around the enslavement of the Okeke people by the Nuru tribe.

After suffering rape from an enemy general and surviving the annihilation of her village, an Okeke woman wanders into the forest to die. Instead, she gives birth to a female child.

She names her "Onyesonwu" which means "Who fears death?“. Marked as an Ewu- a child of rape,she is rejected by both tribes.

She however is not an average Ewu as she has the ability to shape shift,manipulate matter and travel beyond the spiritual world. She soon becomes a target for an evil being and seeks help from the magic practitioners in her village.

But she is an Ewu and a female child after all and no one helps her so she takes action and embarks on an amazing journey around the world and beyond.

**Nnedi Okorafor is a Nigerian Science fiction/ fantasy writer. Her other books include

  • Akata witch
  • Zahra the Windkeeper
  • The shadow speaker
  • Lagoon
  • Kabu- Kabu

I love African Literature, especially those that incorporate african myths into it.

What African Literature is in your book bag? 

The Signs as Pretty Words
  • Taurus: Bucolic- In a lovely rural setting.
  • Gemini: Mellifluous- Sweet sounding
  • Cancer: Efflorescence- Flowering, blooming.
  • Leo: Lilt-To move musically or lively.
  • Virgo: Panacea- A solution for all problems
  • Libra: Gossamer- The finest piece of thread, a spider's silk
  • Scorpio: Cynosure- A focal point of admiration.
  • Sagittarius: Eloquence-Beauty and persuasion in speech
  • Capricorn: Penumbra- A half-shadow.
  • Aquarius: Inglenook- A cozy nook by the hearth.
  • Pisces: Lagoon- A small gulf or inlet.
  • Aries: Quintessential- Most essential.

Taha’a, French Polynesia

keyofjetwolf  asked:

Michiru #14: In the walls

I RUSHED to complete this before sundown, and just barely made it–so it’s a bit quick, but, man, you get what you pay for and it was done in like 4 hours. 2,400ish words

The house was an elegant affair, exquisite without erring into ostentatious tomfoolery, as so many of them did. It was quiet, and near the sea, and this combined with its perfect grace made it precisely what Michiru Kaioh required.

“The entire home has hand-painted wallpapers. The kitchen is really quite a masterwork,” the rental agent continued to speak, though Michiru had already decided upon it, “a six burner range, and plenty of room for entertaining. The kitchen is stocked with pots and pans, of course, and anything else you might need.”

“I’m afraid the only person I intend to entertain is myself.” She gave her closed-mouth smile. “A self-made painting retreat, if you will.”

Her painting agent had been the first to suggest it. That she needed to look inside and discover her truest self, that it would release a painter more like she had been when she burst onto the scene.

She hadn’t the heart to tell him she generally avoided contact with her truest self, and had never been the painter he thought. It would make him happy enough if she spent a week or so alone, painted something slightly different, and he would spin it into some journey of rediscovery.

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Here’s my “Crazy Cursed Mummy” in motion !
This makeup was actually pretty easy and quick to do! I used cheesecloth for the wraps and made my own blood from corn syrup, starch and food coloring.
My daughter came up with the idea and LOVES the blood. Hahahaha

@toofaced shadow insurance
@tartecosmetics concealer @nyxcosmetics jumbo pencil in Milk, Ultimate Brights shadows in turquoise, teal and yellow, and Glam liner in 24K and Glam Lagoon
@wetnwildbeauty H20 proof liner
@eyelure_lashes & I used a bit of Ben Nye pink, brown and black to make aged effect then added blood.
Thanks for looking!

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Wednesday Addams Meets Peter Pan

 Tittle: The Shadow`s Revenge

 Starring: Peter Pan and Wednesday Addams

Warning: violence, mentions of violence, blood and a gore.

Rating: I`m going to go with PG14

Authors Note: So I got this idea from  @dreamingofnoreality and I can not apologize enough for not asking her if I could use this idea, I had meant to but my window crashed and was unable to find the post. I am so sorry.

   Wednesday Addams was anything but normal. For a young girl she was cold, ruthless and blood thirsty. Many people often said that the young girl had no soul, that she was just a walking hazard. Everyone who was not family, was scared of the girl, of her cold emotionless stare, of the way her idea of a fun game was slicing off another humans head. For what the shadow needed, Wednesday was perfect.

   The shadow had been watching her for weeks, wanting to be certain that she was up for the task at hand. It was only when the shadow was left without a doubt that she was the answer to the problem at hand, that it decided to act.

  The shadow waited until a little after midnight, when all movement in the Addams home finally stopped, then quickly made it`s way to her window. With a simple flick of it`s wrist the window opened, the cool night air causing the girls curtains to flutter in the breeze. The shadow leaned into the room, not entering fully for fear that it`s sudden appearance would cause the girl to scream. Even though it knew she was ruthless it still feared that she would react like any other human when startled. The shadow should have known, that Wednesday was far from normal.

  In fact when she woke suddenly, her eyes darting around the room, before finally landing on the shadow, she showed no emotion. In fact the young girl was acting as if it was perfectly normal for her to wake up to find a shadowy figure leaning half way into her room. Even her voice, when she decided to speak, was emotionless. Thus conforming the shadows every thought about the girl. The boy would not stand up against her and win.


Wednesday woke up to the feeling that someone was watching her. Sitting up in her bed, she glanced around her room. Everything, at first glace, was just where she had left it. The only difference was that her window was no open, the cool night air making it`s way into her room. At first she saw nothing other than the slow flapping of her curtain, but upon a closer look, she spotted the shadow of a person leaning into her room. The figure had no features but something about it told her that it was the reason she was pulled from her slumber.

 “Why are you here?” She asked, her voice void of any emotion. Though the small rational part of her brain, the part she usually ignored, was telling to her to panic, she choose not to. She had yet to act normal and she was determined to keep it that way.

  “I am taking you to Neverland. I believe that you are the answer I have been looking for.” The voice that answered was cold, cold enough that it made it feel like the temperature in the room dropped to just below freezing.

  “I fail to see how I will help you.” She said, her voice just as cold as the shadows. Though you never would be able to know it, she was annoyed. This shadow was keeping her from sleeping. Normally the lack of sleep wouldn’t bother her, but she was uninterested in this whole ordeal and wanted it to be over.

  “You will, trust me.” The shadow answered, making it`s way fully into her room. Before Wednesday had time to act, not that she would have anyway, the Shadow gripped her hand and pulled her towards her window, her pleases to be let go falling upon death ears.

   As she was pulled from her window Wednesday Addams finally felt like a normal person. As she flew into the night sky, she was scared.


  “Some one`s on the island.” Peter Pan whispered, his words going unnoticed by all of the lost boys around him. Standing, he made his way towards where he felt the new presence. It was by Mermaid Lagoon, a spot not to far from where he and his boys had made camp for the night. As he walked towards Mermaid Lagoon, Peter couldn’t help the small frown that had made it`s way onto his face. There had not been anyone new on the island for years, not since he made that bet with the shadow.

  The shadow, the stupid thing, was determined that Peter was destroying the island by letting his lost boys live on it. And had, at one point, threatened to take it all away, the only way Peter got to remain on the island is if he promised to never bring a new lost boy on. Foolish and desperate Peter agreed. Because of that, the past few years, had been rather boring to Peter, the only excitement coming in the form of a one handed pirate seeking a place to plot revenge and even Hook made sure to stay out of the boys path. Hook, also happened to be back on his ship. So the new arrival scared Peter and Peter Pan was not one to be scared easily.

  When he finally reached mermaid lagoon, all thoughts of the shadow was wiped from his mind. Standing in the middle of the shore, her arms crossed over her chest, was a girl. To Peter the sight of her caused him to feel two things. Fear and a feeling he had not felt in year, desire. The girl was beautiful. Long black hair that was in two perfect braids. Her long black dress with white collar, hugged her curves. Her eyes a creamy chocolate brown. It was her eyes that captivated Peter as well as scared him. Those same breathtaking brown eyes were cold, ice cold, and locked on him.

  “Why am I here?” She asked, her voice just as cold as her stare.

  “I don`t know. I don`t let girls on my island.” He replied, smirking at her as he caught her eye twitch in annoyance.

  “You own this island.”

  “Yes and with that being said, I want you off it.”

  “I am afraid I can not do that, I have orders to follow.”

  “Order from who?” He demanded, raising a careful eyebrow at the girl.

  “The shadow, it said I was to solve something for it, and that until then I was unable to return home.” She replied, her voice flat and cold making it seem as if she wasn’t bothered by the fact she was being told to stay on a island she knew nothing about.

  “I see. Well I don`t care what the shadow wants, you will get off my island.”

  “I already told you I can not.”

  “You will leave, I`ll see to it myself.”

  “I look forward to you trying.”

  “I won`t need to try, Peter Pan never fails.”

  It was her next words, that caused Peter to rethink the whole situation. They were simple, and coming from anyone else something he would have brushed off, but coming for her. Coming from her, they were enough to make his blood turn to ice. Maybe it was because her face, finally, filled with emotion as she spoke, excitement mixed with glee that scared him, but either way, the next words would be haunting Peter for a long time.

  “You know I am at the age where a girl has one thing on her mind. Homicide. I would love to act upon my thoughts on you.”