shadows of oblivion

red against coastline’s

thick moonswallowed



of oblivion

behaving the wolf

empty       unafraid

she speaks betrayal

she sinks

I                unknown


awaiting the fate

of an animal

Pluto in the 8th House - The Underworld Heiress

Revelation and transformation become constant life themes with Pluto in the 8th house. It’s like the individual is chartered by something greater, voyaging through invisible battles to rise higher than the sun. Relationships contour life in a sort of brutal bliss, and there is an urgency to destruct and rebuild relationships in the search for soul contact. From the shadows, unconscious longings emerge, steering life in unusual and confrontational ways. The personality is likely cryptic, and secretive regarding their trauma, talent, and power. Pluto is welcomed into the 8th house, and the individual is anointed the underworld sovereign, the master of life and death, the tightrope acrobat between thresholds. The response to events and relationships is typically emotionally reactive and intense. The individual’s aura and presence cuts like a knife, and remains long after the body vanishes. This is the heirloom of a thousand centuries of searching. Ever since the individual was a child, that which was to be concealed or secret was too easily perceived, there was not a moment missed, for example the mother’s secret heartbreak, or the father attempting to hide the abuse. It was all revealed to the individual, and thus was realised that she was different. And nobody could ever know.

The psychic forces and internal world with Pluto in the 8th, commonly shadowed by delusion and paranoia, remedied by euphoria and love and lunacy can become too sweeping for some. Individuals can become lost in the 8th house madness, plunged into unconscious symbolism with blurred vision, a volcano of aggression, sexual compulsion, volatility, and destructive relationships. The wall between worlds is leaky with Pluto in the 8th house, and the susceptibility to unseen forces is extremely ominous. The individual’s fear of death can pour into hysteria and phobia, a sort of petrified response to uncontrolled energies and messages. It can force withdrawal, isolation, and depressive episodes that can imitate death. But for some individuals, the Pluto partnership is profound and evokes a sort of magic and necromancy roused from a cauldron of unconscious prophecy. The sort of impression the individual leaves on others filters into the soul, engraving a lasting legacy. Relationships can become obsessions, a sort of compulsive response to a need to fill the void, a split in the spirit and personality, something that appears to have never been born. Sexual activity may wax and wane, experiencing drought to generate the energy that shakes worlds. Rather than photographs, the individual can reminisce about life through the eyes of old selves, those that have been burned away and sawed into glowing rubies for the spirit. The individual may reflect on former personalities with disbelief.

Self destruction may become routine with Pluto in the 8th. The individual can have little or no knowledge of its cause, and why everything seems to be destroyed as the peak is approached. Solitude is cherished, and typically used as reflective periods or acute research. There are no boundaries with Pluto in the 8th. Secrets are exposed, corruption is leaked, and deception is shattered. The individual knows how to read the language of the unconscious as its written across the 8th house sky, illuminating with purple radiance just for them. This is what can make the individual brilliant with occult studies, mediumship, or depth psychology. People are read like books written by Freud or Jung. The individual knows their dark thoughts cannot be rejected, but accepted and integrated to create truth and vision and clarity. Steven Forrest says Pluto in the 8th individuals are capable of ascending to the “Rimpoche”, or “Special One”, a term which defines sacred instinct and healing forces in Buddhist philosophy. Beneath the sea swims a Pluto drenched mermaid, swimming below a shadow into the oblivion, following a compass nobody owns or knows how to follow.


[art: valfre]

Fanfics I 100% recommend!

I was thinking a lot about some of these lately, so I thought I would share a list of some of my favorite fanfics! Some of these I honestly think I like more than some of my favorite books. 

My top favorite fanfics are: 

1 - Oblivion by southspinner. This fic has one of the most beautiful styles I have ever seen. It is a JeanMarco fic based off The Fault in Our Stars. I cannot put into words how much I love this fic. 

2 - Future Earth, Future Sky by Inky. My favorite Free! fic of all time. It is a SouMako fic that means a lot more to me than just the amazing story. This fic actually helped me a lot in understanding my own anxiety problems and it has helped a lot of other readers as well. That is just amazing to me.

3 - Shadows and Light by not_poignant. Not_poigant does an amazing job with characterization and taking Jack Frost on a completely transforming journey about finding yourself. I love it and even though I’m less into RoTG now, I’ll still recommend this fic to anyone!

Some other really great fics! 


First Love by kickcows : MakoRin 

Happy Household Club by trixiechick : MakoRinHaru 

Vows by NoveltyPinapple : Reigisa

Attach on Titan

Droplets by theprophetlemonade

Playing Off Him by LensMind

Wisteria by butterflychansan

Rise of the Guardians 

Myth Amoung Myths by FrostInTheWarren

// R E S O N A N C E //

What comes after this, momentary bliss

For those many sleepless nights (of staring at your ceiling, trying to chase your muse, studying, writing, etc.)

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