shadows of excite


More Shadowhunters had entered the Council Hall. They were a mix of ages, from old to young. Some wore Centurion uniforms. Most wore gear or ordinary clothes. What was unusual about them was that they were carrying placards and signs. REGISTER ALL WARLOCKS. DOWNWORLDERS MUST BE CONTROLLED. INTERNMENT CAMPS FOR WEREWOLVES. CREATE THE REGISTRY. PRAISE THE COLD PEACE. 

Among them was a stolid brown-haired man with a bland sort of face, the kind of face where you could never really remember the features later. He winked at Zara.

“My father,” she said proudly. “Registering all Downworlders was his idea.”

“What interesting signs,” said Mark.

“How wonderful to see people expressing their political views,” said Zara. “Of course the Cold Peace has truly created a generation of revolutionaries.”

“It is unusual,” said Cristina, “for a revolution to call for fewer rights for its people, not more.”

For a moment Zara’s mask slipped, and Cristina saw through the artifice of politeness, the breathy little-girl voice and demeanor. There was something cold behind it all, something without warmth or empathy or affection. “People,” she said. “What people?”

Diego took hold of her arm. “Zara,” he said. “Let’s go sit down.”

The Famous First Sentences Giveaway

Hello book nerds near and far!

I have reached a big milestone–2000 followers. I still can’t really believe it. To show my gratitude and give back to all of you, I’m doing a nice little giveaway!

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seen here: johnny giving RJ the thumbs up, indicating that Ed’s a cool dude yo

seen here: RJ giving Ed the “I’m watching u” finger gesture to indicate that while they trust Johnny, they don’t yet trust Ed

seen here: RJ talking in front of Ed and sitting near the two as well. 

What I’m getting at here is…..Will Ed become a true heart foreverboy? Or perhaps will he now gain immunity from bullying for life? Listen, this is all very important to me.

Set up this mini portable altar in my bedroom it’s so beautiful and at the right height for me to sit on the floor and work with it 💕 the salt lamp light is amazing and so healing and calm 🌸 I love just being at my altar and taking in all the calm positive energy 🔮

tbh i’m glad it’s not a straight up kanto rewrite like the usual anime marketing movies do “hey let’s retell a whole season of anime in 2 ½ hrs nice” 

but also

i’m so confused

pokeani what r you selling

i appreciate that it’s a 20th anniversary movie and gonna pull shit from all the gens n shit but WHAT IS GOING ON

Lets remember the best bits of Lady Midnight

-julian and emma´s parabatai bond

-emma developing feelings for julian

-mark’s return

-the kitchen scene

-the beach scene

mark, kieran and christina´s love triangle

-emma and christina´s friendships goals

-blackthorn´s family goals

-kit herondale

-ty blackthorn

So excited for: