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Since I'll soon be starting as a PC in Shadowrun 5th ed, what are 14.4 indispensable pieces of advice for any new runner?

1. Count your own ammo. It adds dramatic tension when you’re getting low, and it lessens the stress on the GM.

2. Play the game the way you want to play it. Don’t get wrapped up in what might be the “best”, do what your character would do, roll with the consequences.

3. Legwork keeps you alive. There’s no such thing as too much preparation.

4. The best laid plans will always have complications. This is part of the fun.

5. Watch your back. When you’re running in the shadows, everything is grey.

6. Loyalty is earned, not given. 

7. Keep your contacts close. If you find something they might like on a run, feel free to hand it over. A good contact is worth their weight in creds.

8. Every bullet can be tracked back to you with enough searching. Watch where you leave them.

9. Geek the Mage first.

10. Don’t trust Mr. Johnson.

11. Definitely don’t trust a Dragon.

12. There are a lot of rules. Know yours, down to your abilities, your cyber, your pools, etc. This keeps the game running smoothly.

13. Have fun with Negative Attributes. They give back (BP for 4th/Karma for 5th), but they do more to flesh out a character.

14. Befriend a Troll. Your life will be better for it.

14.4 I know the truth! Dunkelzahn was assassinated by


SR5 Standard Limited Edition | SR5 Deluxe Mayan Limited Edition

The two Limited Edition releases that you will be able to order tomorrow. More information to be provided tomorrow.

February 18, 2015 Street Date

Shadowrun Run Faster, Standard Edition ($49.99)
Every step, every advantage, every millisecond counts. The streets of the Sixth World are mean, and if they want to stay alive, shadowrunners need every advantage they can get to gain a step on the opposition. Fortunately, Run Faster is full of them. With it, you can learn about more metatypes for characters, including hobgoblins, giants, centaurs, and sasquatch; acquire new qualities, such as Disgraced, Hawk Eye, and Lightning Reflexes; and, if you dare, dabble with the dangerous and deadly Infected.

Run Faster also has advice on fleshing out characters of different metatypes, expanded contact and lifestyle rules, and alternate character creation methods to help ensure that players can build exactly the character they want.

All these options make Run Faster a crucial companion to players who want to get the most out of their Shadowrun, Fifth Edition core rulebook.

Shadowrun Run Faster, Limited Edition ($74.99)
Run Faster Limited Edition book includes a bonded red leather cover with gold foil stamp and a de-bossed graphic.

London Falling ($19.99)
London—where the thick fog (sounds nicer than smog, doesn’t it) makes for some truly deep shadows. Every crooked street, every cramped building holds a secret or two, as well as a person or two who will go to great lengths to ensure those secrets are kept. There is, for instance, the dark secret of a minor noble who has not been seen in Parliament in months. And the researcher who has a startlingly large amount of people interested in his work. The courier who carries one secret in his head and another in his gut. And an explosive secret that has been festering in the West End Underplex for years or even decades.

Skilled runners have the chance to uncover these secrets and more, but they’d better be ready for the forces of the world that would prefer to keep things covered up. They are tenacious, dangerous, and, perhaps most surprising for England, not at all polite.

London Falling features four adventures for Shadowrun set in London. Initially designed especially for gaming conventions, these adventures are now available to all players who want to dive in and see if they can survive the challenges of the Big Smoke. London Falling has stats that allow it to be compatible for both Shadowrun, Fifth Edition and Shadowrun, Twentieth Anniversary Edition.

[SR5] September Street Dates: Street Grimoire, Firing Line

The following products have a Street Date of SEPTEMBER 10TH, 2014:

Magic can burn your brain and sear your soul. It can inject power into every millimeter of your veins, or leave you a lump of ashes at the end of a dark alley. It’s dangerous, but to spellslingers in the Sixth World, it’s worth it. Because magic is power, and power in the Sixth World needs to be grabbed with both hands.?

Spells, rituals, alchemical preparations, adept powers, metamagics—all of those elements and more can be used to help an Awakened shadowrunner move off the streets and get a taste of the high life. Street Grimoire has more options for Shadowrun players, along with information on magical traditions, magic societies, and the dangers and benefits of living as a spellcaster in a world where “geek the mage first” is a common adage. With more options, deeper rules, deadlier threats, and dozens of way to have fun with magic, Street Grimoire is an essential book for anyone playing Shadowrun, Fifth Edition.

Street Grimoire Limited Edition book includes a bonded red leather cover with gold foil stamp and a debossed graphic.

The following products have a Street Date of SEPTEMBER 24TH, 2014:

Firing Line collects four Shadowrun Missions developed especially for the large summer gaming conventions, making them available for the first time to the gaming public. The adventures have all the statistics and game information needed for both Shadowrun, Fourth Edition and Shadowrun, Fifth Edition, meaning that a wide range of shadowrunners will have everything they need to dive into the adventures and get themselves in some high-paying trouble!

[Shadowrun 5] Putting More People on the Streets: Shadowrun Introductory Box Set

As you hopefully have noticed, we have some ambitious goals for the Year of Shadowrun. One of these goals is to get as many people playing in the Sixth World as possible. With computer games, a deck-building game, a miniatures game, a board game, and the Fifth Edition of the tabletop role-playing game, we’re set to provide a range of gaming experiences for Shadowrun. But we’re missing one link.

As we have been planning the various games, we’ve worked to maintain continuity between all the different pieces. We want them all to feel like Shadowrun, and that means they should not only have the flavor text and terminology that conveys the texture of the universe, but when possible they should share certain mechanics and ways of doing things. The goal would be for players to be able to have a sense of familiarity each time they sit down to one of these games, though the games should also provide unique experiences suited to their various natures. This means that if you play Shadowrun: Crossfire, the deck-building game, then move to the role-playing game, you should recognize different elements, pieces of gear, and rules that feel familiar to you.

We hope this will help people move easily from game to game, but we also know the role-playing game do not have the gentlest learning curve in the world. So to help players of the other games get involved in role-playing, as well as bringing entirely new players to the world of Shadowrun, we are announcing a new product: the Shadowrun Introductory Box Set.

The goal of the set is simple: It should have everything you need to quickly and easily launch an adventure in Shadowrun’s Sixth World setting. It should be approachable, fun to use, eye-catching, and entertaining.

With those larger goals in mind, we set about planning the contents for the box. Here’s what’s going in:

  • The Edge of Now: A world book introducing players to the madness, magic, and mean streets of the Sixth World, providing what they need to know to hit the streets at top speed.
  • Rules of the Street: A simplified rulebook that includes the critical elements of Shadowrun—Matrix, magic, machines, and so on—in an easy-to-use fashion.
  • Plots and Paydays: An adventure book with complete information on missions for the players; they can be played alone, or as a longer, inter-connected campaign.
  • Character Booklets: Four pre-generated character sheets, with stats, background, favored tactics, and advancement possibilities—everything you need to pick a character and start earning some nuyen.
  • Character Sheets: Custom sheets for each character, with complete stats for easy reference, along with full-color character art.
  • Maps: Modular maps of common areas shadowrunners may run into that can be arranged in different ways to suit a variety of missions.
  • Spell and Gear Cards: Cards that list the stats spells and gear included in the game, so that players have an easy reference in front of them.

We’re looking for ways to include more, including counters that can help you track the position of your runners and their opponents as they go about their business. We’re also hoping to include customized dice instead of just standard D6s; we love seeing the Shadowrun logo come up when we roll dice.

Also, the cover illustration is being worked on by the wonderful Echo Chernik … once we’ve got in a final, just like the Fifth Edition cover, we’ll share!

We believe this set will make it easier than ever to launch into Shadowrun role-playing, and we hope it will introduce a growing audience of gamers to the joy of shooting people in the face for money.

Jason Hardy
Shadowrun Line Developer

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[Shadowrun 5] Roll 4 Initiative discusses Shadowrun, Fifth Edition

Splintered State, a 74-page adventure for Shadowrun, Fifth Edition.

scritzero  asked:

When might we see some books carrying various sub metahuman types, spirits, shifters, drakes, surge characters and the infected? I ask because I have a crazy idea of a shifter mage who uses throdes to hack as well and want to see if it's possible XD

With regard to SR5-specific rules, I can’t say. Until Catalyst announces a book, we treat it as non-existent in public.

That said, there are books that cover these creatures from previous editions. The most recent one with PC creation rules is Runner’s Companion, which is for Shadowrun, Fourth Edition and Shadowrun, Twentieth Anniversary Edition. And unless I’m mistaken the rules would not preclude the creation of such a character, but they would be very weak.

The Shadowrun Companion (3rd Ed) has the most recent rules for creating Shapeshifters using the Priority System. For a full magician shapeshifter, this is the required assignment (SR3Comp, 35):

  • A: Magician
  • B: Resources (Though you actually only start with 5,000¥)
  • C: Race

That doesn’t leave a lot of room for Skills and Attributes. Nor does the Runner’s Companion point-based system. Nor would I expect any future rules to. The Shadowrun, Fifth Edition tagline, “Everything has a price,” is no joke.


Jason Hardy, the Shadowrun line developer, foolishly bet that the softcover Shadowrun, Fifth Edition Origins Special Edition wouldn’t sell out. Though as Randall Bills, his boss, said:

we have 15 years of sales history to say we brought way too many books…and the SR fans blew us away… rmb

Well, Jason made a bet, and he lost. They had to save some on Friday or they’d have sold out. Then they completely sold out, and even decided to sell the used DEMO copies. Then they found 3 more, and those sold.

So he had to sing the character description of the Street Samurai to the tune of Sweet Caroline.


Shadowrun Line Developer Jason Hardy on Shadowrun, Fifth Edition.

[Shadowrun 5] Fifth Editition Update

Laying out the gear section of Shadowrun Fifth Edition! After that it’s just a few fiction pieces, the intro, TOC/Credits and index! -Matt

— CatalystGameLab (@catalystgamelab)

April 23, 2013

[Shadowrun 5] PDF Preview #2 Is Coming

And it looks like we’ll have SR5 Preview #2 PDF releasing this week! Sweet…now back to SR Intro Box Set work…Plots and Paydata…. rnb

— CatalystGameLab (@catalystgamelab)

May 14, 2013

[Shadowrun 5; Crossfire] Catalyst Game Labs at GAMA Trade Show and Pax East

Catalyst Game Labs is attending the GAMA Trade Show, as well as for the first time Pax East!

For those attending Pax East we’ll be at booths C701-C706 selling our games and running a swath of demos. From BattleTech and Leviathans to Balance of Power and The Duke (come by the booth and walk away with a free cut-out-and-play version of this game!), as well as special “convention playtests” for Shadowrun, Fifth Edition and Shadowrun: Crossfire (both games are in layout, so they won’t look very pretty at the show, but you’ll get a first chance to find out the meat of what’s coming mere months away!)

What does this mean for those not attending? It means that from March 19th till March 25th pretty much all personnel will be away from their normal communications (websites, emails, phones, you name it), including customer service.

As such, if you’re trying to contact anyone at Catalyst, please be patient during that time. Additionally, the reality is that it will also take a few days after the 25th before we’re able to dig our way out from under a week’s worth of communications, so expect a few days more after that.

We look forward to seeing everyone at these shows and for those unable to attend, thanks for your patience over the next two weeks…see you on the flip side!

Catalyst Game Labs