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Hey :) weird question probably but basically a friend and I do a lot of rps and the like and as its a new year we both agreed we'd try learning to rp a new hetalia nation. Ive decided to try Taiwan as ive never really explored her character or culture much at all. I want to make sure I rp her properly and I saw that shes a character very close to your heart. so I was wondering if you have any tips on her character I can use? many thanks :)

AHHHH, this is difficult because I would have too much to say, but:

  • Do NOT reduce her into this all-pink, blushy, moe as frick type of anime/shoujou manga girl trope. This is probably what irks me in fics a lot and why there are people who hate on her. It’s not Taiwan’s fault she is badly portrayed by people.
  • You really have to do a lot of research on Taiwan’s culture and daily life. Don’t assume Taiwanese culture is equivalent to Chinese culture even though a large part of our population can trace of ancestry to China. If you are willing to be a good rp-er, I believe that you owe whatever character you’re playing to be respectful of their culture and character.
  • Read up her history, because a nation’s history is what makes a nation. Taiwan’s history is actually really interesting, and it’s even sad. If you want accurate/realistic relations with other countries, you need to remember Taiwan’s history. 
  • Be careful of the “Taiwan is/is not a part of China” debate. It can influence your characterization of her. 

………this is barely the gist of it, but I hope it helps!!

Good luck, mate!

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Hey :D don't know if I count as an adult (19) or not but I LOVE Gravity Falls and Over the Garden Wall and would love to have someone to talk about them (and other cartoons) with :D

Awh sounds great!! It’s nice to meet you! I’m always on the GF, OTGW and SU tags because I love reading people’s theories and seeing fanart so it’s really cool to have people I can talk to about the shows! I’m watching Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun at the moment and I’m in tears with laughter! I recommend it to everyone! 

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thank you for the ask :D 4, 6, 14 and 16! if youve done them already i apologise, im on a weird timezone

No problem! It sucks to get no asks and I haven’t answered these yet! And being in different timezones is always weird. :P

4. do you like your name?  is there another name you think would fit you better?

I like my name and I think it does suites me. I wish it was less common though, there are so many Sarahs. So I would change rather change other peoples’ names to make mine stand out since I like mine. :P

6. are you religious/spiritual?

I’m not religious. While I think most religions are pretty cool, I don’t know if I can get on board with god worship, I’m just not sure if I believe in god(s) and on top of that them as an entity(s). I like the idea of them maybe representing and idea or feeling. I also don’t like people telling me how to do things so that pretty mush rules out most organized religions. I would like to become more spiritual though. It’s really hard for me to answer since I didn’t grow up in a spiritual house hold so I’m just growing into myself in this respect.

14. are you a musician?

I wish!!!  I can kinda play the recorder, that’s about it. I really love music so it seems kinda weird. I’m thinking of learning an instrument though.

16. if you’d grown up in a different environment, do you think you’d have turned out the same?

I think about this a lot actually. I probably would have turned out different. If my mom didn’t encourage art I would probably be a science/engineering major. If my parents didn’t let me read comics and watch cartoon I probably would have never started drawing seriously! If we had more money I probably would spend more freely and feel less bad about purchasing things. What if I didn’t have a twin or a younger brother? That would probably change a lot too since I grew up sharing.

My outlook would definitely be different even if nothing else was.

Hildegarde has such a pretty color scheme…

Haha, this is what I do instead of writing a paper, XD. 

The amulet on her choker is filled with preserved human blood. Every fifty years, she has to drink it (obviously, she has to refill it, XD) in order to keep her immortality. (And then once she makes it to two-hundred years, the immortality becomes permanent, and she won’t have to drink the blood.)

Usually, she’s smirking/laughing, so this calm-ish expression is rare for her.

…I hate drawing her with the hood on her robes up. Ugh. 

Also, this picture is pre-Defenders, if you were wondering about the timeline. 

Fun random fact: She has no idea who her father is; ‘Salz’ is her mother’s surname. All she knows was that he was a traveler who ended up living with her mother (named Ermentrude) for awhile before leaving (presumably on some mission, since all that was known about him was that he was a hitman of sorts, though even that could have been fabricated). He never came back, so he was either killed, or just didn’t want to return. (Not to mention he probably had no idea Ermentrude was pregnant.) Also Ermentrude is a horrible character.

…Anyone have any theories about this? (Joking or not, XD.) Especially Maddie. I am curious about your wacky headcanons for Hildegarde, since I know she’s your favorite, haha

Hearing Fem!England’s voice for the first time… 

(hope the gif thingy worked)

Its not the worst attempt at the mythical british accent though XD  

I know! Like, I loved Nyo!Italy, Nyo!France, and Nyo!Latvia (MY BABY IS PERFECT!!!), but England’s accent bugged me. All in all, I’m actually okay with this dubbed episode, since they didn’t make Estonia into a creep. However, Nyo!Russia dropped the accent halfway through, and Nyo!England’s accent was just…flat (if that makes sense). Not to mention they flubbed the line and made it seem like it was Hungary’s fault when it wasn’t, but all-in-all, it wasn’t too bad.

K for Killer: Prologue (Original Writing)

A/N: When I was looking through old documents from last year, I found that I actually completed the prologue and chapter one of a story! I haven’t worked on this one for awhile, so I figured, ‘why not’. I’m in a rut for my other stories, and this one is a lot of fun to work with, so hopefully, I can get more of this written. 

This probably makes no sense, but it’s supposed to be really confusing. Especially when 'Not-Ellen Degeneres’ is being focused on, haha 

But yeah. After I finish editing the first chapter, I’ll have that posted, too. 


00. Prologue 

A tall woman clad in black sat on the roof of the city’s tallest building, her dangling feet covered only by a pair of white socks. Though it was nighttime, she wore a pair of large sunglasses, the light of the full moon reflecting off of the lenses. The sound of someone approaching made her whirl around, dexterously landing on her feet.

                “You?” She tilted her head to one side. “Though I shouldn’t be surprised.” She tilted it to the other side, narrowing her eyes. “This scenario was the most likely according to the data, after all.”

                “It’s always ‘data’ this, and ‘logic’ that, with you,” the person spoke wryly, cracking their neck. “Is everything mapped out, in your eyes? I didn’t think you were the type to believe in the ‘unchangeable destiny’ bullshit.”

                “Mm, no,” replied the woman, adjusting her sunglasses. “However, the chances that I am right are about, eh, ninety-five percent. You should know that, since you have Second Sight, as well.”

                “Of course I do. But I’m not stupid enough to let myself believe that I am invincible. There are always weaknesses to great power.”

                “Ah, but I know I am not invincible. Far from it.” The raven-haired woman removed her glasses, resting them on her head. “I know that you were expecting my apprentice here, tonight. I know you wanted to kill her.”

                “So you came in her place. I expected this scenario, as well. What makes you think that sacrificing yourself will change the outcome of this game? What makes you think that I won’t go after your brat apprentice after you die?”

                “Ah, but that’s just it, my friend,” the woman moved her sunglasses back to their original position. “I know you would. But the person in front of me? He’s not you.” She raised an eyebrow. “If the real you really wanted to send someone to kill me, he should have at least sent someone remotely intelligent.”

                Before the figure could blink, he found himself hurtling over the side of the building.

                The woman watched as her would-be assailant plummeted to his death. Looking up to the moon, she removed her glasses and rubbed her tired eyes. “The game is only beginning, my friend…” 

Yes! I managed to finish this in time, after all! This is another attempt at drawing completely digitally. (I know the lines are still very sketchy, but so far, this is all I can do… My hands are just shaky when I use my tablet.) 

Merry Christmas to everyone~ (And if you don’t celebrate it, have a wonderful day anyway!) 

Haha, Liene actually looks happy, for once! (It’s Christmas; I didn’t want to have her sad. If anything, she would be bragging about how her country invented the custom of Christmas trees and arguing with anyone who says otherwise. Even Elts, even though it was technically Livonia that invented it, meaning that Liene and Elts are both right.)

Crap… I think I gave her man-shoulders, XD. 

The Rise and Fall of Triinu Sepp (Original Story)

This is a very brief look at Triinu ‘Eston’ Sepp’s role in the first part of my original story '2072’.

It is written in second person because I wanted to challenge myself. 'You’ are Triinu, in this. 

I only wrote up to Triinu’s final match with Nadia in the WPC. This is because I didn’t want to spoil the ending of the first part of this story, nor give away more details for the second part. (I just wanted to see if people were interested before I wrote more.)

This probably won’t make any sense to those who don’t know the general plot of '2072’, but I hope it hooks you into wanting to know more, because that was my goal, X’D. 


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