I’ve seen a lot of curious people wanting to dive into classical music but don’t know where to start, so I have written out a list of pieces to listen to depending on mood. I’ve only put out a few, but please add more if you want to. hope this helps y’all out. :)

stereotypical delightful classical music:

if you need to chill:

if you need to sleep:

if you need to wake up:

if you are feeling very proud:

if you feel really excited:

if you are angry and you want to take a baseball bat and start hitting a bush:

if you want to cry for a really long time:

if you want to feel like you’re on an adventure:

if you want chills:

if you want to study:

if you really want to dance:

if you want to start bouncing in your chair:

if you’re about to pass out and you need energy:

if you want to hear suspense within music:

if you want a jazzy/classical feel:

if you want to feel emotional with no explanation:

if you want to sit back and have a nice cup of tea:

pieces that don’t really have a valid explanation:

pieces that just sound really cool:

if you feel like listening to concertos all day (I do not recommend doing that):

and if you really just hate classical music in general:

a lot of these pieces apply in multiple categories, but I sorted them by which I think they match the most. have fun exploring classical music!

also, thank you to viola-ology, iwillsavemyworld, shayshay526, eternal-cadenza, tropicalmunchakoopas, shadowraven45662, and thelonecomposer for adding on! if you would like to add on your own suggestions, please reblog and add on or message me so I can give you credit for the suggestion!

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bow-of-burning-gold  asked:

Hey :) weird question probably but basically a friend and I do a lot of rps and the like and as its a new year we both agreed we'd try learning to rp a new hetalia nation. Ive decided to try Taiwan as ive never really explored her character or culture much at all. I want to make sure I rp her properly and I saw that shes a character very close to your heart. so I was wondering if you have any tips on her character I can use? many thanks :)

AHHHH, this is difficult because I would have too much to say, but:

  • Do NOT reduce her into this all-pink, blushy, moe as frick type of anime/shoujou manga girl trope. This is probably what irks me in fics a lot and why there are people who hate on her. It’s not Taiwan’s fault she is badly portrayed by people.
  • You really have to do a lot of research on Taiwan’s culture and daily life. Don’t assume Taiwanese culture is equivalent to Chinese culture even though a large part of our population can trace of ancestry to China. If you are willing to be a good rp-er, I believe that you owe whatever character you’re playing to be respectful of their culture and character.
  • Read up her history, because a nation’s history is what makes a nation. Taiwan’s history is actually really interesting, and it’s even sad. If you want accurate/realistic relations with other countries, you need to remember Taiwan’s history. 
  • Be careful of the “Taiwan is/is not a part of China” debate. It can influence your characterization of her. 

………this is barely the gist of it, but I hope it helps!!

Good luck, mate!

bow-of-burning-gold  asked:

Hey :D don't know if I count as an adult (19) or not but I LOVE Gravity Falls and Over the Garden Wall and would love to have someone to talk about them (and other cartoons) with :D

Awh sounds great!! It’s nice to meet you! I’m always on the GF, OTGW and SU tags because I love reading people’s theories and seeing fanart so it’s really cool to have people I can talk to about the shows! I’m watching Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun at the moment and I’m in tears with laughter! I recommend it to everyone! 

bow-of-burning-gold  asked:

thank you for the ask :D 4, 6, 14 and 16! if youve done them already i apologise, im on a weird timezone

No problem! It sucks to get no asks and I haven’t answered these yet! And being in different timezones is always weird. :P

4. do you like your name?  is there another name you think would fit you better?

I like my name and I think it does suites me. I wish it was less common though, there are so many Sarahs. So I would change rather change other peoples’ names to make mine stand out since I like mine. :P

6. are you religious/spiritual?

I’m not religious. While I think most religions are pretty cool, I don’t know if I can get on board with god worship, I’m just not sure if I believe in god(s) and on top of that them as an entity(s). I like the idea of them maybe representing and idea or feeling. I also don’t like people telling me how to do things so that pretty mush rules out most organized religions. I would like to become more spiritual though. It’s really hard for me to answer since I didn’t grow up in a spiritual house hold so I’m just growing into myself in this respect.

14. are you a musician?

I wish!!!  I can kinda play the recorder, that’s about it. I really love music so it seems kinda weird. I’m thinking of learning an instrument though.

16. if you’d grown up in a different environment, do you think you’d have turned out the same?

I think about this a lot actually. I probably would have turned out different. If my mom didn’t encourage art I would probably be a science/engineering major. If my parents didn’t let me read comics and watch cartoon I probably would have never started drawing seriously! If we had more money I probably would spend more freely and feel less bad about purchasing things. What if I didn’t have a twin or a younger brother? That would probably change a lot too since I grew up sharing.

My outlook would definitely be different even if nothing else was.