well, i just finished Show 907: “Hobgoblins”. people who put down low budget films – like the ones made by Full Moon, or Greg Araki, or Troma – should see this one… it’s terrifying (and not in the way Writer/Producer/Director Rick Sloane had intended it to be!). very unrealistic [and not scary] alien creature/monster puppets, actors who must’ve been hired off the street the day they began filming… oh, and i think that flamoyant kid from the High School Musical films was in this, as the guy in the red suit with the sequined bowtie and lapels…

and i loved the bit with the cardboard Mike & the Bots, as well as the cardboard Rick Sloane. and the final note in the film’s end credits.


earlier this evening, i made it through another MST3k that Im probly one of the last fans to see – #822: Overdrawn At the Memory Bank. this episode also includes the PPTV skits, along with one of my favourite songs, When Loving Lovers Love, performed by Pearl and Observer/Brain Guy

what a ridiculous movie! i hope that no PBS stations aired this film during their own pledge drives, or they’d surely go broke!


Okay, so i finally got around to watching a classic that most MST fans have seen, but i was slacking on - #910: The Final Sacrifice. A great episode, i must say. My only complaint is that when they introduce the dirty character, Pipper, they did lotsa Yosemite Sam jokes, but didnt comment on how he sounded alot like many Jim Henson Muppet-monsters.

A great episode for any fan of the show.


the First Day Of Spring brings us “A Case Of Spring Fever”, as riffed by Mike & the Bots.


So, the other night when i worked a double (sort of), i wanted to be sure i wouldnt fall asleep between shifts. the best way to do this: watch an episode of MST3k, of course! I picked this one [mostly] at random, from the lists of each Turkey Day Marathon. Experiment #307: Daddy-O (w/the short: Alphabet Antics).


And tonight, i watched #503: Swamp Diamonds (aka Cruel Swamp | Swamp Women) – with the short: What To Do on a Date

This is the first time that i ever correctly predicted what the ‘Stinger’ would be: “Ssssssssshut up!” -Platinum blonde.


So, because i somehow forgot about Fugitive Alien II, tonight i jumped into the Mike-era again, with Experiment #607: Bloodlust! I only recently discovered that this was the actual first appearance of Pearl Forrester (always thought it was 701T). But first, we were treated to yet another Jam Handy classic (from the National Dairy Council): Uncle Jim’s Dairy Farm – a short which was also once featured on MTV-2’s Wondershowzen, mocked in a similar (yet more vulgar) style.