Dese photosnaps be taken in de settlements of de Amani, Shadowpine, Revantusk, Vilebranch, Widdahbark, Mossflayer, Firetree an’ Smoldert'orn. More instruments an’ dance. Ah cannot stress how important music be! Even as dey are under siege in de Blackrock Spire or fall to undeat’, de Trolls still cling to dey instruments.


These screenshots were taken by me in the World of Warcraft.

This is a supplementary photo post to go along with this article on Trollish music.

There's a Monster Lurking (@freshlypickedpeach)

It was the dead of night in Yotsuba Town, and Pine had once again cloaked herself in the shadows. Although the moon was bright and full that night, they didn’t penetrate the withering shadows embracing her as she moved from rooftop to rooftop.

She had already replaced that family. The father here was to be done tomorrow, she had already replaced his wife and child- no doubt his nerves were on edge. She could sense that her Flowers of Sorrow were scattered all about Yotsuba Town now- people stopped by her garden and asked if they could take one, and Inori has always happily complied!

The fakes were steadily beginning to outweigh the real people in Yotsuba Town. She knew that by now, Peach, Soular, and Eas were sensing as much- but not knowing exactly what was going on.

And tonight’s target-

Pine grinned, a fierce display of white teeth the only thing shining through the darkness as she glanced towards the Chinen household. A little trickery had no doubt convinced Passion that she had saved the real Daisuke- but Pine had been carrying the mirror version with her the entire time. It was bait, to alert the other two Cures to her presence- and to put them more ill at ease.

“Miyuki-san~” Pine grinned as leaped over towards the roof of the Chinen household, landing with a clack of heels. “It’s your turn~.”